Why Is Chemistry Important?

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Why is chemistry important? In part, it is because everything in the world consists of chemicals!
Why is chemistry important? In part, it is because everything in the world consists of chemicals!. Stuart Kinlough, Getty Images

Why is chemistry important? If you take chemistry or teach chemistry, you'll be asked to answer this question. It's easy to say chemistry is important because everything is made from chemicals, but there are a lot of other reasons why chemistry is a big part of daily life and why everyone should understand basic chemistry. Why do you think chemistry is important? This a selection of answers from real chemists, teachers, students, and readers just like you (kindly remember not all people who answered this question speak English as a native language):

We are chemical beings
Many biology and anatomy and physiology courses begin with chemistry. More than just nutrients, medicines and poisons, everything we do is chemical. Geology too - why do we wear diamonds and not calcium carbonate on our fingers?

Importance of chemistry to life
(1) Many thing that are our in environment are made of chemicals. (2) Many things that we observe in the world are made of chemical effects.

Well now you have asked something. My first days of chemistry started at the age of about 9 yrs not long after WWII. Since then I have received from the study a vast interest in everything and still I am learning at 70 years old, but in my mind I know it is chemistry that has made me what I am and what I believe in, to myself it is the most powerful mind mover of all..making one's mind to explore and discover and understand what its all about, I am still looking..experimenting and wondering.

Yes to myself chemistry is the all powerful mover and doer of the whole mystery of life and the meanings. But sadly I can no longer explore the underground I so loved to in search for the Philosopher's stone.—david bradbury

Prevents Poisoning or Worse
water or sulfuric acid? propylene glycol or ethylene glycol?

It's good to be able to tell them apart. Chemistry is important because it helps you identify toxic or dangerous substances. Of course, labeling your chemicals helps a lot too...

chemistry having great importance in our daily life. even in our body also more chemical reactions are going on. with the help of chemistry we are able to cure most of deadly or dangerous disease. by the study of chemistry we can learn the biochemical changes going on in our body.
—sneha jadhao

Chemistry is a path of creativity at least to me.....other than maths and physics which is a bit mechanical it's a subject of logic and it creates a new way of thinking....organic is like a puzzle which is very interesting to solve and bonding is just awesome.

Chemistry is a study of life. Life is made of string of particulate matter.
—Dr C. w. Huey

everything in this universe is made up of matter and matter is made up of elements molecules and compounds,even all the living things made up of compounds,the major compound is water in living organisms, scientists say mathematics is mother of all sciences while i am thinking chemistry is the father of all sciences. i thinks so if the field of chemistry is growing all the others filed of sciences will be growing, e.g. the hardware of computers reduced from larger size to smaller is due to the progress of chemistry.

the biotechnology also dependent on chemistry. the organic chemistry brings a revolution in the field chemistry, currently green chemistry also overcome the hazards of all branches of chemistry simply the whole progress in this world dependent in the field of chemistry so that is why chemistry is important
—jamshed anwar

because chemistry is all over in world & girls are impressed by this subject

chemistry is very important because is everywhere in our daily life the air we take the water we drink and as well the food we take contains minerals vitamins and the most important today is medicines we are taking to cure disease so without chemistry there is nothing and yes it is a complicated and imaginary subject too.

chemistry means a lot of dollars
if you want a lot of dollars you must learn chemistry

in Africa we believe chemistry explains witchcraft or which other subject is responsible for manufacture of the concoctions used in the art.

with the knowledge of chemistry, there's production of many perfect items or stuffs we need every day that are not natural like clothes, beauty milk etc
—RUGAMBA Etienne

chemistry is important as it is interrelated with many sciences such as physics biology etc

everywhere is chemistry
yes life is made up of chemistry. For me chemistry is very interesting because i feel by learning it we can understand the other sciences too.My specialization is in analytical chem.This tells us about nutritional values, specimen analysis, toxicity, sampling and so many valuable things. So chem is around us and inside us. Moreover with today's instrumentation and with the help of large variety of chemical measurements available, we can get the results of clinical, environmental, occupational health, safety applications and industrial analysis.
—irfana aamir

it is very important. chemistry apply in every field of over life. education of chemistry is not only the source of getting a good job, but also a fun or a practical which make over life interesting.

Chemistry helps to do our work.
Do have knowledge of Chemistry, it help in your work.

it's in everything
ELECTRONS RULE!! Chemistry pervades all processes from air particulate to cellular specialized functions to the engineering materials for space exploration. We are Chemistry!


Paint Pigments
If it weren't for chemists, we wouldn't have all the modern pigments for paints we have today! Including my long-time favorite Prussian blue (though the color maker was trying to make a red).
—Marion BE

chemistry is important because first of all our different body's is made up of chemical substances.and what we depend on in our daily life e.g., food, shelter clothing and means of transportation are all products of chemistry what then is not chemistry even plants,animals even the rain, the water we use in our daily life is chemistry's product. so i can say with out chemistry life will not be an easy task .thanks

it's important because everything around us is chemistry.

What on earth is not chemistry?
Come to think of it from the creation of the earth you will understand that separation technic was use, that is separating the soluble from insoluble and also just imagine how barbaric your live will be without chemistry.

Our all three basic needs i.e. Food, shelter, cloth are made by different chemicals & fiber. simply, chemistry is always present around us. So, chemistry is important.
—Smita Baldi

just think of a life without chemistry! can u at least brush ur teeth? the world is full of chemicals &of course chemistry!

Chemistry is everywhere, just think,everyday morning we all us tooth paste n toothbrush. paste is made from the different types chemicals n brush is fibers.The environmental changes are also being happened because of chemical reaction,like Acid rain.

Chemistry is also important for industry...!!!!

importance of chemistry
chemistry is one of the best thing created in this world. without chemistry the generation would not had come so faster and so better.

no chemistry no life......this answers it all :) can you imagine any thing without chemistry......just ponder over........

i think chemistry is the type of greatest miracle in the world the color of sky how the earth made every thing is made due to chemistry many mysteries of earth cannot solve without chemistry

chemistry play an important role in our daily life, whether you aware of it or not. the way you feel the way the world works.
—noor zaman khan

It is a wonderful thing in the world creates a lot of mysteries in the world.
—Jyoti rathore

chemistry is important because everything around us is made oc chemicals

Importance of Chemistry
We are living in a world of Chemistry.Two friends are said to share the same Chemistry.What ever we do is in one way or the other linked to the world of Chemistry so in my opinion every one must have the basic Knowledge of this subject.
—Rekha Sachdeva

Everything is chemistry so nothing can exist without chemistry
—Guest superchem

According to my opinion chemistry is an wonderful thing in the world which creates a lot of mysteries in the world as well as in the universe .the chemical reactions are so beautiful for example plants and flowers looks very beautiful with their attractive color's so, friends think how they get such color's it's nothing but the magic of chemistry so,my conclusion is chemistry is an interesting and exiting subject when u enjoy the beauty of chemistry by involving in it. THANK U FOR UR ATTENTION

Everything in the world is basically now made up of chemistry

interactions are fun to learn
studying chemistry is not all about observing any reactions and recording the result. Its about knowing why they are able to react like that. It is really fascinating and an exercise to our brain.
—Kate Williams

why is chemistry important?
As the earth originated chemistry also began to play its important role in this world. Life also began because of chemicals.. Chemistry is everywhere. It is important to known it and to sustain Life on earth peacefully. Because of all these reasons humans are more interested and giving more importance to it.. The mystery of chemistry is always taunting man to reveal its mystery

life existence is zero without matter since everything is made up of it and that chemistry deals with matter in totality .chemical analysis of situation around us is the best solution to any environmental problem .more to come
—yakubu Godwin

important because everything in this world now is made up of chemical.

Why is chemistry important in our society?
Chemistry is important because it help to build our body system. It also help us in our daily activities in life, is also important because it helps us to know how to take good care of our health.
—ani samuel

Chemistry helps us in keeping our environment clean, which i mean it help us to kill the grasses with chemical. Chemistry also teaches us the way of life
—ani samuel

Chemistry plays a central role in science and is often entwined with other branches of science like physics, biology, geology etc...

chemistry = daily life
Chemistry is a branch of science which deals with study of everything in our daily life. chemistry is a non stop one because it is spread in our daily life.

chem is life
chemistry deals with the composition of things.The food we eat, the rocks and the minerals, the mattresses we sleep on etc.
—saha aboo

Chemistry is Important for survival of human life Or any form of life any where in the universe. The life start and ends with chemistry for good example : Even the NASA scientists depending on chemistry analysis to find out the MARS planet study. The fossil of any organism was calculated with chemistry Everything in human life is calculated in chemistry for survival like food, water, health and medical domestic use, outdoor life. Everywhere you carry or calculate life with the elements existing in periodic table including your body organs to your diseases and their cure. Human life existed even without knowledge of chemistry, but it was not civilized life. In my opinion like other sciences chemistry supports the good life; we make electronic devices with silicon (Complete Silicon Valley is based on silicon chips, there is no silicon no valley) and aluminum all kinds of metals we use that exist in periodic table, Without the knowledge of chemistry metals we cannot make single devise fo

chemistry takes a big role in our life.We cannot live with out chemistry everything that we can touch, smell, feel is made up of chemistry. even human we are made up of chemistry because we are composed of atoms. all things is made up off chemistry we cannot say that we need to avoid chemistry in our life.

first of all what is chemistry? It is a branch of science which deals with chemical composition, structure and properties.. actually we all surrounded by chemistry.. we don't even spend a single day without chemistry we start with toothpaste, brush, food, soap etc. which is the example that we need chemistry in our daily life.. even the medicines we take is too composed of chemicals...

why is chemistry important?
for it includes the very complicated dimensions in life like for food , medicines, sanitary purposes, and specially the environmental issues.
—christian luis barba

Chemistry is a science that is very close to human, non human life and non living matters. it is essential to learn chemistry because of man's desire to improve medical solutions to the challenges of newly discovered ailments.

the reaction of chemicals when you ad another liquid (chemical} can have an violent reaction, take water and ad it to an acid and see what violent reaction you will have of the two mixed, a thermal and vapor release will result. Now for this reason it is important to know chemicals and there properties and compounds

chemistry is what you are made of
because you are made of many elements like calcium magnesium silicon sodium etc so if you added some acid in your body skin so that it react that's why i am saying you made of chemistry
—mohamed saatuur

Chemistry help our industry to produce more materials for us such as paints, plastics, iron or steel, cement, kerosene, and also motor oil. Chemistry help also our farmers to enrich the soil with chemicals like insecticides and pesticides to gain a fresh vegetables

Chemistry is important, especially in house hold things like condoms, cleaning and cooking.

Brain behind every work
Chemistry is d key 2 everything we use on earth.when u bring up ideas and you react them together,it surely must be balanced to give you a result.THAT IS CHEMISTRY.When you react water with something you must surely get a result.

In just one line we can say that importance of chemistry is unparalleled and scope of chemistry is unlimited.Importance of chemistry can't be penned down with some examples! We can lead a better life with the chemistry.

chemistry gives your personality a different look which differs from other.

chemistry is very important in our life because we wear chemistry example nylon we drink chemistry example water we sleep on chemistry example bed and so on

chemistry is a heart of earth green chemistry is oxygen of earth
—rohan sawant

No Life Without Chemistry
Without chemistry no life for human beings... Chemistry is The God for all other subjects

chemistry is important because everything around us is made up of chemicals and we use it in our day to day activities in our house, industry, company e.t.c
—Immanuel Abiola

chemistry in universe
It is said that chemistry is the knowledge of observing this universe.And in our HOLLY QURAN ALLAH ALMIGHTY said that "intelligent is that person who observes this universe".that"s all about chemistry

about chemistry
chemistry is important as it make up our mind to the small secrets of our environment around us and by studying chemistry we can able to know the suspense of basic mechanism in our body in our daily life. thus it is important.
—mrinal mukesh

learning of chemistry is important so as to get marks in the examination


Fish in Water
Talking of Chemistry in Human Life is like "A Fish, deep inside River Ganga, speaking of what Water is". Since beginning of body till vanishing in fire or soil, it's chemistry & chemistry. Brood to realize.
—Bira Madhab

How chemistry coexist with our life environment
I think_ If there is no chemical reaction there is no air ,no air means no oxygen,no N2,CO2.So life can't exit. Chemistry illustrate the major environmental segment & their relationship &significance.
—Nandakishor Tripathy

chem. is imp. in every sphere of life... from food to nuclear power plant creating energy all influence our lives tremendously. when properly handled chemicals are a real boon.

what we use in our everyday life that is made by different chemicals, so chemistry is very important for us.

importance of chemistry
from morning to night,from the sight to the light and also flight these all are chemistry's guide.
—abhinandan jain


Chemistry has an importance in our daily life. chemistry is the queen and it is necessary to learn it.
—vandana Thapliyal

importance of chemistry 
Environmental chmistry is describe of various chemical elements present in the environment their reactions & effects on the environment.It illustrates the major environmental segments & their interrelationship & significances.

Chemistry in use 24X7
Ya.. When we wake up we brush our teeth with toothpaste which is chemistry then we bathe with soap (alkaline) we eat our food (vitamins, minerals, water, folic acid) we go to work by vehicles which feed on petrol .... We ward off mosquitoes with repellents which is chemistry !!!!!!!
—Prandeep Borthakur

it is important because it help us to be more productive,and develop our country..

yeah, it's a blessing
i think chem is very imp for our lyf and for our existence......if there will be no chemical reactions then there will be no air,no air means no life,no life means no existence and no existence means nothing for living

Question: What Is a Chemical Element? Answer: A chemical element, or an element, is a material which cannot be broken down or changed into another substance using chemical means. Elements may be thought of as the basic chemical building blocks of matter. Depending on how much evidence you require to prove a new element has been created, there are 117 or 118 known elements.

The importance of chemistry won't be diminished over time, so it will remain a promising career path.

i think chemistry is more important to our life. because looking around us, the drugs, weedkiller food etc come from chemistry.
—osei stephen

why chemistry is important in life?
I think without chemistry one can not imagine his life. chemistry is as important as food.
—dimple sharma

if not for chemistry, the world will not be existing by now. Chemists all around the world through rigorous research has us in term of health.

importance of Chemistry
Besides considering ‘what chemistry is and what one has in mind when he/she thinks of chemistry’, the essence of importance of chemistry is hidden in the quintessence that it is not only the central science but also the mother of sciences and it is the mother which matters the most in every aspect and all respects.
—Dr. Badruddin Khan

Why is chemistry important?
The föod we eat, air we breath, water we drink every thing made up of chemicals,so life can't exist without chemistry

what is chemistry
According to me we can define chemistry as below C-creates H-hell or heaven on E-earth M-mysteriously I-investingly S-surprisingly T-through R-reactions and it's Y-yields

life is not life without chemistry
actually every thing that make our life posible on earth is chemistry.so we need chemistry always.

chemistry important
in chemistry useful of the daily life of public in the society

Though chemistry is difficult to learn, but it is very important to learn it. the major advantage is in the medicinal field.

it's important
It doesn't take a chemistry major to know that some chemicals are dangerous. Having a basic knowledge chemistry can help you avoid materials that you would rather not come in contact with. That's why they put a list of ingredients on everything at the supermarket.

From morning to evening anything and everything we use is the product of chemistry...
—chandini anand

Why Is Chemistry Important
Because Without Chemistry, We are No live In This Planet and We are not Knowing Anything about Ourselves.
—M.Anas Alfeen

Importance of Chemistry
Chemistry aids in the improvement of healthcare, the conservation of natural resources, and the protection of the environment. Chemistry is the central science, central to the understanding of other sciences and technology.

importance of chemistry
learning of chemistry is important because of scored marks in examination

chemistry is life
chemistry is mainly concerned with the properties of compounds and their structure .in one side substance are gain in nature . on the other side make substance in lab. everything is made of what . today we are face the global problems .in my point view each and every citizen have to be understand the chemistry you can amazing lot many advantage of chemistry .on the other side disadvantage also there so we should have knowledge about the chemistry.to live life. thanks
—vallabh rathva

chemistry is everything.
chemistry is everything... because everything we smell, taste, see and etc. is a product of chemistry... if we lock of the knowledge about chemistry .. we won't progress at all...

why is chemistry important in our life
chemistry s important in our life because without chemistry our life is limited or uncompleted
—ashraf asim

definition of chemistry
The name of chemistry in hindi is rasayan. So chemistry is a subject that give us the ras of subject . When we are wake up we look at anything, that thing is made by chemicals and when we go to sleep, bed sheet also is made by use of chemistry. Around us everywhere is chemistry.so chemistry is an important subject. It carry us to success. I like chemistry too much.
—aditya dwivedi

chemistry is so important!
because chemistry is also can try ! w/o chemistry is nothing to live the earth !! really really chemistry is also need in to our hole body.

Chemistry is so important because it has to do with everything in our daily lives. Chemistry just makes us understand how everything works a little better. For example why a certain pain reliever works more then the other, or why you need oil to fry chicken. All this believe it or not is possible because the study of chemistry.

Chemistry importance
Electricity & the invention of light bulb is one of the greatest inventions of twentieth century but chemistry is more imp and has more influence on our daily lives.From how the circuit boards are made to the paint on the finished products all electrical devices and applications have to thank chemistry for their use. Chemistry is truly a fundamental force.
—Ayushri Bhosle

chemistry in our life
chemistry is the most important thing in our lives. Everything that we use from the toothbrush in the morning to the food we eat to the road we travel by and the books we read are all there due to chemistry and that is why it is very important in our day to day life.

science student
Chemistry is important to study because in our day to day activities, chemistry provide us on how we can manage things. The food we eat, chemistry explain how we may time table it in such a way that it will suit our bodies. The medicines we use, if not with the knowledge of chemistry there will be no medicines as well. Chemistry also has provide knowledge on how to produce many things for our commercial purposes.
—Wuese Daniel

Why is chemistry important?
Because every things is made of chemistry which are need of our daily life. We can not live without chemistry.

kitchen chemistry
every thing in kitchen is chemistry. mixing of substances is chemistry
—abby sams

Importance of chemistry
Chemistry is life. Without it we can't be able to know how the food gives energy, we eat. It makes us aware about contamination of things & the causes afterwards,thus keeps us out of diseases. It is in everything ,the tea we take ,food we eat,medicines, batteries , vehicles ,photography etc.

Chemistry is the very important for day to day life and without chemistry we can't live in the world. Because the simple air, water, food ..these are very important to mankind for the life. So, no chemistry no life.
—Guest SANG

Importance of chemistry
Chemistry creates the atmosphere of understanding how and what our most precious world is made of. Everything is made up of multiples of infinitesmal atoms closely packed together to give us one whole product. Moreover, it elaborates more on how different chemicals react with each other. Therefore, it is clear that chemistry is everywhere at any time!
—Manqoba Mthabela

Uses of chemistry
Chemistry is useful in all areas of life. You  need chemistry to know how your cooking gas is been produced and even the name. You still need it to know the chemical process that is occurring in your cooking and even in your environment. Chemistry is essential to life.

Chemistry is important because it is the source of human activities.