Who the Roman Consuls Were and How They Ruled Rome

Le consul Flavius Felix. (1858)
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The consul was an elected Roman magistrate, with regal power during the Republican period of Roman history.

Following the expulsion of the kings of Rome, Rome became a Republic, with a new type of leader. For this purpose, the Romans invented the new position of consul (by 181 B.C., limited to men of at least 43 years of age). It conferred a limited term of absolute power; however, the power wielded was less than that of the king, since it was split between 2 men (consuls) and limited to a single year.

Ten years were supposed to elapse before serving as consul a second time.

The consul wore the toga praetexta, carried a sceptre (scipio eberneus), was preceded by 12 (fasces-carrying) lictors, and sat on a special raised chair (sella curulis) in the Senate.

The people, via the Comitia Centuriata annually elected these 2 consuls during the Republic. During the Principate, the Senate appointed multiple consuls. Originally, the consuls came from the patricians. Later, they were chosen from either patrician or plebeian, and later, there was a requirement that at least one consul be plebeian.

Consuls were responsible for war, justice, and finance. Later, subordinate magistrates, like the quaestors, took over some of the consul's functions and power. Each consul could negate the other and was supposed to heed the advice of the Senate. The consul could be tried for misdeeds after his single-year term in office.

A consul held imperium, had control of the army, and, following the end of his term in office, could look forward to governing a province as proconsul -- a position that tended to be lucrative. Julius Caesar, as proconsul, waged military campaigns in Gaul.

The position of consul continued during the imperial period, when emperor was the highest office, but the power and term in office of the consul decreased, as his number increased.

Timeline of Consuls of Rome from 509 B.C. to 68 A.D.

Below you'll find a list of the Roman consuls (including Dictators, Suffect Consuls and Military Tribunes with consular powerfrom the start of the Republic to A.D. 68. Normally there were two consuls who were appointed each year by the comitia centuriata. A suffect consul replaced a man who died in office or resigned.

Year B.C.Consul oneConsul two
509L. Iunius BrutusL. Tarquinius Collatinus
 Suffect Consuls
 P. Valerius Poplicola ISp. Lucretius Tricipitinus
 M. Horatius Pulvillus I 
508P. Valerius Poplicola IIT. Lucretius Tricipitinus I
507P. Valerius Poplicola IIIM. Horatius Pulvillus II
506Sp. Larcius Rufus (Flavus?) I?T. Herminius Aquilinus
505M. Valerius (Volusus?)P. Postumius Tubertus I
504P. Valerius Poplicola IVT. Lucretius Tricipitinus II
503Agrippa Menenius LanatusP. Postumius Tubertus II
502Opiter Verginius TricostusSp. Cassius Vecellinus I
501Postumius Cominus Auruncus IT. Larcius Flavus (Rufus?) I
500Ser. Sulpicius Camerinus CornutusM'. Tullius Longus
499T. Aebutius HelvaC. (P.?) Veturius Geminus Cicurinus
498Q. Cloelius SiculusT. Larcius Flavus (or Rufus) II
497A. Sempronius Atratinus IM. Minucius Augurinus I
496A. Postumius AlbusT. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus
495Ap. Claudius Sabinus InregillensisP. Servilius Priscus Structus
494A. Verginius Tricostus CaeliomontanusT. Veturius Geminus Cicurinus
493Postumius Cominus Auruncus IISp. Cassius Vecellinus II
492T. Geganius MacerinusP. Minucius Augurinus
491M. Minucius Augurinus IIA. Sempronius Atratinus II
490Q. Sulpicius Camerinus CornutusSp. Larcius Flavus (or Rufus) I
489C. Iulius IullusP. Pinarius Mamertinus Rufus
488Sp. Nautius RutilusSex. Furius Medullinus? Fusus?
487T. Sicinus Sabinus ?C. Aquillius Tuscus ?
486Sp. Cassius Vicellinus IIIProculus Verginius Tricostus Rutilus
485Ser. Cornelius MaluginensisQ. Fabius Vibulanus I
484L. Aemilius Mamercus IK. Fabius Vibulanus I
483M. Fabius Vibulanus IL. Valerius Potitus I
482Q. Fabius Vibulanus IIC. Iulius Iullus
481K. Fabius Vibulanus IISp. Furius Fusus
480M. Fabius VibulanusCn. Manlius Cincinnatus
479K. Fabius Vibulanus IIT. Verginius Tricostus Rutilus
478L. Aemilius Mamercus IIC. Servilius Ahala
 Suffect Consul
 (Opet. Verginius?) Esquilinus 
477C. (or M.?) Horatius Pulvillus IT. Menenius Lanatus
476A. Verginius Tricostus RutilusSp.(or Ser.) Servilius Structus
475P. Valerius Poplicola IC. Nautius Rutilus I
474L. Furius MedullinusA. Manlius Vulso
473L. Aemilius Mamercus IIIVopiscus Iulius Iullus OR
Opet. Verginius
472L. Pinarius Mamercinus RufusP. Furius Medullinus Fusus
471Ap. Claudius Crassinus Inregillensis Sabinus IT. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus I
470L. Valerius Potitus IITi. Aemilius Mamercus I
469T. Numicius PriscusA. Verginius Caeliomontanus
468T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus IIQ. Servilius Structus Priscus I
467Ti. Aemilius Mamercus IIQ. Fabius Vibulanus I
466Q. Servilius Priscus IISp. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
465Q. Fabius Vibulanus IIT. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus III
464A. Postumius Albinus RegillensisSp. Furius Medullinus Fusus
463P. Servilius PriscusL. Aebutius Helva
462L. Lucretius TricipitinusT. Veturius Geminus Cicurinus
461P. Volumnius Amintinus GallusSp. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus
460P. Valerius Poplicola IIC. Claudius Inregillensis Sabinus
 Suffect Consul
 L. Quinctius Cincinnatus I(?) 
459Q. Fabius Vibulanus IIIL. Cornelius Maluginensis Uritinus
458C. Nautius Rutilus II----------------Carve[tus?] ?
457(1)C. Horatius PulvillusQ. Minucius Esquilinus
457(2)L. Quinctius Cincinnatus IIM. Fabius Vibulanus
456M. Valerius Maximus LactucaSp. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus
455T. Romilius Rocus VaticanusC. Veturius Cicurinus
454Sp. Tarpeius Montanus CapitolinusA. Aeternius Varus Fontinalis
453Sex. QuinctiliusP. Curiatius Fistus Trigeminus
452T. Menenius LanatusP. Sestius Capitolinus Vaticanus
451Ap. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis Sabinus IIT. Genucius Augurinus
 Ap. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis SabinusM. Cornelius Maluginensis
 M.? Sergius EsquilinusL. Minucius Esquilinus Augurinus
 Q. Fabius VibulanusQ. Poetelius Libo Visolus
 T. Antonius MerendaK. Duillius Longus
 Sp. Oppius CornicenM'. Rabuleius
449L. Valerius PotitusM. Horatius Barbatus
448Lars (or Sp.) Hermenius CortinesanusT. Verginius Tricostus Caeliomontanus
447M. Geganius Macerinus IIC. Iulius (Iullus?) I
446T. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus IVAgrippa Furius Fusus
445M. Genucius AugurinusC. (or Agrippa) Curtius Philo (or Chilo)
444Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 A. Sempronius AtratinusL. Atilius Luscus
 T. Cloelius Siculus 
443M. Geganius Macerinus IIT. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus V
442M. Fabius VibulanusPost. Aebutius Helva Cornicen
441C. Furius Pacilus FususM'. Papirius Crassus
440Proculus Geganius MacerinusT. Menenius Lanatus II OR
L. Menenius Lanatus
439Agrippa Menenius LanatusT. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus VI
438Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Mam. Aemilius (Macerinus?)L. Quinctius Cincinnatus
 L. (or C.) Iulius Iullus 
437M. Geganius Macerinus IIIL. Sergius Fidenas I
436L. Papirius Crassus I?M. Cornelius Maluginensis
435C. Iulius (Iullus?) IIL. (or Proc.) Verginius Tricostus
434 (1)C. Iulius Iullus IIIL. (or Proc.) Verginius Tricostus II
434 (2)M. Manlius Capitolinus (Vulso?)Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Praetextatus
434 (3)Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Ser. Cornelius CossusM. Manlius Capitolinus (Vulso?)
 Q. Sulpicius Camerinus Praetextatus 
433Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 M. Fabius VibulanusM. Folius Flaccinator
 L. Sergius Fidenas 
432Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Pinarius MamercinusL. Furius Medullinus
 Sp. Postumius Albinus (Regellensis) 
431T. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus IC. (or Cn.) Iulius Mento
430L. Papirius Crassus IIL. Iulius Iullus
429Hostus Lucretius TricipitinusL. Sergius Fidenas II
428 (1)A. Cornelius CossusT. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus II
428 (2)L. Quinctius (Cincinnatus ?)A. Sempronius (Atratinus)
427C. Servilius Structus AhalaL. Papirius Mugillanus
426Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 T. Quinctius Poenus CincinnatusC. Furius Pacilus Fusus
 M. Postumius Albinus RegillensisA. Cornelius Cossus
425Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 A. Sempronius AtratinusL. Quinctius Cincinnatus
 L. Furius MedullinusL. Horatius Barbatus
424Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 (Ap.) Claudius CrassusSp. Nautius Rutilus
 L. Sergius FidenasSex. Iulius Iullus
423C. Sempronius AtratinusQ. Fabius Vibulanus
422Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Manlius CapitolinusQ. Antonius Merenda
 L. Papirius Mugillanus 
421Cn. (or N.) Fabius VibulanusT. Quinctius Capitolinus Barbatus
420Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Quinctius Cincinnatus orT. Quinctius Poenus Cincinnatus
 L. Furius MedullinusM. Manlius Vulso
 A. Sempronius Atratinus 
419Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Agrippa Menenius LanatusP. Lucretius Tricipitinus
 Sp. Nautius RutilusC. Servilius Axilla
418Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Sergius FidenasM. Papirius Mugillanus
 C. Servilius Axilla 
417Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 T. Lucretius TricipitinusAgrippa Menenius Lanatus
 Sp. Veturius Crassus Cicurinus ORSp. Rutilius Crassus
 C. Servilius Axilla (or Structus) 
416Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 A. Sempronius AtratinusM. Papirius Mugillanus
 Q. Fabius VibulanusSp. Nautius Rutilus
415Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 P. Cornelius CossusC. Valerius Potitus Volusus
 N. (or M.) Fabius VibulanusQ. Quinctius Cincinnatus
414Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Cn. Cornelius CossusL. Valerius Potitus
 Q. Fabius VibulanusP. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
413A. (or M.?) Cornelius CossusL. Furius Medullinus I
412Q. Fabius Ambustus VibulanusC. Furius Pacilus
411M. Papirius Mugillanus (or Atratinus?)Sp. (or C.) Nautius Rutilus
410M'. Aemilius MamercinusC. Valerius Potitus Volusus
409Cn. Cornelius CossusL. Furius Medullinus II
408Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 C. Iulius IullusP. Cornelius Cossus
 C. Servilius Ahala 
407Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Furius MedullinusC. Valerius Potitus Volusus
 N. (or Cn.) Fabius VibulanusC. Servilius Ahala
406Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 P. Cornelius Rutilus CossusCn. Cornelius Cossus
 N. (or Cn.) Fabius AmbustusL. Valerius Potitus
405Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 T. Quinctius Capitolinus BarbatusQ. Quinctius Cincinnatus
 C. Iulius IullusA. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus
 L. Furius MedullinusM'. Aemilius Mamercinus (or Mamercus)
404Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 C. Valerius Potitus VolususM'. Sergius Fidenas
 P. Cornelius MaluginensisCn. Cornelius Cossus
 K. Fabius AmbustusSp. Nautius Rutilus
403Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 M'. Aemilius Mamercinus (or Mamercus)L. Valerius Potitus
 Ap. Claudius Crassus InregillensisM. Quinctilius Varus
 L. Iulius IullusM. Furius Fusus
 ? M. Postumius? M. Furius Camillus
 ? M. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
402Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 C. Servilius AhalaQ. Servilius Fidenas
 L. Verginius Tricostus EsquilinusQ. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus
 A. Manlius Vulso CapitolinusM'. Sergius Fidenas
401Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Valerius PotitusM. Furius Camillus
 M'. Aemilius Mamercinus (or Mamercus)Cn. Cornelius Cossus
 K. Fabius AmbustusL. Iulius Iullus
400Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 P. Licinius Calvus EsquilinusP. Manlius Vulso
 L. Titinius Pansa SaccusP. Maelius Capitolinus
 Sp. Furius MedullinusL. Publilius Philo Vulscus
399Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Cn. Genucius AugurinusL. Atilius Priscus
 M. Pomponius RufusC. Duillius Longus
 M. Veturius Crassus CicurinusVoler. Publilius Philo
398Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Valerius PotitusM. Valerius Lactucinus Maximus
 M. Furius CamillusL. Furius Medullinus
 Q. Servilius FidenasQ. Sulpicius Camerinus Cornutus
397Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Iulius IullusL. Furius Medullinus
 L. Sergius FidenasA. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
 P. Cornelius MaluginensisA. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus
396Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Titinius Pansa SaccusP. Licinius Calvus Esquilinus
 P. Maelius CapitolinusQ. Manlius Vulso Capitolinus ?
 Cn. Genucius AugurinusL. Atilius Priscus
395Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 P. Cornelius CossusP. Cornelius Scipio
 K. Fabius AmbustusL. Furius Medullinus
 Q. Servilius FidenasM. Valerius Lactucinus Maximus
394Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 M. Furius CamillusL. Furius Medullinus
 C. Aemilius MamercinusL. Valerius Poplicola
 Sp. Postumius Albinus RegillensisP. Cornelius (-----)
393L. Valerius Potitus IP. (Ser.?) Cornelius Maluginensis
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Lucretius Tricipitinus FlavusSer. Sulpicius Camerinus
392L. Valerius Potitus IIM. Manlius Capitolinus
391Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Lucretius Tricipitinus FlavusSer. Sulpicius Camerinus
 L. ( M.?) Aemilius MamercinusL. Furius Medullinus
 Agripp. Furius FususC. Aemilius Mamercinus
390Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Q. Fabius AmbustusK. Fabius Ambustus
 N. Fabius AmbustusQ. Sulpicius Longus
 Q. Servilius FidenasP. Cornelius Maluginensis
389Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Valerius PoplicolaL. Verginius Tricostus
 P. Cornelius (-----)A. Manlius Capitolinus
 L. Aemilius MamercinusL. Postumius Albinus Regillensis
388Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 T. Quinctius Cincinnatus CapitolinusQ. Servilius Fidenas
 L. Iulius IullusL. Aquillius Corvus
 L. Lucretius Flavus TricipitinusSer. Sulpicius Rufus
387Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Papirius CursorCn. Sergius Fidenas Coxo
 L. Aemilius MamercinusLicinius Menenius Lanatus
 L. Valerius Poplicola[uncertain]
386Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 M. Furius CamillusSer. Cornelius Maluginensis
 Q. Servilius FidenasL. Quinctius Cincinnatus
 L. Horatius PulvillusP. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
385Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 A. Manlius (Capitolinus?)P. Cornelius (-----)
 T. Quinctius Cincinnatus CapitolinusL. Quinctius Cincinnatus Capitolinus
 L. Papirius CursorCn. Sergius Fidenas Coxo
384Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Ser. Cornelius MaluginensisP. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
 M. Furius CamillusSer. Sulpicius Rufus
 C. Papirius CrassusT. Quinctius Cincinnatus
383Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Valerius PoplicolaA. Manlius Capitolinus
 Ser. Sulpicius RufusL. Lucretius Flavus Tricipitinus
 L. Aemilius MamercinusM. Trebonius
382Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Sp. Papirius CrassusL. Papirius Mugillanus
 Ser. Cornelius MaluginensisQ. Servilius Fidenas
 C. Sulpicius CamerinusL. Aemilius Mamercinus
381Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 M. Furius CamillusA. Postumius Regillensis
 L. Postumius RegillensisL. Furius Medullinus
 L. Lucretius Tricipitinus FlavusM. Fabius Ambustus
380Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 (sources are confused here)
 L. Valerius PoplicolaP. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
 Ser. Cornelius MaluginensisLicinus Menenius Lanatus
 C. Sulpicius PeticusL. Aemilius Mamercinus
 Cn. Sergius Fidenas CoxoTi. Papirius Crassus
 L. Papirius Mugillanus 
379Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 P. Manlius CapitolinusC. Manlius (----)
 L. Iulius IullusC. Sextilius (---)
 M. Albinius (---)L. Antistius (---)
 P. Trebonius (---)C. Erenucius (?) (---)
378Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Sp. (L.?) Furius (-----)Q. Servilius Fidenas
 Licinus Menenius LanatusP. Cloelius Siculus
 M. Horatius (----)L. Geganius Macerinus
377Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Aemilius MamercinusP. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
 C. Veturius (Crassus Cicurinus ?)Ser. Sulpicius Rufus (or Praetextatus)
 L. Quinctius CincinnatusC. Quinctius Cincinnatus
376Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Papirius (Mugillanus ?)Licinus Menenius Lanatus
 Ser. Cornelius MaluginensisSer. Sulpicius Praetextatus
375No Curule Magistrates Elected
374No Curule Magistrates Elected
373No Curule Magistrates Elected
372No Curule Magistrates Elected
371No Curule Magistrates Elected
370Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 L. Furius MedullinusA. Manlius Capitolinus
 Ser. Sulpicius PraetextatusSer. Cornelius Maluginensis
 P. Valerius Potitus PoplicolaC. Valerius Potitus
369Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 Q. Servilius FidenasC. Veturius (Crassus Cicurinus ?)
 A. Cornelius CossusM. Cornelius Maluginensis
 Q. Quinctius CincinnatusM. Fabius Ambustus
368Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 T. Quinctius Cincinnatus CapitolinusSer. Cornelius Maluginensis
 Ser. Sulpicius PraetextatusSp. Servilius Structus
 L. Papirius CrassusL. Veturius Crassus Cicurinus
367Military Tribunes with Consular Power
 A. Cornelius CossusM. Cornelius Maluginensis
 M. Geganius MacerinusP. Manlius Capitolinus
 L. Veturius Crassus CicurinusP. Valerius Potitus Poplicola
366L. Aemilius Mamercinus (Mamercus ?) IL. Sextius Sextinus Lateranus
365L. Genucius Aventinensis IQ. Servilius Ahala I
364C. Sulpicius Peticus IC. Licinus Stolo (Calvus ?)
363Cn. Genucius AventinensisL. Aemilius Mamercinus (Mamercus ?) II
362Q. Servilius Ahala IIL. Genucius Aventinensis II
361C. Licinius Calvus (Stolo ?)C. Sulpicius Peticus II
360M. Fabius Ambustus IC. Poetelius Libo Visolus (Balbus?) I
359M. Popillius Laenas ICn. Manlius Capitolinus Imperiosus I?
358C. Fabius AmbustusC. Plautius Proculus
357C. Marcius Rutilus ICn. Manlius Capitolinus Imperiosus II?
356M. Fabius Ambustus IIM. Popillius Laenas II
355C. Sulpicius Peticus IIIM. Valerius Poplicola I
354M. Fabius Ambustus IIIT. Quinctius Poenus Capitolinus Crispinus I OR
M. Popilius (Laenas) II
353C. Sulpicius Peticus IVM. Valerius Poplicola II
352P. Valerius PoplicolaC. Marcius Rutilius II
351C. Sulpicius Peticus VT. Quinctius Poenus Capitolinus Crispinus II
350M. Popillius Laenas II or IIIL. Cornelius Scipio
349 (1)L. Furius CamillusAp. Claudius Crassus Inregillensis
349 (2)M. AemiliusT. Quinctius
348M. Valerius Corvus IM. Popillius Laenas III or IV
347C. Plautius Venno (Venox ?) IT. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus I
346M. Valerius Corvus IIC. Poetelius Libo Visolus II
345M. Fabius DorsuoSer. Sulpicius Camerinus Rufus
344C. Marcius Rutilus IIIT. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus II
343M. Valerius Corvus IIIA. Cornelius Cossus Arvina I
342Q. Servilius Ahala IIIC. Marcius Rutilus IV
341C. Plautius Venno (Venox ?) IIL. Aemilius Mamercinus Privernas I
340T. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus IIIP. Decius Mus
339Ti. Aemilius MamercinusQ. Publilius Philo I
338L. Furius Camillus IC. Maenius
337C. Sulpicius Longus IP. Aelius Paetus
336L. Papirius Crassus IK. Duillius
335M. Atilius Regulus CalenusM. Valerius Corvus IV
334Sp. Postumius Albinus IT. Veturius Calvinus I
333No consuls
P. Cornelius Rufinus
332Cn. Domitius CalvinusA. Cornelius Cossus Arvina II
331C. Valerius PotitusM. Claudius Marcellus
330L. Papirius Crassus IIL. Plautius Venno (Venox ?)
329L. Aemilius Mamercinus Privernas IIC. Plautius Decianus I?
328C. Plautius Decianus II OR
P. Plautius Proculus
P. Cornelius Scapula OR
P. Cornelius Scipio Barbatus
327L. Cornelius LentulusQ. Publilius Philo II
326C. Poetelius Libo Visolus IIIL. Papirius Cursor I
325L. Furius Camillus IID. Iunius Brutus Scaeva
324No consuls,
only Dictator :
L. Papirius Cursor
323C. Sulpicius Longus IIQ. Aulius Cerretanus I
322Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus IL. Fulvius Curvus
321T. Veturius Calvinus IISp. Postumius Albinus II
320L. Papirius Cursor IIQ. Publilius Philo III
319L. Papirius Cursor IIIQ. Aulius Cerretanus
318M. Folius FlaccinatorL. Plautius Venno (Venox ?)
317C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus IQ. Aemilius Barbula I
316Sp. Nautius RutilusM. Popilius Laenas
315L. Papirius Cursor IVQ. Publilius Philo IV
314M. Poetelius LiboC. Sulpicius Longus III
313L. Papirius Cursor VC. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus II
312M. Valerius Maximus (Corvinus) IP. Decius Mus I
311C. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus IIIQ. Aemilius Barbula II
310Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus IIC. Marcius Rutilus (Censorinus)
309No Consuls,
only Dictator :
L. Papirius Cursor
308P. Decius Mus IIQ. Fabius Maximus Rullianus III
307Ap. Claudius Caecus IL. Volumnius Flamma Violens I
306Q. Marcius Tremulus IP. Cornelius Arvina I
305L. Postumius Megellus ITi. Minucius Augurinus
304P. Sempronius SophusP. Sulpicius Saverrio
303Ser. Cornelius LentulusL. Genucius Aventinensis
302M. Livius DenterM. Aemilius Paullus
301No Consuls, only Dictator :M. Valerius Maximus Rullianus
300M. Valerius Maximus Corvus VQ. Appuleius Pansa
299M. Fulvius PaetinusT. Manlius Torquatus
 Suffect Consul
 M. Valerius Maximus Corvus VI 
298L. Cornelius Scipio BarbatusCn. Fulvius Maximus Centumalus
297Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus IVP. Decius Mus III
296L. Volumnius Flamma Violens IIAp. Claudius Caecus II
295Q. Fabius Maximus Rullianus VP. Decius Mus IV
294L. Postumius Megellus IIM. Atilius Regulus
293L. Papirius Cursor ISp. Carvilius Maximus I
292Q. Fabius Maximus Gurges ID. Iunius Brutus Scaeva
291L. Postumius Megellus IIIC. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus I
290P. Cornelius Rufinus IM'. Curius Dentatus I
289M. Valerius Maximus Corvinus IIQ. Caedicius Noctua
288Q. Marcius Tremulus IIP. Cornelius Arvina II
287M. Claudius MarcellusC. Nautius Rutilus
286M. Valerius Maximus (Potitus ?)C. Aelius Paetus
285C. Claudius Canina IM. Aemilius Lepidus
284C. Servilius TuccaL. Caecilius Metellus Denter
283P. Cornelius DolabellaCn. Domitius Calvinus Maximus
282C. Fabricius Luscinus IQ. Aemilius Papus I
281L. Aemilius BarbulaQ. Marcius Philippus
280P. Valerius LaevinusTi. Coruncanius
279P. Sulpicius SaverrioP. Decius Mus
278C. Fabricius Luscinus IIQ. Aemilius Papus II
277P. Cornelius Rufinus IIC. Iunius Bubulcus Brutus II
276Q. Fabius Maximus Gurges IIC. Genucius Clepsina I
275M'. Curius Dentatus IIL. Cornelius Lentulus Caudinus
274M'. Curius Dentatus IIISer. Cornelius Merenda
273C. Fabius LicinusC. Claudius Canina II
272L. Papirius Cursor IISp. Carvilius Maximus II
271K. Quinctius ClaudusL. Genucius Clepsina
270C. Genucius Clepsina IICn. Cornelius Blasio I
269Q. Ogulnius GallusC. Fabius Pictor
268P. Sempronius SophusAp. Claudius Pussus
267M. Atilius Regulus IL. Iulius Libo
266D. Iunius PeraN. Fabius Pictor
265Q. Fabius Maximus GurgesL. Mamilius Vitulus
264Ap. Claudius CaudexM. Fulvius Flaccus
263M'. Valerius Maximus MessalaM'. Otacilius Crassus I
262L. Postumius MegellusQ. Mamilius Vitulus
261L. Valerius FlaccusT. Otacilius Crassus
260Cn. Cornelius Scipio Asina IC. Duillius
259L. Cornelius ScipioC. Aquillius Florus
258A. Atilius Caiatinus IC. Sulpicius Paterculus
257C. Atilius Regulus ICn. Cornelius Blasio II
256L. Manlius Vulso Longus IQ. Caedicius
255Ser. Fulvius Paetinus NobilorM. Aemilius Paullus
254Cn. Cornelius Scipio Asina IIA. Atilius Caiatinus II
253Cn. Servilius CaepioC. Sempronius Blaesus I
252C. Aurelius Cotta IP. Servilius Geminus I
251L. Caecilius Metellus IC. Furius Pacilus
250C. Atilius Regulus IIL. Manlius Vulso Longus II
249P. Claudius PulcherL. Iunius Pullus
248C. Aurelius Cotta IIP. Servilius Geminus II
247L. Caecilius Metellus IIN. Fabius Buteo
246M. Otacilius Crassus IIM. Fabius Licinus
245M. Fabius ButeoC. Atilius Bulbus I
244A. Manlius Torquatus Atticus IC. Sempronius Blaesus II
243C. Fundanius FundulusC. Sulpicius Galus
242C. Lutatius CatulusA. Postumius Albinus
241A. Manlius Torquatus Atticus IIQ. Lutatius Cerco
240C. Claudius CenthoM. Sempronius Tuditanus
239C. Mamilius TurrinusQ. Valerius Falto
238Ti. Sempronius GracchusP. Valerius Falto
237L. Cornelius Lentulus CaudinusQ. Fulvius Flaccus I
236P. Cornelius Lentulus CaudinusC. Licinius Varus
235T. Manlius Torquatus IC. Atilius Bulbus II
234L. Postumius Albinus ISp. Carvilius Maximus I
233Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus IM'. Pomponius Matho
232M. Aemilius LepidusM. Publicius Malleolus
231M. Pomponius MathoC. Papirius Maso
230M. Aemilius BarbulaM. Iunius Pera
229L. Postumius Albinus IICn. Fulvius Centumalus
228Sp. Carvilius Maximus IIQ. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus II
227P. Valerius FlaccusM. Atilius Regulus I
226M. Valerius MessallaL. Apustius Fullo
225L. Aemilius PapusC. Atilius Regulus
224T. Manlius Torquatus IIQ. Fulvius Flaccus II
223C. Flaminius IP. Furius Philus
222M. Claudius Marcellus ICn. Cornelius Scipio Calvus
221P. Cornelius Scipio AsinaM. Minucius Rufus
220 (1)M. Valerius Laevinus IQ. Mucius Scaevola
220 (2)C. Lutatius CatulusL. Veturius Philo
219L. Aemilius Paullus IM. Livius Salinator I
218P. Cornelius ScipioTi. Sempronius Longus
217Cn. Servilius GeminusC. Flaminius II
 Suffect Consul
 M. Atilius Regulus II 
216C. Terrentius VarroL. Aemilius Paullus II
215L. Postumius Albinus IIITi. Sempronius Gracchus I
 Suffect Consuls
 M. Claudius Marcellus IIQ. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus III
214Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus IVM. Claudius Marcellus III
213Q. Fabius MaximusTi. Sempronius Gracchus II
212Q. Fulvius Flaccus IIIAp. Claudius Pulcher
211Cn. Fulvius Centumalus MaximusP. Sulpicius Galba Maximus I
210M. Claudius MarcellusIVM. Valerius Laevinus II?
209Q. Fabius Maximus Verrucosus VQ. Fulvius Flaccus IV
208M. Claudius Marcellus VT. Quinctius Crispinus
207C. Claudius NeroM. Livius Salinator II
206L. Veturius PhiloQ. Caecilius Metellus
205P. Cornelius Scipio (Africanus) IP. Licinius Crassus Dives
204M. Cornelius CethegusP. Sempronius Tuditanus
203Cn. Servilius CaepioC. Servilius Geminus
202M. Servilius Pulex GeminusTi. Claudius Nero
201Cn. Cornelius LentulusP. Aelius Paetus
200P. Sulpicius Galba IIC. Aurelius Cotta
199L. Cornelius LentulusP. Villius Tappulus
198Sex. Aelius PaetusT. Quinctius Flamininus
197C. Cornelius CethegusQ. Minucius Rufus
196L. Furius PupurioM. Claudius Marcellus
195L. Valerius FlaccusM. Porcius Cato
194P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus IITi. Sempronius Longus
193L. Cornelius MerulaQ. Minucius Thermus
192L. Quinctius FlamininusCn. Domitius Ahenobarbus
191P. Cornelius Scipio NasicaM'. Acilius Glabrio
190L. Cornelius Scipio AsiaticusC. Laelius
189M. Fulvius NobiliorCn. Manlius Vulso
188M. Valerius MessallaC. Livius Salinator
187M. Aemilius Lepidus IC. Flaminius
186Sp. Postumius AlbinusQ. Marcius Philippus I
185Ap. Claudius PulcherM. Sempronius Tuditanus
184P. Claudius PulcherL. Porcius Licinus
183M. Claudius MarcellusQ. Fabius Labeo
182Cn. Baebius TamphilusL. Aemilius Paullus I
181P. Cornelius CethegusM. Baebius Tamphilus
180A. Postumius AlbinusC. Calpurnius Piso
 Suffect Consul
 Q. Fulvius Flaccus 
179Q. Fulvius FlaccusL. Manlius Acidinus Fulvianus
178M. Iunius BrutusA. Manlius Vulso
177C. Claudius PulcherTi. Sempronius Gracchus I
176Cn. Cornelius Scipio HispallusQ. Petillius Spurinus
175P. Mucius ScaevolaM. Aemilius Lepidus II
174Sp. Postumius Albinus PaullulusQ. Mucius Scaevola
173L. Postumius AlbinusM. Popillius Laenas
172C. Popillius Laenas IP. Aelius Ligus
171P. Licinius CrassusC. Cassius Longinus
170A. Hostilius MancinusA. Atilius Serranus
169Q. Marcius Philippus IICn. Servius Caepio
168L. Aemilius Paullus IIC. Licinius Crassus
167Q. Aelius PaetusM. Iunius Pennus
166M. Claudius Marcellus IC. Sulpicius Galus
165T. Manlius TorquatusCn. Octavius
164A. Manlius TorquatusQ. Cassius Longinus
163Ti. Sempronius Gracchus IIM'. Iuventius Thalna
162P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica IC. Marcius Figulus I
 Suffect Consuls
 P. Cornelius LentulusCn. Domitius Ahenobarbus
161M. Valerius MessallaC. Fannius Strabo
160L. Anicius GallusM. Cornelius Cethegus
159Cn. Cornelius DolabellaM. Fulvius Nobilior
158M. Aemilius LepidusC. Popillius Laenas
157Sex. Iulius CaesarL. Aurelius Orestes
156L. Cornelius Lentulus LupusC. Marcius Figulus II
155P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica IIM. Claudius Marcellus II
154Q. OpimiusL. Postumius Albinus
153Q. Fulvius NobiliorT. Annius Luscus
152M. Claudius Marcellus IIIL. Valerius Flaccus
151L. Licinius LucullusA. Postumius Albinus
150M'. Acilius Balbus
149L. Marcius CensorinusM'. Manlius
148Sp. Postumius Albinus MagnusL. Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus
147P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus Aemilianus IC. Livius Drusus
146Cn. Cornelius LentulusL. Mummius
145Q. Fabius Maximus AemilianusL. Hostilius Mancinus
144Ser. Sulpicius GalbaL. Aurelius Cotta
143Ap. Claudius PulcherQ. Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus
142L. Caecilius Metellus CalvusQ. Fabius Maximus Servilianus
141Cn. Servilius CaepioQ. Pompeius
140C. Laelius (Sapiens)Q. Servilius Caepio
139Cn. Calpurnius PisoM. Popilius Laenas
138P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica SerapioD. Iunius Brutus (Callaicus)
137M. Aemilius Lepidus PorcinaC. Hostilius Mancinus
136L. Furius PhilusSex. Atilius Serranus
135Ser. Fulvius FlaccusQ. Calpurnius Piso
134P. Cornelius Scipio Africanus Aemilianus IIC. Fulvius Flaccus
133P. Mucius ScaevolaL. Calpurnius Piso Frugi
132P. Popilius LaenasP. Rupilius
131P. Licinius Dives Crassus MucianusL. Valerius Flaccus
130L. Cornelius LentulusM. Perperna
 Suffect Consul
 Ap. Claudius Nero 
129C. Sempronius TuditanusM'. Aquillius
128Cn. OctaviusT. Annius Rufus
127L. Cassius Longinus RavillaL. Cornelius Cinna
126M. Aemilius LepidusL. Aurelius Orestes
125M. Plautius HypsaeusM. Fulvius Flaccus
124C. Cassius LonginusC. Sextius Calvinus
123Q. Caecilius Metellus (Baliaricus)T. Quinctius Flamininus
122Cn. Domitius AhenobarbusC. Fannius
121L. OpimiusQ. Fabius Maximus (Allobrogicus)
120P. ManiliusC. Papirius Carbo
119L. Caecilius Metellus (Delmaticus)L. Aurelius Cotta
118M. Porcius CatoQ. Marcius Rex
117L. Caecilius Metellus DiadematusQ. Mucius Scaevola (Augur)
116C. Licinius GetaQ. Fabius Maximus Eburnus
115M. Aemilius ScaurusM. Caecilius Metellus
114M'. Acilius BalbusC. Porcius Cato
113C. Caecilius Metellus CaprariusCn. Papirius Carbo
112M. Livius DrususL. Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus
111P. Cornelius Scipio Nasica SerapioL. Calpurnius Bestia
110M. Minucius RufusSp. Postumius Albinus
109Q. Caecilius Metellus (Numidicus)M. Iunius Silanus
108Ser. Sulpicius GalbaL. (or Q.?) Hortensius
107L. Cassius LonginusC. Marius I
106Q. Servilius CaepioC. Atilius Serranus
105P. Rutilius RufusCn. Mallius Maximus
104C. Marius IIC. Flavius Fimbria
103C. Marius IIIL. Aurelius Orestes
102C. Marius IVQ. Lutatius Catulus
101C. Marius VM'. Aquillius
100C. Marius VIL. Valerius Flaccus
99M. AntoniusA. Postumius Albinus
98Q. Caecilius Metellus NeposT. Didius
97Cn. Cornelius LentulusP. Licinius Crassus
96Cn. Domitius AhenobarbusC. Cassius Longinus
95L. Licinius CrassusQ. Mucius Scaevola
94C. Coelius CaldusL. Domitius Ahenobarbus
93C. Valerius FlaccusM. Herennius
92C. Claudius PulcherM. Perperna
91L. Marcius PhilippusSex. Iulius Caesar
90L. Iulius CaesarP. Rutilius Lupus
89Cn. Pompeius StraboL. Porcius Cato
88L. Cornelius Sulla (Felix) IQ. Pompeius Rufus
87Cn. OctaviusL. Cornelius Cinna I
86L. Cornelius Cinna IIC. Marius VII
 Suffect Consul
 L. Valerius Flaccus 
85L. Cornelius Cinna IIICn. Papirius Carbo I
84Cn. Papirius Carbo IIL. Cornelius Cinna IV
83L. Cornelius Scipio AsiagenusC. Norbanus
82C. MariusCn. Papirius Carbo III
81M. Tullius DeculaCn. Cornelius Dolabella
80L. Cornelius Sulla Felix IIQ. Caecilius Metellus Pius
79P. Servilius Vatia (Isauricus)Ap. Claudius Pulcher
78M. Aemilius LepidusQ. Lutatius Catulus
77D. Iunius BrutusMam. Aemilius Lepidus Livianus
76Cn. OctaviusC. Scribonius Curio
75L. OctaviusC. Aurelius Cotta
74L. Licinius LucullusM. Aurelius Cotta
73M. Terrentius Varro LucullusC. Cassius Longinus
72L. GelliusCn. Cornelius Lentulus Clodianus
71P. Cornelius Lentulus SuraCn. Aufidius Orestes
70Cn. Pompeius (Magnus) IM. Licinius Crassus I
69Q. Hortensius HortalusQ. Caecilius Metellus (Creticus)
68L. Caecilius MetellusQ. Marcius Rex
67C. Calpurnius PisoM'. Acilius Glabrio
66M'. Aemilius LepidusL. Volcatius Tullus
65L. Aurelius CottaL. Manlius Torquatus
64L. Iulius CaesarC. Marcius Figulus
63M. Tullius CiceroC. Antonius (Hibrida)
62D. Iunius SilanusL. Licinius Murena
61M. Pupius Piso Frugi CalpurnianusM. Valerius Messalla Niger
60Q. Caecilius Metellus CelerL. Afranius
59C. Iulius Caesar IM. Calpurnius Bibulus
58L. Calpurnius Piso CaesoninusA. Gabinius
57P. Cornelius Lentulus SpintherQ. Caecilius Metellus Nepos
56Cn. Cornelius Lentulus MarcellinusL. Marcius Philippus
55Cn. Pompeius (Magnus) IIM. Licinius Crassus Dives II
54L. Domitius AhenobarbusAp. Claudius Pulcher
53Cn. Domitius Calvinus IM. Valerius Messalla Rufus
52Cn. Pompeius (Magnus) IIIQ. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio Nasica
51Ser. Sulpicius RufusM. Claudius Marcellus
50L. Aemilius Lepidus PaullusC. Claudius Marcellus
49C. Claudius MarcellusL. Cornelius Lentulus Crus
48C. Iulius Caesar IIP. Servilius Isauricus I
47Q. Fufius CalenusP. Vatinius
46C. Iulius Caesar IIIM. Aemilius Lepidus I
45C. Iulius Caesar IV (sole cos. till Oct.)
 Suffect Consuls
 Q. Fabius MaximusC. Trebonius
 C. Caninius Rubilus 
44C. Iulius Caesar VM. Antonius I
43C. Vibius PansaA. Hirtius
 Suffect Consuls
 C. Iulius Caesar (Octavianus) IQ. Pedius
 C. CarrinasP. Ventidius Bassus
42M. Aemilius Lepidus IIL. Munatius Plancus
41L. Antonius (Pietas)P. Servilius (Vatia) Isauricus II
40Cn. Domitius Calvinus IIC. Asinius Pollio
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Cornelius BalbusP. Canidius Crassus
39L. Marcius CensorinusC. Calvisius Sabinus
 Suffect Consuls
 C. Cocceius BalbusP. Alfenus Varus
38Ap. Claudius PulcherC. Norbanus Flaccus
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Cornelius LentulusC. Norbanus Flaccus
37M. Vipsanius AgrippaL. Caninius Gallus
 Suffect Consul
 T. Statilius Taurus 
36L. Gellius PublicolaM. Cocceius Nerva
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Nonius Asprenas- Marcius --
35Sex. PompeiusL. Cornuficius
 Suffect Consuls
 P. Cornelius Scipio?T. Peducaeus
34M. Antonius IIL. Scribonius Libo
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Sempronius AtratinusPaullus Aemilius Lepidus
 C. MemmiusM. Herennius
33Imp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus) IIL. Volcatius Tullus
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Antonius PaetusL. Flavius
 C. Fonteius CapitoM. Acilius Glabrio
 L. ViniciusQ. Laronius
32Cn. Domitius AhenobarbusC. Sosius
 Suffect Consuls
 L. Cornelius (Cinna)M. Valerius Messalla
31M. Antonius IIIImp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus) III
 Suffect Consuls
 M. Valerius Messalla CorvinusM. Titius
 Cn. Pompeius 
30Imp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus)M. Licinius Crassus
29Imp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus)Sex. Appuleius
28Imp. Caesar (C. Iulius Caesar Octavianus)M. Vipsanius Agrippa
27AugustusM. Vipsanius Agrippa
26AugustusT. Statilius Taurus
25AugustusM. Junius Silanus
24AugustusC. Norbanus Flaccus
23AugustusA. Terentius Varro Murena
22L. ArruntiusM. Claudius Marcellus Aeserninus
21Q. Aemilius LepidusM. Lollius
20M. AppuleiusP. Silius Nerva
19Q. Lucretius VespilloC. Sentius Saturninus
18Cn. Cornelius LentulusP. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus
17C. FurniusC. Junius Silanus
16P. Cornelius ScipioL. Domitius Ahenobarbus
15L. Calpurnius Piso FrugiM. Livius Drusus Libo
14Cn. Cornelius LentulusM. Licinius Crassus
13TiberiusP. Quinctilius Varus
12P. Sulpicius QuirinusM. Valerius Messalla Barbatus
11Paullus Fabius MaximusQ. Aelius Tubero
10Africanus Fabius MaximusIulus Antonius
9Nero Claudius DrususT. Quinctius Crispinus
8C. Asinius GallusC. Marcius Censorinus
7TiberiusCn. Calpurnius Piso
6C. Antistius VetusDecimus Laelius Balbus
5AugustusL. Cornelius Sulla
4C. Calvisius SabinusL. Passienus Rufus
3L. Cornelius LentulusM. Valerius Messalla
2AugustusM. Plautius Silvanus
1Cossus Cornelius LentulusL. Calpurnius Piso
1C. CaesarL. Aemilius Paullus
2P. Alfenus VarusP. Vinicius
3M. ServiliusL. Aelius Lamia
4Sex. Aelius CatusC. Sentius Saturninus
5Cn. Cornelius Cinna MagnusL. Valerius Messalla Volesus
6M. Aemilius LepidusL. Arruntius
7Q. Caecilius Metellus Creticus SilanusA. Licinius Nerva Silianus
8M. Furius CamillusSex. Nonius Quinctilianus
9Q. Sulpicius CamerinusC. Poppaeus Sabinus
10P. Cornelius DolabellaC. Junius Silanus
11M. Aemilius LepidusT. Statilius Taurus
12Germanicus CaesarC. Fonteius Capito
13L. Munatius PlancusC. Silius
14Sex. AppuleiusSex. Pompeius
15Drusus CaesarC. Norbanus Flaccus
16Sisenna Statilius TaurusL. Scribonius Libo
17L. Pomponius FlaccusC. Caelius Rufus
18TiberiusGermanicus Caesar
19M. Junius Silanus TorquatusL. Norbanus Balbus
20M. Valerius MessallaM. Aurelius Cotta
21Tiberiushis son Drusus Caesar
22Decimus Haterius AgrippaC. Sulpicius Galba
23C. Asinius PollioC. Antistius Vetus
24Ser. Cornelius CethegusL. Visellius Varro
25Cossus Cornelius LentulusM. Asinius Agrippa
26Cn. Cornelius Lentulus GaetulicusC. Calvisius Sabinus
27M. Licinius Crassus FrugiL. Calpurnius Piso
28C. Appius Junius SilanusP. Silius Nerva
29L. Rubellius GeminusC. Fufius Geminus
30M. ViniciusL. Cassius Longinus
31TiberiusL. Aelius Sejanus
32Cn. Domitius AhenobarbusL. Arruntius Camillus Scribonianus
33GalbaL. Cornelius Sulla Felix
34L. VitelliusPaullus Fabius Persicus
35C. Cestius Gallus 
36Sex. PapiniusQ. Plautius
37Cn. Acerronius ProculusC. Petronius Pontius Nigrinus
38M. Aquila JulianusC. Nonius Asprenas
39CaligulaL. Apronius Caesianus
40Caligula colleague 
41CaligulaCn. Sentius Saturninus
42ClaudiusC. Caecina Largus
43ClaudiusL. Vitellius
44C. Passienus CrispusT. Statilius Taurus
45M. ViniciusT. Statilius Taurus Corvinus
46Decimus Valerius AsiaticusM. Junius Silanus
47ClaudiusL. Vitellius
48VitelliusL. Vipstanus Publicola
49Q. VeraniusC. Pompeius Longus Gallus
50C. Antistius VetusM. Suillius Nerullinus
51VespasianSer. Cornelius Salvidienus Orfitus
52Faustus Cornelius Sulla FelixL. Salvius Otho Titianus
53Decimus Junius Silanus TorquatusQ. Haterius Antoninus
54M' Acilius AviolaM. Asinius Marcellus
55NeroL. Antistius Vetus
56Q. Volusius SaturninusP. Cornelius Scipio
57NeroL. Calpurnius Piso
58NeroM. Valerius Messalla Corvinus
59C. Vipstanus ApronianusC. Fonteius Capito
60NeroCossus Cornelius Lentulus
61P. Petronius TurpilianusL. Caesennius Paetus
62P. Marius CelsusL. Afinius Gallus
63C. Memmius RegulusL. Verginius Rufus
64C. Laecanius BassusM. Licinius Crassus Fru
65A. Licinius Nerva SilianusM. Julius Vestinus Atticus
66C. Luccius TelesinusC. Suetonius Paullinus
67Fonteius CapitoL. Julius Rufus
68P. Galerius TrachalusTi. Catius Silius Italicus
69Ser. Galba Imp. Caesar Augustus IIT. Vinius Rufinus
70Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus IIT. Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus
71Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus IIIM. Cocceius Nerva
72Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus IVT. Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus II
73T. Flavius Domitianus Caesar IIL. Valerius Catulus Messalinus
74Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus VImp. T. Flavius Vespasianus Caesar III
75Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus VIImp. T. Flavius Vespasianus Caesar IV
76Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus VIIImp. T. Flavius Vespasianus Caesar V
77Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus VIIIImp. T. Flavius Vespasianus Caesar VI
78L. Ceionius CommodusD. Novius Priscus
79Imp. Caesar T. Flavius Vespasianus Augustus IXImp. T. Flavius Vespasianus Caesar VII
80Imp. Titus Caesar Vespasianus Augustus VIIICaesar Domitianus VII
81L. Flavius Silva (or Silvanus) Nonius BassusAsinius Pollio Verrucosus
82Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus VIIIT. Flavius Sabinus
83Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus IXQ. Petillius Rufus II
84Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XC. Oppius Sabinus
85Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XIT. Aurelius Fulvus
86Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XIISer. Cornelius Dolabella Sulpicianus
87Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XIIIL. Volusius Saturninus
88Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XIVL. Minicius Rufus
89T. Aurelius FulvusAtratinus
90Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XVM. Cocceius Nerva II
91M. Ulpius TraianusM. Acilius Glabrio
92Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XVIQ. Volusius Saturninus
93Cn. Pompeius CollegaCornelius Priscus
94L. Nonius Torquatus AsprenasT. Sextius Magius Lateranus
95Imp. Caesar Domitianus Augustus Germanicus XVIIT. Flavius Clemens
96C. Antistius VetusT. Manlius Valens
97Imp. M. Cocceius Nerva Caesar Augustus IIIL. Virginius Rufus III
98Imp. M. Cocceius Nerva Caesar Augustus VIT. Flavius Libo
99A. Cornelius PalmaQ. Sosius Senecio
100Imp. Caesar M. Ulpius Traianus Augustus IIISex. Iulius Frontinus III
101Imp. Caesar M. Ulpius Traianus Augustus IVQ. Articuleius Paetus II
102L. Licinius SuraL. Iulius Ursus Servianus
103L. Licinius Sura IIL. Neratius Marcellus 
104Imp. Caesar Nerva Traianus Augustus Germanicus Dacicus VM. Laberius Maximus II
105Tib. Iulius Cdus Marius Celsus IIC. Antius A. Iulius Quadratus II
106L. Ceionius Commodus Aurelius Annius VerusTuccius Cerealis
107L. Licinius Sura IVQ. Sosius Senecio II
108App. Annius Trebonius GallusM. Atilius Metilius Bradua 
109A. Cornelius Palma IIBaebius Tullus
110Ser. Scipio Salvidienus OrfitusM. Peducaeus Priscinus
111C. Calpurnius PisoM. Vettius Bolanus
112Imp. Caesar M. Ulpius Traianus Augustus VIT. Sextius Africanus
113L. Publilius Celsus IIC. Clodius Crispinus 
114Q. Ninnius HastaP. Manilius Vopiscus
115L. Vipstanus MessalaM. Virgilianus Pedo
116L. Lamia AelianusVetus
118Imp. Caesar P. Aelius Traianus Hadrianus Augustus IICn. Pedanius Fuscus Salinator 
119Imp. Caesar P. Aelius Traianus Hadrianus Augustus IIIRusticus
120L. Catilius Servus IIT. Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus
121M. Annius Verus IIAugur
122M. Acilius AviolaCorellius Pansa
123L. Venuleius ApronianusQ. Articuleius Paetinus 
124M. Acilius GlabrioC. Bellicus Torquatus
125Valerius Asiaticus IIL. Epidius Titius Aquilinus
126M. Annius Verus IIIEggius Ambibulus
127M. Squilla GallicanusT. Atilius Titianus
128Torquatus Asprenas IIL. Annius Libo 
129L. Neratius Marcellus IIP. Iuventius Celsus
130Q. Fabius CatullinusM. Flavius Aper
131Ser. Octavius Laenas PontianusM. Antonius Rufinus
132C. Serius AugurinusC. Trebius Sergianus
133M. Antonius HiberusP. Mummius Sisenna Rutilianus 
134L. Iulius Ursus Servianus IIIT. Vibius Varus
136L. Ceionius Commodus VerusSex. Vetulenus Civica Pompeianus
137L. Aelius Verus Caesar IIP. Coelius Balbinus Vibullius Pius
138Censorius NigerSulpicius Camerinus
139Imp. Caesar T. Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius IIC. Bruttius Praesens II
140Imp. Caesar T. Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius IIIM. Aelius Aurelius Verus Caesar
141M. Peducaeus Stloga PriscinusT. Haenius Severus
142L. Statius QuadratusC. Cuspius Rufinus
143C. Bellicius TorquatusTib. Clus Atticus Herodes
144L. Hedius Rufus Lollianus AvitusTib. Clus Maximus
145Imp. Caesar T. Aelius Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus IVM. Aelius Aurelius Verus Caesar II
146Sex. Erucius Clarus IICn. Clus Severus
147M. Annius LargusC. Prastina Pacatus Messalinus
148C. Bellicius TorquatusP. Salvius Iulianus
149Ser. Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus OrfitusQ. Nonius Sosius Priscus
150M. Squilla GallicanusSex. Carminius Vetus
151Sex. Quintilius CondianusSex. Quintilius Valerius Maximus
152M. Acilius GlabrioM. Valerius Homullus
153C. Fulvius Bruttius Praesens, M. ValeriusA. Iunius Rufinus
154L. Aelius Aurelius CommodusT. Sextius Lateranus
155C. Iulius SeverusM. Iunius Rufinus Sabinianus
156M. Ceionius SilvanusC. Serius Augurinus
157M. Ceionius Civica BarbarusM. Metilius Regulus
158Sex. Sulpicius TertullusQ. Tineius Clemens Sacerdos
159Plautius QuintillusM. Statius, M. Clus Priscus Licinius Italicus
160Ap. Annius Atilius BraduaT. Clodius Vibius Varus
161M. Aelius Aurelius Verus Caesar IIIL. Aelius Aurelius Commodus II
162Q. Iunius Rusticus IIAquilinus
163M. Pontius Laelianus Larcius SabinusP. Iunius Pastor, L. Caesennius Hospes
164M. Pompeius MacrinusP. Iuventius Celsus
165M. Gavius OrfitusL. Arrius Pudens
166Q. Servilius PudensL. Fufidius Pollio
167Imp. Caesar L. Aurelius Verus Augustus IIIM. Ummidius Quadratus
168L. Venuleius Montanus Apronianus IIL. Sergius Paullus II
169Q. Sosius PriscusP. Coelius Apollinaris
170M. Cornelius CethegusC. Erucius Clarus
171T. Statilius SeverusL. Alfidius Herennianus
172Ser. Calpurnius Scipio OrfitusQuintilius Maximus
173Cn. Clus Severus IITib. Clus Pompeianus II
174GallusFlaccus Cornelianus
175L. Calpurnius Proculus PisoP. Salvius Iulianus
176T. Vitrasius Pollio IIM. Flavius Aper II
177L. Aelius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus CaesarM. Plautius Quintilius
178Ser. Cornelius Scipio OrfitusIulianus Rufus
179Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus IIP. Martius Verus II
180C. Fulvius Valens Aquilius Veiento IISex. Quintilius Condianus
181Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus IIIL. Antistius Burrus Adventus
182M. Petronius Sura MamertinusQ. Tineius Rufus
183Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus IVC. Aufidius Victorinus II
184L. Cossonius Eggius MarullusCn. Papirius Aelianus
185M. Cornelius Nigrinus Curiatius MaternusM. Atilius Bradua
186Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus VM. Acilius Glabrio II
187L. Brutus Quinctius CrispinusL. Roscius Aelianus
188Seius Fuscianus IIM. Servilius Silanus II
189Duillius SilanusQ. Servilius Silanus
190Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus VIM. Petronius Sura Septimianus
191Pedo ApronianusM. Valerius Bradua Mauricus
192Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus VIIP. Helvius Pertinax II
193Q. Sosius FalcoC. Iulius Erucius Clarus
194Imp. Caesar L. Septimius Severus Pertinax Augustus IID. Clodius Septimius Albinus Caesar II
195Scapula TertullusTineius Clemens
196C. Domitius Dexter IIL. Valerius Messala Thrasia Priscus
197T. Sextius LateranusL. Cuspius Rufinus
198SaturninusL. Aurelius Gallus
199P. Cornelius AnullinusM. Aufidius Fronto
200Tib. Clus SeverusC. Aufidius Victorinus
201L. Annius FabrianusM. Nonius Arrius Mucianus
202Imp. Caesar L. Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax Augustus IIIImp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus
203C. Fulvius Plautianus IIP. Septimius Geta II
204L. Fabius Cilo Lepidus Fulcinianus IIM. Annius Flavius Libo
205Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus IIP. Septimius Geta Caesar
206M. Nummius Umbrius Primus Senecio AlbinusL. Fulvius Gavius Numisius Petronius Aemilianus
207M. Nonius Arrius Paulinus AperL. Marius Maximus
208Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus IIIP. Septimius Geta Caesar II
209Tib. Clus PompeianusAvitus
210M. Acilius Vibius FaustinusA. Triarius Rufinus
211Q. Hedius Rufus Lollianus GentianusPomponius Bassus
212C. Iulius AsperC. Iulius Galerius Asper II
213Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus IVD. Coelius Balbinus II
214Silius MessalaSabinus
215Maecius Laetus IISulla Cerealis
216Catius Sabinus IICornelius Anullinus
217C. Bruttius PraesensT. Messius Extricatus II
218Imp. Caesar M. Opellius Severus Macrinus AugustusT. Messius Extricatus II
219Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus IIQ. Tineius Sacerdos II
220Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus IIIP. Valerius Comazon Eutychianus II
221C. Valerius Gratus SabinianusM. Fabius Seleucus
222Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Antoninus Augustus IVM. Aurelius Severus Alexr Caesar
223L. Marius Maximus Perpetuus Aurelianus IIL. Roscius Paculus Aelianus
224Ap. Clus Iulianus IIC. Bruttius Crispinus
225Tib. Manilius Fuscus IISer. Calpurnius Domitius Dexter
226Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Severus Alexr Augustus IIL. Aufidius Marcellus II
227M. Nummius AlbinusM. Laelius Maximus
228Modestus IIProbus
229Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Severus Alexr Augustus IIICassius Dio Cocceianus II
230L. Virius AgricolaSex. catius Clementinus Priscillianus
231Clus PompeianusT. Flavius Pelignianus
232LupusL. Valerius Publicola Balbinus Maximus
234M. Clodius Pupienus Maximus IIAgricola Urbanus II
235Cn. Clus SeverusL. Tib. Clus Aurelius Quintianus
236Imp. Caesar C. Iulius Verus Maximinus AugustusM. Pupienius Africanus
237PerpetuusP. Pomponius Cornelianus
238C. Betitius Pius MaximilianusProculus Pontianus
239Imp. Caesar M. Antonius Gordianus Pius AugustusM. Acilius Aviola
240Vettius Sabinus IIVenustus
241Imp. Caesar M. Antonius Gordianus Pius Augustus IIPompeianus
242C. Aufidius Vettius AtticusC. Asinius Praetextatus
243L. Annius ArrianusC. Cervonius Papus
244L. Armenius PeregrinusL. Fulvius Aemilianus
245Imp. Caesar M. Iulius Philippus AugustusC. Maesius Aquilius fabius Titianus
246PraesensM. Nummius Ceionius Annius Albinus
247Imp. Caesar M. Iulius Philippus Augustus IIM. Iulius Philippus Caesar
248Imp. Caesar M. Iulius Philippus Augustus IIIM. Iulius Philippus Caesar II
249L. Fulvius Aemilianus IIL. Naevius Aquilinus
250Imp. Caesar C. Messius Quintus Traianus Decius Augustus IIVicius Gratus
251Imp. Caesar C. Messius Quintus Traianus Decius Augustus IIIQ. Herennius Etruscus Messius Decius Caesar
252Imp. Caesar C. Vibius Trebonianus Gallus Augustus IIImp. Caesar C. Vibius Afinius Gallus Volusianus Augustus
253Imp. Caesar C. Vibius Afinius Gallus Volusianus Augustus IIL. Valerius Publicola Balbinus Maximus
254Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Valerianus Augustus IIImp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus
255Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Valerianus Augustus IIIImp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus II
257Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Valerianus Augustus IVImp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus III
258Memmius TuscusBassus
259L. Arr[un]tius AemilianusT. Flavius Bassus
260Cornelius Saecularis IIC. Iulius Donatus
261Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus IVL. Petronius Taurus Volusianus
262Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus VL. Faustinus
263M. Mummius Ceionius Annius AlbinusMaximus Dexter
264Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus VISaturninus
265P. Licinius Valerianus Nob. Vir IILucillus
266Imp. Caesar P. Licinius Egnatius Gallienus Augustus VIISabillinus
268Paternus IIMarianus
269Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Clus AugustusNonius Paternus
270Flavius Antiochianus IIFurius Orfitus
271Imp. Caesar L. Domitus Aurelianus AugustusBassus II
272QuietusIunius Veldumianus
273M. Clus TacitusFurius Placidus (or Placidianus)
274Imp. Caesar L. Domitius Aurelianus Augustus IIC. Iulius Capitolinus
275Imp. Caesar L. Domitius Aurelianus Augustus IIIMarcellinus
276Imp. Caesar M. Clus Tacitus Augustus IIAemilianus
277Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Probus AugustusPaulinus
278Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius probus Augustus IIVirius Lupus
279Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Probus Augustus IIINonius Paternus II
281Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Probus Augustus IVC. Iunius Tiberianus
282Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Probus Augustus VPomponius Victorinus (or Victorianus)
283Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Carus Augustus IIM. Aurelius Carinus Nob. Caesar
284Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Carinus Augustus IIImp. Caesar M. Aurelius Numerianus Augustus
285Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Carinus Augustus IIIAristobulus
286M. Iunius Maximus IIVettius Aquilinus
287Imp. Caesar C. Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus Augustus IIIImp. Caesar M. Aurelius Valerius Maximianus
288Imp. Caesar M. Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Augustus IIPomponius Ianuarius
289M. Macrius BassusL. Ragonius Quintianus
290Imp. Caesar C. Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus Augustus IVImp. Caesar M. Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Augustus III
291C. Iunius Tiberianus IICassius Dio
292Aeranius HannibalianusAsclepiodotus
293Imp. Caesar C. Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus Augustus VImp. Caesar M. Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Augustus IV
294Caius Flavius Constantius CaesarC. Galerius Valerius Maximianus Caesar
295Nummius TuscusAnnius Anullinus
296Imp. Caes. C. Aurel. Valer. Diocletianus Augustus VIC. Flavius Valerius Constantius Caesar II
297Imp. Caes. M. Aurel. Valer. Maximianus Augustus VGalerius Valer. Maximianus Caesar II
298Anicius Faustus IIVirius Gallus
299Imp. Caes. C. Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus VIIImp. Caes. M. Aurelius Valerius Maximianus VI
300C. Flavius Valer. Constantius Caesar IIIGalerius Valer. Maximianus Caesar III
301T. Flavius Postumius Titianus IIPopilius Nepotianus
302C. Flavius Valer. Constantius Caesar IVGalerius Valer. Maximianus Caesar IV
303Imp. Caes. Aurel. Valer. Diocletianus VIIIImp. Caes. Aurel. Valer. Maximianus VII
304Imp. Caes. Aurel. Valer. Diocletianus Augustus IXImp. Caes. Aurel. Valer. Maximianus Augustus VIII
305C. Flavius Valer. Constantius Caesar VGalerius Maximianus Caesar V
306Imp. Caes. C. Flav. Valer. Constantius Augustus VIImp. Caes. Galerius Valer. Maximianus Augustus VI
307Imp. Caes. M. Aurelius Val. Maximianus Augustus IX (West);
Imp. Caes. M. Aurelius Val. Maximianus Augustus IX (Rome);
Imp. Flavius Valerius Severus Augustus(East)
C. Fl. Valer. Constantinus Nob. Caes.(West);
Galerius Valer.Maximinus Nob. Caes.(Rome);
Galerius Valer. Maximinus Nob. Caes.(East)
308Imp. Caes. M. Aurel. Valer. Maxentius Augustus (Rome);
Imp. Caes. M. Aurel. Valer. Maximianus Augustus X (outside Italy)
M. Valerius Romulus Nob. vir. (Rome);
Imp. Caes. Galerius Valer. Maximianus Augustus VII (outside Italy)
309Imp. Caes. M. Aurelius Valer. Maxentius Augustus IIM. Valer. Romulus Nob. vir II
310Imp. Caes. M. Aur. Valer. Maxentius Augustus IIIonicus, (Sicorius) Probus
311Imp. Caes. Galerius Valer. Maximianus Augustus VIIIImp. Caes. Galerius Valerius Maximianus Augustus II
312Imp. Caes. C. Flavius Valer. Constantinus Augustus IIImp. Caes. P. Valer. Licinianus Licinius Augustus II
313Imp. Caes. C. Flavius Valer. Constantinus Augustus IIIImp. Caes. P. Valerius Licinianus Licinius Augustus III
314C. Ceionius Rufius Volusianus IIAnnianus
315Imp. Caes. C. Flav. Valer. Constantinus Augustus IVImp. Caes. P. Valer. Licinianus Licinius Augustus IV
316SabinusQ. Aradius Rufinus
317Ovinius GallicanusSeptimius Bassus
318Imp. Caes. P. Valer. Licinianus Licinius Augustus VFl. Iulius Crispus Nob. Caes.
319Imp. Caes. C. Flav. Val. Constantinus Augustus VValer. Licinianus Licinius Nob. Caes.
320Imp. Caes. C. Flav. Val. Constantinus Augustus VIFl. Clus Constantinus Iunior Nob. Caes.
321Fl. Iulius Crispus Nob. Caes. IIFl. Clus Constantinus Iunior Nob. Caes. II
322Petronius ProbianusAmnius Anicius Iulianus
323Acilius SeverusC. Vettius Cossinius Rufus
324Fl. Iulius Crispus Nob. Caes. IIIFl. Clus Constantinus Nob. Caes. III
325Sex. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Paulinus IIP. Ceionius Iulianus
326Imp. Caes. C. Flav. Valer. Constantinus Augustus VIIFl. Iul. Constantinus Nob. Caes.
327Fl. Caesarinus ConstantinusMaximus
328P. Ianuarius PrimusIustus
329Imp. Caes. C. Flavius Valer. Constantinus Augustus VIIIFl. Cl Constantinus Iunior Nob. Caes. III, Fl. Gallicanus
330Aurelius Iulianus SymmachusAnnius Bassus
331AblaviusPapinius Pacatianus
332Moecilius HilarianusFl. Iulius Delmatius
333ZenophilusProculus Optatus
334Amnius Manius Nicomachus (Anicius Paulinius Iunior)Fl. Iulius Constantius
335Ceionius Rufius AlbinusFl. Popilius Constantinus Nepotianus
337Tib. Fabius TitianusUrsus
338PolemiusImp. Fl. Iulius Constantius Augustus II
339Imp. Fl. Iul. Constans AugustusSeptimius Acyndinus
340L. Aradius Valerius ProculusMarcellinus
341Petronius ProbinusImp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus III
342Imp. Fl. Iul. Constans Augustus IIM. Maecius Memmius Furius Babusius Caecilian. Placidus
343RomulusFl. Domitius Leontius
344Fl. Sallustius BonosusAmantius
345AlbinusImp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus II
346Imp. Fl. Iul. Constans Augustus IIIVulcatius Rufinus
347EusebiusFl. Philippus
348Fl. SaliaUlpius Limenius
349Fabius Aconius Catullinus PhilomatiusSergius
350NigrinianusIn the West:
Magnentius Augustus or Tyrannus
351Imp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus VFl. Cl Constantius Gallus Caesar
352Magnus Decentius CaesarPaulus
353Imp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus VIFl. Cl Constantius Gallus Caesar II
354Imp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus VIIFl. Cl Constantius Gallus Caesar III
355Fl. ArbitioQ. Flav. Maecius Egnatius Lollianus
356Imp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus VIIIFl. Clus Iulianus Caesar
357Imp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus IXFl. Clus Iulianus Caesar II
358DatianusNeraius Cerealis
359F. EusebiusF. Hypatius
360Imp. Fl. Iul. Constantius Augustus XFl. Clus Iulianus Caesar III
361El. Palladius Rutilius Taurus AemilianusFl. Florentius
362Cl. MamertinusFl. Nevitta
363Imp. Fl. Clus Iulianus Augustus IVFl. Sallustius
364Imp. Fl. Iovianus AugustusFl. Varronianus Nob. puer
365Imp. Fl. Valentinianus AugustusImp. Fl. Valens Augustus
366Fl. Gratianus Nob. puerDagalaiphus
367Fl. LupicinusFl. Valens Iovinus
368Imp. Fl. Valentinianus Augustus IIImp. Fl. Valens Augustus II
369Valentinianus Nob. puerVictor
370Imp. Fl. Valentinianus Augustus IIIImp. Fl. Valens Augustus III
371Imp. Fl. Gratianus Augustus IISex. Petronius Probus
372Fl. Domitius ModestusFl. Arintheus
373Imp. Fl. Valentinianus Augustus IVImp. Fl. Valens Augustus IV
374Imp. Fl. Gratianus Augustus IIIAequitius
375 This year is referred to as 'after the consulate of Gratianus Aeqitius'
376Imp. Fl. Valens Augustus VImp. Fl. Valentinianus Iunior Augustus
377Imp. Fl. Gratianus Augustus IVFl. Merobs
378Imp. Fl. Valens Augustus VIImp. Fl. Valentinianus Iunior Augustus II
379D. Magnus AusoniusQ. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius
380Imp. Fl. Gratianus Augustus VImp. Fl. Theodosius Augustus
381Fl. SyagriusEucerius
382Cl. AntoniusFl. Afranius Syagrius
383Fl. Merobs IIFl. Saturninus
384ClearchusFl. Ricomeres (or Ricimer)
385Imp. Fl. Arcadius AugustusBauto
386Fl. Honorius Nob. puerFl. Evodius
387Imp. Fl. Valentinianus Iunior Augustus IIIEutropius
388In the East:
Imp. Fl. Theodosius Augustus II
Maternus Cynegius
In the West:
Magnus Clemens Maximus Augustus II
389Fl. TimasiusFl. Promotus
390Imp. Fl. Valentinianus Iunior Augustus IVNeoterius
391Fl. TatianusQ. Aurelius Symmachus (or Eusebius)
392Imp. Fl. Arcadius Augustus IIFl. Rufinus
393In the East:
Imp. Fl. Theodosius Augustus III
In the West:
Imp. Fl. Eugenius Augustus
394In the East:
Imp. Fl. Arcadius Augustus III
Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus II
In the West:
Virius Nicomachus Flavianus
395Anicius HermogenianusAnicius Probinus
396Imp. Fl. Arcadius Augustus IVImp. Fl. Honorius Augustus III
397Fl. CaesariusNonius Atticus
398Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus IVFl. Eutychianus
399Fl. Mallius TheodorusEutropius
400Fl. StilichoAurelianus
401Fl. VincentiusFl. Fravitus
402Imp. Fl. Arcadius Augustus VImp. Fl. Honorius Augustus V
403Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior AugustusFl. Rumoridus
404Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus VIAristaenetus
405Fl. Stilicho IIAnthemius
406Imp. Fl. Arcadius Augustus VIAnicius Petronius Probus
407Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus VIIImp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus II
408Fl. Anicius Auchenius BassusFl. Philippus
409Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus VIIIImp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus III
411Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus IVsole consul
412Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus IXImp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus V
415Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus XImp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus VI
416Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus VIIIunius Quartus Palladius
417Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus XIFl. Constantius II
418Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus XIIImp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus VIII
419Fl. MonaxiusA. Plinta
420Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus IXFl. Constantius III
422Imp. Fl. Honorius Augustus XIIIImp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus X
424Fl. CastinusVictor
425In the East:Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XI
Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Caesar
In the West:
Iohannes Augustus
426Imp. Fl. Theodosius Augustus XIIImp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus II
428Fl. Constantius FelixFl. Taurus
430Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XIIIImp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus III
431Anicius Auchenius BassusFl. Antiochus
432Fl. AetiusValerius
433Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XIVPetronius Maximus
434Fl. AreobindusFl. bur Aspar
435Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XVImp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus IV
436Fl. Anthemius IsidorusFl. Senator
437Fl. Aetius IISigisvuldus
438Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XVIAnicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus
439Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XVIIRufius Postumus Festus
440Imp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus VAnatolius
441Constantinus Cyrussole consul in the East
443Petronius Maximus IIPaterius
444Imp. Fl. Theodosius Iunior Augustus XVIIIAlbinus
445Imp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus VINomus
446Fl. Aetius IIIQ. Aurelius Symmachus
448Rufius Praetextatus PostumianusFl. Zeno
449ProtogenesFl. Asturius
450Imp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus VIIGennadius Avienus
451Fl. AdelphiusImp. Fl. Marcianus Augustus
452Fl. HerculanusSporachius
453Iohannes VincomalusFl. Opilio
455Imp. Fl. Placidius Valentinianus Augustus VIIIProcopius Anthemius
456In the East:
Iohannes Varanes
In the West:
Imp. M. Maecilius Fl. Eparchus Avitus Augustus
457Fl. ConstantiusRufus
458Imp. Fl. Leo AugustusImp. Fl. Iulius Valerius Maiorianus Augustus
459Fl. RicimerFl. Patricius
462In the East:
Imp. Fl. Leo Augustus II
In the West:
Imp. Livius Severus Augustus
463Fl. Caecincius Maximus BasiliusVivianus
464RusticiusAnicius Olybrius
465Fl. BasiliscusHerminericus
466Imp. Fl. Leo Augustus IIITatianus
468Imp. Procopius Anthemius Augustus IIsole consul
469Fl. ZenoMarcianus
471Imp. Fl. Leo Augustus IVCoelius Aconius Probianus
472Fl. FestusMarcianus
473Imp. Fl. Leo Augustus V
474Imp. Fl. Leo Iunior Augustus
475Imp. Fl. Zeno Augustus II
476Imp. Basiliscus Augustus IIArmatus
477 the year "after the consulate of Basiliscus Armatus"
479Imp. Fl. Zeno Augustus III
480Fl. Decius Marius Venantius Basilius
482Severus IuniorProcondus
483Anicius Acilius Aginantius FaustusProcondus
485Q. Aurelius Memmius Symmachus
486Caecina Mavortius Basilius DeciusLonginus
487Narses Manlius Boethius
488Clus Iul. Eclesius DynamiusRufius Acilius Sividius
489Petronius ProbinusEusebius
490Fl. Faustus IuniorLonginus II
491Fl. Olybrius Iunior
492Imp. Anastasius AugustusRufus
493Faustus AlbinusEusebius II
494Turcius Rufius Apronianus AsteriusFl. Praesidius
495Fl. ViatorAemilianus
496In the East:
Paulus, Anastasii Imp. frater
497Imp. Anastasius Augustus II
498Fl. PaulinusIohannes (Scytha)
499Iohannes (Gibbus)Asclepio
500In the East:
501Rufius Magnus Faustus AvienusPompeius
502Fl. Avienus IuniorProbus
504Fl. Rufius Petronius Nicomachus Cethegus
505SabinianusFl. Theodorus
506Fl. Areobindus DagalaiphusFl. Ennodius Messala
507Imp. Fl. Anastasius Augustus IIIVenantius
508Basilius Venantius IuniorCeler
510Manlius Anicius Sever. Boethius (Iunior)Eutharicus
511Fl. FelixSecundianus
513Fl. Taurus Armonius ClementinusProbus
514Fl. Magnus Aurelius Cassiodorus Senator
515Fl. FlorentiusAnthemius
516Fl. Petrus
517Fl. AgapitusFl. Anastasius Paulus Probus Sabinianus
518Fl. Anastasius Paulus Probus Muschianus
519Imp. Fl. Iustinus AugustusFl. Eutharicus Cillica
521Fl. Petrus Sabbatius IustinianusValerius
523Fl. Anicius Maximus
524OpilioImp. Fl. Iustinus Augustus II
525Fl. Theodorus Philoxenus SotericusProbus Iunior
526Fl. Olybrius Iunior
527Fl. Vettius Agorius Basilius Mavortius
528Imp. Fl. Iustinianus Augustus II
529Fl. Decius Iunior
530Fl. Postumius LampadiusRufius Gennadius Probus Orestes
531 The year "after the consulate of Lampadius Orestes"
538Fl. Iohannes (Cappadox)
541Fl. Anicius Faustus Albinus Basilius Iunior

In 541, Emperor Justinian abolished the Consulate.


  • William Smith Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities