Who Should Get a Graduation Announcement?

From family to friends, find out who should make the list

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Different degrees take different amounts of time to complete, which means it can be hard for your friends and family to keep track of just when you'll be receiving your diploma. Sending graduation announcements can be a fun and exciting way to let everyone know you finally reached your goal and will soon be an official college graduate. But who exactly is everyone? After all, there are only so many announcements you can buy, address, and stamp. 

While family and friends are a good place to start, remember that there is no official right or wrong list: only the right or wrong list for your particular situation.

Immediate Family Members

For some students, parents and siblings are their primary support network during their time in school. And even though parents and siblings may know the date and time of your graduation ceremony, make sure they receive an official announcement so that they have something tangible to mark and commemorate this important occasion.

Extended Family

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins whom you may not see every day, but who are a part of your life, will be excited to receive your graduation announcement. Even if they are too far away to attend the actual ceremony, they'll want to know the details and see the official announcement. If there are people beyond blood relatives you consider family, you might want to add those important people to your graduation announcement list as well.

Childhood Friends

Clearly, you don't need to send announcements to your friends on campus, but close friends from your pre-college days or those who live far away might want to see your announcement and send you a congratulatory text message.

Important Teachers, Religious Leaders, and Mentors

Did you have a high school teacher who really made a difference in your life? A pastor or spiritual leader who helped encourage you along the way? Or perhaps a family friend who mentored you and helped you to get to where you are today? Sending an announcement to these important people is a great way to acknowledge all they did as well as show them how much their influence really made a difference in your life.

Graduation Announcements vs. Invitations

A graduation invitation is an invite to the ceremony held by your school. On the other hand, a graduation announcement provides details about your degree and achievement, without inviting recipients to the ceremony. Most colleges limit the number of people students can bring to the ceremony, so graduation announcements serve the purpose of keeping your extended family and friends informed without extending a specific invitation.

If you are hosting your own graduation party separate from the ceremony, you can include party details in your graduation announcement.

While many students receive gifts from friends and relatives for their graduation, the proper etiquette is to include a line in your announcement stating that presents are not required.

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