Why Abortion - Why Choose Abortion?

Reasons Why Women and Teens Choose Abortion

When a woman faces an unintended pregnancy and a baby she can't raise, when she terminates her pregnancy, others may ask "Why abortion? Why choose abortion?" The answers are neither simple nor straightforward. Below are the reasons most often given by women and teens, as well as statistics on who chooses abortion and the stories of readers who share their experiences.

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Why Women Choose Abortion - Reasons Most Commonly Given by Women

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Each year, it's estimated that just under 1.3 million women in the U.S. have an abortion. The decision to terminate a pregnancy is never made lightly. Here are the reasons women most frequently give when they make this difficult and painful choice, and often, the decision is an economic one.

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Why Teens Choose Abortion - Reasons Most Commonly Given by Teens

Each year, three-quarter of a million teens have an abortion, and some of them hide that fact from their parents. Parental involvement does play a role in whether or not a teen will choose abortion, yet it's just one of the many factors influencing teens who are facing the prospect of motherhood and may not be equipped to deal with it.

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Stories of Women Who Chose Abortion

Although abortion has been legal in the U.S. for over three decades, the decision to terminate a pregnancy is a topic rarely discussed openly. Readers share their stories as to why they chose abortion, whether or not they regret the decision, and advice for women and teens contemplating the same choice.

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10 Facts About Abortion

What are the characteristics of women who choose abortion? Statistical information on age, race, religious background, marital status, and more.

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