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Reader Question: Can't I just fix myself? I have some relatively minor personality flaws, relationship issues, and complacency about not doing my life's work, but I'm not psycho so I don't feel like I need to sign up for therapy. Can't I just coach my own life?


Response from Anandra: Dear Julie, As I read your question, I'm celebrating what sounds like some serious self-motivation. I'm totally with you.

There are few people I would look to for help with something so precious as my inner life; I'm definitely more inclined to figure it out on my own.

The short answer is: Yes, you can. You don't need me, or anyone else, to help you change your life. If you have... a fairly clear sense of where you're headed in your self-image, relationships, and service, including vision (how it looks on the outside) and perhaps more important, experience (how it feels on the inside) confidence that you know how to get there from here (i.e. the ability to hold your vision and savor the experience until your inner reality and outer circumstance become a vibrational match, despite the appearance of obstacles) the superpower of collapsing time and instantaneously manifesting your highest soul expression (OK, I'm kind of kidding about that one, but it would help.)... you're all set!

Wait a minute. If you had all of those skills, there'd be no question.

Which is where a helper comes in. In the grand experiment of life, why not employ the advice of someone who has successfully demonstrated time and again these skills in their life and has effectively taught others how to remove obstacles to fulfillment? In the ever-changing creative challenge of life, where new desires constantly create new horizons, and old patterns are guaranteed to hold us back, your life coach becomes someone you can partner with to navigate the dynamics with more ease and grace.

As much as I'd love to pretend I've got it all figured out, some of my most profound moments of self-knowledge have come when I've really taken in support and reflection from a trusted guide.

I don't mean to be sassy here, but I invite you to consider, just for perspective: When your car needs fixing, you consult an expert, right? If you had a mysterious illness, you'd go to a doctor, right? Sure, you can grow your own food, cut your own hair, give yourself acupuncture, do your own plumbing and electrical, etc. and you might feel empowered and save some money. But when you think about it, you employ the services of experts every day, don't you?

Isn't your inner life just as valuable? Most people are not highly skilled in emotional intelligence, communication, self-empathy, meditation, etc., so it makes sense to hire someone to train you so you can "do-it-yourself." Especially when you're clouded, conflicted, stuck, depressed, or arrogant and self-righteous, getting help can support your abidance in the sense of relaxed authenticity and empowerment we'd all like to live in.

Ironically, most of the questions I get in this "Ask a Life Coach" column are from people who want me to tell them what to do, but my job is to help them figure it out, look from a new perspective, and craft their own responses based on their inherent strengths.

Disclaimer: Anandra's advice is not meant to override your personal health providers' recommendations/prescriptions, but is intended to offer a new perspective and encourage your inner wisdom to guide the best course of action.