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I previously shared my decision to change my name in my article Spiritual Name Changes. As a result, several readers reached out to me and shared their personal journeys in choosing to ditch their birth names in favor of embracing a different name which better resonated with their spirit. Here are their stories.

My Star Name
by NA'vante

Why I Decided to Change My Name : I was doing meditations and wondered where (my soul) had originated from.

I was sent to another star system, and was told I am NA'vante. Apparently I am Appollonian and was an assistant to a Pleiadian diplomat named Xelan.& It's not legal, but I use it in my business, Radiant Serenity, which we hopefully will turn into more than just a website. During my regression meditations, I was pleased to learn that I am a starperson

I Changed My Name to Stone Gatherer

Why I Decided to Change My Name: It was a close friend of mine who named me. She was going through therapy discovering many wonderful things about herself. The group called her "Moon Heart." I loved the concept.

I thought long and hard as to the person I was, and where I was headed in my spiritually. I used crystals in my healing and knew it would have to include my love for them. I realized it wasn't just crystals that I loved, I also loved where they came. I started building inukshuks from large stones.. filled my gardens with different sizes, shapes and color.

It was Moon Heart who named me. She saw the things I loved; thought I was solid, and grounded myself and always, always, looking for different rocks, collecting them everywhere I went. I even had friends and family bring me back small stones from the lands they were visiting. I would hold them and try to sense their energy and visualize the places.

Since my name change, I have gone on a yearly retreat with my cousins. We call each other sister cousins as we feel so connected to each other. We have all given each other new fitting names that fit the spirit of each of us.

Sun Riser, Risky Business, Story Teller, Fire Starter, Dancing with Dishes, Stone Gatherer.

Lessons Learned

  • There is definitely a connection between the name and the woman I am.
  • I feel so very connected to our Mother Earth.
  • There is more to a rock than a stone under ones shoe. It too holds the essence of our Creator.
  • Mostly I learned to walk more gently upon the earth and have found gratitude in my heart where I least expected.

Stone Gatherer, thank you for sharing your name change story. Your sister cousins sound like a wonderful group of women to "retreat" with. Namaste. ~Phylameana

I Changed My Name to Mother Nature

Why I Decided to Change My Name: I always had a devout love for nature. It was my one steadfast love and the redeemer of my soul ongoing since I was a child, the only thing that was always there for me and never let me down with its calming song and the wistful beauty that wears so many forms. It kept me and protected me even when I was bound to the concrete and consecrated American west coast where its beauty is kept behind guard and fence.

Nature is my one true love and the only place that I may have peace. My trees are my sanctuary, the only place where I feel connected to God, Goddess and Mother Earth. I see divinity to be in the form of The Father, The Son, as well as The Mother of all in the form of holy spirit. We are filled the Goddess presence as described in scriptures. She is the mother that watches over me and fills me with peace every since the day we were introduced some eight years past. And shortly there after, other spiritual titles came and didn’t quite fit.

I have always been a teacher of the young. From youngest family members to the old I have felt their woes and triumph and helped them through it all, right up to playing mother to my own parents. I too feel connected in such ways to the earth’s moods and changes.

This is one of the most difficult empathic links to manage especially with the currant state. She is hurting and the world is just too slow to act on her behalf. Too few understand how their individual inner peace can affect their surroundings. How acts and deeds can poison the very soil and how many generations of suffering is linked to the very dirt under their feet. But I strive to keep clear to certain points including nothing worth having comes easy. What is more important to fight for but our right to continue to exist in some form of peace.


  • When attempting to choose a proper name to describe yourself you must wait, look and, listen to your inner self.
  • It usually isn't what you first think it should be and if you are patient it will present itself to you in time.

I am Ivan

Why I Decided to Change My Name I changed my name since I am transsexual and the name my parents assigned me never fit and was awkward.

I found a name that just "felt" right. Upon telling my parents, I was told that the name was what my grandfather would have wanted their son to be called. I found a lawyer through a GLBT community center and petitioned the courts. It was one of the best choices I've ever made.

I really love the "Ivan" synchronicity with your grandfather. ~Phylameana

Seeker of Love
by Sandhan

Why I Decided to Change My Name: I hardly have a memory of making a decision to change my name (and now I know why this morning I came across the quote that decisions come from the head while choices are found in the heart...).

 Isn't synchronicity wonderful! It was not a decision I made... it was a highly conscious CHOICE made in 1981 when I met the enlightened Master Osho. And when I say 'met' I mean in a spiritual sense as it was not until several years later I had the privilege of sitting in his presence.

I've always been a seeker... for as long as I can remember there was a Divine Discontent rumbling around in me. I was a happy enough child and had lots of playmates but looking back I can honestly say I never quite felt I fitted in... not in a precious or arrogant way I hope, but simply feeling I was somehow running slightly parallel to everyone I knew... and this continued until my twenties in an undercover sort of way.

In 1978 I got married. My husband was the first person I'd ever met who shared my different, if as yet unformed, views on Life the Universe and Everything: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe! and we set off to begin a new life about as far as we could get from anywhere which represented an attachment to our individual pasts.

It was 1980 and we were doing it tough in many ways ~ unconscious, immature, and struggling in our relationship with each other and ourselves. (Obviously since you can't have a loving relationship with anyone if fundamentally you don't love yourself!) And let's not forget that this was long before you could head off to your local bookstore and buy some self-help manual on improving your life or find a therapist, healer or shaman to guide you through your traumas.

So there we were in deepest Devon, doing our best and floundering. I at least knew I was looking for something... I just wasn't sure exactly WHAT!

Some years before I'd met a man who did a card reading for me and told me I was searching for a Master and that one Easter I would find him and my life would never be the same. I said 'yeah'... I wanted to learn about astrology, tarot, develop psychic skills, and learn about metaphysics and the esoteric and was looking for someone to teach me.

Little did I know that this was not at all what James had in mind in this message!

t was Easter 1980 and my husband at the time was doing some building work and carpentry at a neighbours house in preparation for a weekend workshop this guy Veeresh was coming to lead. Long story short we were invited for free (no risk involved other than a potential life change..) and despite my serious reservations (my ego must have felt extremely threatened) we agreed.

It was unbelievable ~ confronting, extreme, mind numbing and transformational but Veeresh was the most real and astonishing man I'd ever met, but he was just a disciple of this other guy.. Osho... and that was it. I was captivated and the love affair has lasted over 30 years without a single regret.

Lessons Learned

  • When I moved to Australia I wasn't sure about keeping my name, even though it was given to me by my Master: Osho's been dead for 20 years or more but I'm so glad I chose to keep it.
  • Prem Sandhan means "seeker of love".. enquiry, curiosity, in the sense of asking penetrating spiritual questions in the search for Truth, and since I see the Truth as being Love, Love and only Love I feel so comfortable being the bearer of this name.
  • My whole life has been one of searching for deeper meaning both in myself and in a spiritual sense so seeking the true nature of love feels fitting as a moniker and absolutely who I am.

Agree, synchronicity is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your story. ~Phylameana

Rebirth Experience
by Priya

Why I Decided to Change My Name: I decided to ask for a spiritual name from my Guru. It felt right at that point in my life because I was embracing a yogic spiritual path, lifestyle, and community. It was not a hard decision at all because I had not ever really felt connected to my birth name, and my new name resonates more with who I am as a spiritual being.

In 1983 I met a yogic master from India named Baba Hari Dass and began practicing Ashtanga Yoga. I ask Babaji for a spiritual name on New Years Eve 1984. The original name I was given was Priyamvada, and I was told this is the name of a Hindu Goddess which means "one whose speech is full of Love." Priyam = love, Vada = speech. My boyfriend at the time called me Priya for short. The name Priya means beloved or lover. I just started using Priya as my name. A few years later, I had given Babaji a note during Satsang asking a question. When it was returned to me it was addressed to Prempriya and the person who gave it to me said she knew it was for me. I asked Babaji about the name and he said it was the name of a Gopi and means "lover of love." The gopi's are the milkmaid devotees of Krishna.

I also received a name from Ammachi in 1990. She is also my spiritual teacher and guide. The name she gave me is Manjula. She said Manjula was a woman saint and great devotee of Krishna in her region of Kerala. The name means "beautiful." For a while I went by Priya Manjula but just Priya is the name that feels right for me. I like it because it's a simple and pretty name and people respond favorably to it. Even though it's an unusual name in this country rarely do people forget my name because it's different and they like it.

I have not legally changed my name, but have included the name Priya on my social security card and ID card.

Lessons Learned

  • Changing my name was a rebirth experience. It was part of becoming who I am spiritually. When one contemplates the meaning of a name they start to embody the qualities and vibration of the name.
  • The name Priyamvada helped me to open up my voice and I started to sing, play music, and write devotional songs.
  • This has given me a way to express my love and devotion for God/Goddess and the Divine.
  • I have become aware of myself as a force of love in the world and strive to love and serve others in my work as a human being, therapist and counselor.

Spelling Change
by Karyl

Why I Decided to Change My Name: I was living in San Jose, CA at the time. I wanted to get into the Public Relations field. Someone at the beauty shop suggested I change my name to fit my P.R. image I was trying to create. They suggested KARYL and it fit! I've been using it since 1980's. I didn't get it legalized yet due to my mother. I want to legalize it but all my legal documents are in the name Carol.

From Carol to Karyl is a change in spelling but, not pronunciation.

Although, some people call me Karl. Changing my name legally wasn't an option because my mother didn't want me too. Now, she is in her 80's and really doesn't care anymore, neither do I. I use it for everything, business cards, licenses, college transcripts, etc.

Anything of legal value remains CAROL.

Lessons Learned

  • I learned that a name change can change the person, too.
  • I act different because I feel more empowered with a stronger name.
  • People react to the spelling of the name.
  • I like the spelling and like to put it into calligraphy on everything.

Heard by God
by Jaaz

Why I Decided to Change My Name:  After going through a traumatic time and change in my life I was in deep meditation when I heard a voice in my head say your name is Jaaz. Two a's and one z.

After undergoing some traumatic changes in my life I went through some kind of transformation. During meditation the name was given to me from a voice within. Left the old self behind and legally changed my name to "Jaaz." Just one name. This really causes problems with computers and doing business because computers always want two names. Years later I learned that "jaaz" means "heard by God.".

Lessons Learned

  • To always trust myself and my intuition.
  • Having one name really messes with peoples head and computers.
  • Yes I am totally happy with my name change. My birth name never resonated with me but "jaaz" totally resonates with my true essence.

Adopted Child Changes Name at the Age of Twelve
by Virginia

Why I Decided to Change My Name: I was born Candice Carol, and was given up for adoption when I was 9 years old. When I was 12 years old I was in the process of being adopted. I went to my mom, and asked if I could change my whole name, as I had never really felt like a Candy.

I wanted a name with a Western sounding flair to it. I find it interesting that as an adult I have been reading about reincarnation and have realized that the western thing has never left me. If in fact reincarnation is real ( and I believe it is) then my happiest lifetime was spent in the period of time that people went west to settle it. I would love to travel back in time to that period.

Interestingly enough the name Lilly resonates with me now.

I was given the nickname of George Henry when I was first taken in by my adoptive family and my brother still calls me that.

Lessons Learned

  • I don't regret legally changing my name but I do regret the name I chose. I really don't feel like a Virginia, but definitely more a Virginia than a Candy. If I had to choose now I am not sure which name I would choose.
  • Even though I am a girl I might pick George Henry as I have such happy memories connected to that name. I would probably spell it Jorge though.