Why Haven't the Angels Answered My Prayers?

Explanation of Divine Timing and Free Will

Mountain Prayer Silhouette
Man Praying to the Angels. Andrew Penner / Getty Images

Many people are under the false misconception that we need to do or say the correct words or do a ritual to have prayers answered, and if they are not, the angels are disapproving of them in some way, or worse, that they are forgotten and alone, that the angels have left them. Neither of which holds any truth in the angelic realm.

Recent information and media suggest a sort of “recipe” for prayers, and manifesting desires. While a positive attitude and maintaining positive words is very important and certainly beneficial, the idea that saying something a certain way will bring you exactly what you want, and when you want it, is a confusing concept to many of my clients. When it doesn’t happen, they think they did it wrong or there is something wrong with them and the Universe and the angels disapprove of them. The honest truth is, angels are not short order cooks.

Many times we get what we need, not what we want

Everything happens to us within Divine Timing. Let’s explore this more in-depth, with the information the angels are giving me about this issue for many people on Earth.

First of all, angels hear your prayers and you are never not given something from them because you are being punished. Punishment is a human trait. Remember, angels are aspects of God, and do not have that way of looking at you... EVER. They always love you, no matter what.

Your prayers may not be manifesting because you are receiving the answer or a solution that you have not been asking for. Recent books tell us that if you take exact steps like a formula, the angels will bring to you your exact desire. The angels tell me this is not the case. Manifestation is a very real concept and something we should do in our daily lives, but there are other factors at play in the Higher Realms.

Many times growth lesson, non interference, the dimension of time, and human will on Earth is occurring around our prayers.

Angels cannot interfere with Universal Laws which essentially is God’s plan for your life on Earth. An angel may see that your prayer or desires are part of a very important life lesson you are still working through, still learning to overcome. They will try to supports you in every way they can, but they will not interfere with the life lesson.

Angels will also never intercede in a way that would alter another person’s soul plan or free will. If your prayers or desires are about another person, having them change or do a something you want, angels cannot assist without their permission.

Free Will Could Be in Play

In the Higher Realms,there are no time limitations but we do have them here, so our angels have to work within our Earth time limitations. It may take time to manifest. Don’t forget, we also have that additional complication called “free will.” This can further distort the timing of answered prayers.

For anyone who has been praying yet feel as if  their prayers are not yet answered, it is very important to see if these conditions may be occurring:

  • Divine Plan
  • Soul Lessons
  • Non Interference
  • Divine Timing

Remember, your prayers are always heard and will be answered in some way. Sometimes, they are not in the way we expect. Angels can see the future of our lives more objectively than we can, and the Divine’s plan for us is always better than the one we have for ourselves.

Keep an eye out for the subtle ways your angels are answering your prayers. My angel Alonya tells me God works through people, animals, and Nature most often. What you may find helpful is asking your angels to send to you someone that you would listen to and trust, to help you see where you may have a lesson, or an area in your life you may need to work on before your prayers can be answered and your manifestations come to fruition.