Why Can't I See Ghosts?

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Question: Why Can't I See Ghosts?

"I am your average 52-year-old male," says Paul. "I watch the paranormal shows on TV, particularly Children of the Paranormal. My question is: Why can't I see spirits or feel spirits? I would like to. Is there anything I can do to increase my own ability to see or hear spirits? I guess what I am asking is, Do I have any control at all? Can I learn it? Am I doing something wrong?"

Answer: Paul, you are not doing anything wrong. The truth is, it is very difficult to see spirits or ghosts. Even most people who have been ghost investigators their entire lives have never directly seen or experienced a ghost. Ghost hunters who routinely visit places that are reputed to be haunted almost never see or experience a ghost (despite what you might see on TV). Most sightings of apparitions happen -- and the best ghost photos usually were taken -- quite by accident, when they are not expected. They seem to appear and make themselves known at their own whim.

There are psychics and mediums who claim to be able to see and make contact with those from the other side. And although there is some interesting evidence that they can make contact, this ability has not been definitively proved beyond all doubt. If they indeed have this remarkable ability -- and they might -- it seems to be a gift that they have had all their lives. They were born with it. It's unlikely this is an ability you would be able to develop.

So although there is no certain way to go about seeing and feeling spirits, there are some things you can try, which I'm sure you've seen on some of those TV shows. You can experiment with electronic voice phenomena (EVP) or perhaps even a so-called ghost box. There's no absolute proof that these methods are detecting ghost voices and messages, but that's one possibility.

And if you're so inclined, and it seems you are, you might consider joining a ghost hunting group in your area. Again, there's no guarantee that you'll encounter a ghost on their hunts, but you will at least be with like-minded people who share the same curiosity on the subject. And who knows -- perhaps you'll be lucky enough to see a spirit!