Why Do Cats Bite?

Ask an Animal Communicator

Cat Snuggling Up with Owner
Isabella and Brenda. Graphic: Canva

Reader Question: I adopted Izz (Isabella), a rescue cat, last November and she has been a joy to me. I sense she loves me as much as I adore her, but she bites me hard sometimes when licking my neck, chin or cheek. When I give her an 'eye-kiss' (you know, slowly close and open my eyes at her) she seems to become agitated and runs away. I wonder if she's truly happy here and whether she knows I chose her specifically over all the other beautiful kitties, or if she's glad to have me. Along with my question is this photo of the two of us. We will lay this way and nap, then suddenly she will wake up and run off in a hurry, or lick me and then bite my neck or chin. She is cute though, no?~Brenda

Madeleine's Response: Hi Brenda, It feels that Izz is very in tune with you and is totally meant to be with you. I think she treats you rather like a sibling which is why she bites you sometimes - more like a love bite! Perhaps you could 'speak' to her in your mind and explain that it hurts and ask could she be more gentle. On the other hand, if you have stresses in your life sometimes they try to bite the negative energy around us in order to flag it up, so that we address the issues in our lives? Hope this helps, have a think and talk it over with her - she will understand!

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Reader Comments about this Q&A:

justme says: She is Beautiful! My Brother’s cat did the same thing to him (biting after being a cuddlebug)and they have had her since she was a kitty, ended up she had a toothache, when she does this have you tried to follow her when she takes off? maybe she needs your full “on one” and wants to show you something, Good Luck

Marie says: If you kiss your cat.. that's how they kiss you back. They imitate a kiss by biting. I used to kiss my cat on the nose and she would bite my nose right back. She did learn how to do it softly after kinda hurting me the first time she smooched me back!!!!

Gina says: My kitty Penny, like your Izz, is a love-biter (she’s also a pretty Tuxedo kitty like Izz!). She’s a very sweet, playful kitty, and sometimes she gets a little rough when we’re having a play/petting session–she likes to bite or even wrestle my hand/arm when she’s really into it. It’s definitely a playful thing, and not aggressive–I feel like she thinks I’m one of her littermates! Anyhow, she seems to instinctively know how not to bite so hard that it hurts, and even more curiously, when it does get a bit much, I’ll tell her “no, kiss kiss” and she’ll stop biting and start licking me instead! Also, when we play like this, I never let her “win” and always gently know who’s in charge. She’s an energetic, athletic 5yo kitty, and we really love our playtime!

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