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Why is chemistry important? If you take chemistry or teach chemistry, you'll be asked to answer this question pretty often. It's easy to say chemistry is important because everything is made from chemicals but there are a lot of other reasons why chemistry is a big part of daily life and why everyone should understand basic chemistry. If you've ever wondered about the question yourself, this selection of answers from real chemists, teachers, students, and readers just like you will give you an idea of the many reasons why chemistry is so vital to our lives.

We Are Chemical Beings: Many biology and anatomy and physiology courses begin with chemistry. More than just nutrients, medicines and poisons, everything we do is chemical. Geology too: why do we wear diamonds and not calcium carbonate on our fingers?
Importance of Chemistry to Life: (1) Many thing that are our in environment are made of chemicals. (2) Many things that we observe in the world are made of chemical effects.
Well, now you have asked something. My first days of chemistry started at the age of about 9 not long after WWII. Since then, I have received from the study a vast interest in everything and still I am learning at 70 years old—but in my mind I know it is chemistry that has made me what I am and what I believe in, to myself it is the most powerful mind mover of all...making one's mind explore and discover and understand what it's all about. I am still looking, experimenting, and wondering. Yes, to [me] chemistry is the all-powerful mover and doer of the whole mystery of life and the meanings. But sadly I can no longer explore the underground I so loved to in search for the Philosopher's stone.—David Bradbury
Prevents Poisoning or Worse: Water or sulfuric acid? Propylene glycol or ethylene glycol? It's good to be able to tell them apart. Chemistry is important because it helps you identify toxic or dangerous substances. Of course, labeling your chemicals helps a lot too.
Chemistry [has] great importance in our daily life... In our [bodies,] chemical reactions are going on. With the help of chemistry, we are able to cure most deadly or dangerous diseases. By the study of chemistry, we can learn the biochemical changes going on in our body.
—Sneha Jadhao
Chemistry is a path of creativity, at least to me. It's a subject of logic and it creates a new way of thinking... Organic is like a puzzle which is very interesting to solve and bonding is just awesome. Chemistry is a study of life. Life is made of a string of particulate matter.
—Dr. C. W. Huey
Because chemistry is all over in world & girls are impressed by this subject.
Chemistry Means a Lot of Dollars: If you want a lot of dollars you must learn chemistry.
Witchcraft: In Africa, we believe chemistry explains witchcraft [and that which is] responsible for the manufacture of the concoctions used in the art.
—Patrick Chege
Chemistry is important as it is interrelated with many sciences such as physics biology, etc.
Life is Made up of Chemistry: For me, chemistry is very interesting because I feel by learning it we can understand the other sciences too. My specialization is in analytical [chemistry.] This tells us about nutritional values, specimen analysis, toxicity, sampling, and so many valuable things. So chem is around us and inside us. Moreover, with today's instrumentation and with the help of a large variety of chemical measurements available, we can get the results of clinical, environmental, occupational health, safety applications, and industrial analysis.
—Irfana Aamir
It is very important. Chemistry applies in every field of life. Education in chemistry is not only the source of getting a good job but also a fun and practical way to make life interesting.
It's in Everything: ELECTRONS RULE!! Chemistry pervades all processes from air particulate to cellular specialized functions to the engineering materials for space exploration. We are Chemistry!
Paint Pigments: If it weren't for chemists, we wouldn't have all the modern pigments for paints we have today (including my long-time favorite Prussian blue, although the color maker was trying to make a red)!
—Marion BE
Chemistry is important because everything around us is made of chemicals.
Everything is chemistry so nothing can exist without chemistry.
—Guest superchem
Answer: Everything in the world is basically now made up of chemistry.
Interactions Are Fun to Learn: Studying chemistry is not all about observing any reactions and recording the result. It's about knowing why they are able to react like that. It is really fascinating and an exercise for our brain.
—Kate Williams
Why is Chemistry Important? As the earth originated, chemistry also began to play an important role... Life... began because of chemicals. Chemistry is everywhere. It is important to know it and to sustain life on Earth peacefully. Because of all these reasons humans [have become] more interested and given more importance to it. The mystery of chemistry is always taunting man to reveal its mystery.
Why is Chemistry Important in Our Society? Chemistry is important because it helps to build our body system. It helps us in our daily activities... and is also important because it helps us to know how to take good care of our health.
—Ani Samuel
Chemistry plays a central role in science and is often entwined with other branches of science like physics, biology, geology etc.
—Radhi R.
Chemistry = Daily Life: Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with the study of everything in our daily life. Chemistry is nonstop because it is spread in our daily life.
Chem is Life: Chemistry deals with the composition of things, from the food we eat, the rocks and the minerals, the mattresses we sleep on, etc.
—Saha Aboo
Chemistry is Life Science: Chemistry is a science that is very close to human, non-human life and nonliving matters. It is essential to learn chemistry because of man's desire to improve medical solutions to the challenges of newly discovered ailments.
—Peter Chiti
[When you add one chemical to another chemical, can have a violent reaction. For example, take water and add it to acid and see what a violent reaction you get as the two mix, resulting in the release of thermal energy and vapor. For this reason, it is important to know chemical properties and compounds.]
[Chemistry helps our industry produce more materials—such as paints, plastics, iron or steel, cement, kerosene, and also motor oil. Chemistry also helps farmers to enrich the soil with chemicals ... to grow fresh vegetables.]
Chemistry is important, especially in household things like condoms, cleaning, and cooking.
Chemistry is Essential! In just one line we can say that the importance of chemistry is unparalleled and the scope of chemistry is unlimited. The importance of chemistry can't be pinned down with [a few] examples! We can lead a better life with chemistry.
—Swathi P.S.
No Life Without Chemistry: Without chemistry no life for human beings... Chemistry is the God for all other subjects.
Chemistry is important because everything around us is made up of chemicals and we use it in our day-to-day activities—in our house, industry, companies, etc.
—Immanuel Abiola
Chemistry is the Universe: It is said that chemistry is the knowledge of observing this universe. And in our holy Quran, Allah Almighty said that "intelligent is that person who observes this universe." That's all about chemistry.
About Chemistry: [Chemistry is important as it makes us aware of the small secrets of our environment around us. By studying chemistry, we are able to know the basic mechanisms in our body in our daily life.]
—Mrinal Mukesh
Learning of chemistry is important so as to get [good grades] in the examination.
Fish in Water: [Talking of chemistry in human life is like "a fish, deep inside the River Ganga, speaking of what Water is." Since the beginning of a body, until it vanishes in fire or soil, it's chemistry and chemistry. Think about it and understand.]
—Bira Madhab
What we use in our everyday life that is made by different chemicals, so chemistry is very important for us.
Importance of Chemistry: Environmental chemistry describes various chemical elements present in the environment their reactions and effects on the environment. It illustrates the major environmental segments and their interrelationship and significances.
Chemistry in Use 24 X 7: When we wake up we brush our teeth with toothpaste which is chemistry, then we bathe with soap (alkaline), we eat our food (vitamins, minerals, water, folic acid), we go to work by vehicles which feed on petrol... We ward off mosquitoes with repellents which is chemistry!
—Prandeep Borthakur
Chemistry: It is important because it helps us to be more productive and develop our country.
It's a Blessing: [I think chemistry is very important for our lives and for our existence. If there were no chemical reactions, then there would be no air—no air means no life, no life means no existence, and no existence means nothing living.]
Question: What is a chemical element? Answer: A chemical element, or an element, is a material which cannot be broken down or changed into another substance using chemical means. Elements may be thought of as the basic chemical building blocks of matter. Depending on how much evidence you require to prove a new element has been created, there are 117 or 118 known elements.
The importance of chemistry won't be diminished over time, so it will remain a promising career path.
[I think chemistry is important to our life. Look around us—the drugs, weedkiller, and food come from chemistry.]
—Osei Stephen
Why is Chemistry Important in Life? I think without chemistry, one can not imagine his life. Chemistry is as important as food.
—Dimple Sharma
Health: [If not for chemistry, by now, the world will not exist. Chemists all around the world through rigorous research have saved us, in term of health.]
Importance of Chemistry: Besides considering ‘what chemistry is and what one has in mind when he/she thinks of chemistry,’ the essence of importance of chemistry is hidden in the quintessence that it is not only the central science but also the mother of sciences and it is the mother that matters the most in every aspect and all respects.
—Dr. Badruddin Khan
Why is Chemistry Important? The food we eat, air we breathe, water we drink—everything is made up of chemicals. Life can't exist without chemistry.
What is Chemistry? [According to me, we can define chemistry as follows: C-creates H-hell or heaven on E-earth M-mysteriously I-investingly and S-surprisingly T-through R-reactions and its Y-yields.]
Though chemistry is difficult to learn, it is very important to learn it. The major advantage is in the medicinal field.
It's Important: It doesn't take a chemistry major to know that some chemicals are dangerous. Having a basic knowledge chemistry can help you avoid materials that you would rather not come in contact with. That's why they put a list of ingredients on everything at the supermarket.
From morning to evening anything and everything we use is the product of chemistry.
—Chandini Anand
Importance of Chemistry: Chemistry aids in the improvement of healthcare, the conservation of natural resources, and the protection of the environment. Chemistry is the central science, central to the understanding of other sciences and technology.
[Learning chemistry is important if you want to pass your chemistry exams.]
Definition of Chemistry: [In Hindi the word for chemistry is rasayan so chemistry gives us the ras of a subject. When we wake up, when we look at anything, that thing is made by chemicals and when we go to sleep, the bedsheet also is made by use of chemistry. Around us everywhere is chemistry so chemistry is an important subject. It carries us to success. I like chemistry very much.]
—Aditya Dwivedi
Chemistry is so important because it has to do with everything in our daily lives. Chemistry just makes us understand how everything works a little better. For example, why a certain pain reliever works more than the other, or why you need oil to fry chicken. All this—believe it or not—is possible because of the study of chemistry.
Chemistry in Our Life: Chemistry is the most important thing in our lives. Everything that we use—from the toothbrush in the morning to the food we eat to the road we travel by and the books we read—are all there due to chemistry and that is why it is very important in our day-to-day life.
Science Student: [Chemistry is important to study because, in our day-to-day activities, chemistry shows us how we can manage things. For example, take the food we eat—chemistry explains how we can eat to a time table in such a way that it will suit our bodies. If not for the knowledge of chemistry, there would be no medicines. Chemistry also provides knowledge about how to produce many things for commercial purposes as well.]
—Wuese Daniel
Why is Chemistry Important? Because everything is made of the chemicals which are needed in our daily life. We can not live without chemistry.
Kitchen Chemistry: Everything in the kitchen is chemistry. Mixing of substances is chemistry.
—Abby Sams
Importance of Chemistry: Chemistry creates an atmosphere of understanding how and what our most precious world is made of. Everything is made up of multiples of infinitesimal atoms closely packed together to give us one whole product. Moreover, it elaborates on how different chemicals react with each other. Therefore, it is clear that chemistry is everywhere at any time!
—Manqoba Mthabela
Uses of Chemistry: Chemistry is useful in all areas of life. You need chemistry to know how your cooking gas is been produced and even the name. You still need it to know the chemical process that is occurring in your cooking and even in your environment. Chemistry is essential to life.
Chemistry is important because it is the source of human activities.
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