Who Sings "In Christ Alone?"

There are two very popular Christian songs called "In Christ Alone." Both have been recorded by Christian artists throughout the years.

The first version of "In Christ Alone" was written by Andrew Shawn Craig and Donald A. Koch in 1991. The second version was written by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty in 2002.

The first version of "In Christ Alone" was written by Andrew Shawn Craig and Donald A. Koch in 1991. It was the first song released by Brian Littrell in his solo career and it was named the Dove Song of the Year in 1994. More »

Michael's version won the Dove Song of the Year in 1994.

Brian Littrell proves that he does just as well as a solo act as he did as a member of the super popular Backstreet Boys with his beautiful version of the song. First released on WOW#1s in 2005, Brian also included it on his debut solo release, Welcome Home a year later.

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The Martins bring the signature harmony to this southern gopsel version of the song.

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The second version comes from Stuart Townend and Keith Getty. It was written in 2002 and was made popular by Newsboys in 2003. This song been recorded over 200 times in the ensuing years.

In 2013, the song caused some controversy in the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) as the church group sought to create a new hymnal. They wanted to include the song because it is so popular and sung in so many churches throughout the world. However, they wanted to change some of the lyrics in the second verse. Townend and Getty refused to allow the changes and it was removed from consideration. More »

Joanne Hogg, Margaret Becker and Maire Brennan first released their soothing version of "In Christ Alone" in 2001 on In Christ Alone: New Hymns of Prayer & Worship. The song was re-released five years later on Ultimate Collection: Celtic. The harmony between Becker, Brennan and Hogg is truly a beautiful thing.

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Travis Cottrell's powerful voice adds a sense of majesty to the classic that can catch you off guard if you're not prepared. Released first on Jesus Saves Live in 2009, the song was re-released in 2011 on the compilation Songs 4 Worship Ultimate.

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Though he co-wrote the song years ago, Stuart Townend didn't release it on his own in the US until 2010 on Introducing Stuart Townend.

Geoff and Adrienne join together perfectly on their rendition of the song that Geoff wrote. The music has an almost Celtic feel and listening will all but transport you to a valley filled with Heather.

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With a voice as smooth as glass, Anthony Evans gives the song a jazzy feel and shows us that he can sing any style and sing it well.

Avalon doesn't add a lot of bells and whistles to their version and it works quite well. They released the song the first time in 2007 on Faith: A Hymns Collection. The song was re-released in 2009 on Avalon: The Greatest Hits.

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Matt and Bethany take turns singing and definitely bring out the best in each other. Their version was released in 2008 on In Christ Alone - Modern Hymns Of Worship.

Natalie Grant gives her version of the song an almost jazzy feel. We first heard it in 2006 on WOW Worship (Aqua) and then Natalie re-released it on her own album, Relentless, as a bonus track in 2008.

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The distinctive newsboys sound and delivery made this one of the most popular versions of the song in 2003.

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Other Popular Versions

With so many different artists from all styles of Christian music having recorded "In Christ Alone" by Stuart Townend and Keith Getty, there are plenty of versions to choose from ...