Why Teaching is Fun

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Full Disclosure: Inspiration can come from anywhere. This morning I was telling my seven-year-old son that I had to write an article. I told him that I did not even know what I was going to write about. He immediately said, “Why don’t you write about why teaching is fun.” Thank you Kaden for inspiring me!

Teaching is fun! If you are a teacher and do not generally agree with that statement, then perhaps it is time for you to find another career choice. I would agree that there are days when fun is not a word I would use to describe my profession. There are times when teaching is frustrating, disappointing, and disheartening. However, generally speaking, it is a fun profession for many reasons.

  1. Teaching is fun………because no two days are the same. Each day brings a different challenge and a different outcome. Even after teaching for twenty years, the next day will present something you haven’t seen before.
  2. Teaching is fun………because you get to see those “light bulb” moments. That is the moment where everything just clicks for a student. It is in these moments that students are able to take the information learned and apply it to real life situations.
  3. Teaching is fun………because you get to explore the world with your students on field trips. It is fun to get out of the classroom from time to time. You get to expose students to environments that they may not otherwise be exposed to.
  4. Teaching is fun………because you are instantly a role model. Your students naturally look up to you. They often hang on your every word. In their eyes, you can do no wrong. You have a tremendous influence on them.
  5. Teaching is fun………when you can see growth and improvement as a result of your time with your students.  It is amazing how much your students will grow from the beginning to the end of the year. Knowing it is a direct result of your hard work is satisfying.
  6. Teaching is fun………because you get to see students who fall in love with learning.  It does not happen with every student, but for the ones who do it is special.  The sky is the limit for a student who genuinely loves to learn.
  7. Teaching is fun………because you grow, develop, and change as you gain more teaching experience.  Good teachers are constantly tinkering with how they operate their classroom. They are never satisfied with the status quo.
  8. Teaching is fun…….…because you help students set and reach goals. Goal setting is a huge part of a teacher’s job. We not only help students set goals, but we celebrate with them when they reach them.
  9. Teaching is fun………because it gives the opportunity to have a positive impact on young people on daily basis.  Every day presents an opportunity to make a difference. You never know when something you do or say will make an impact.
  10. Teaching is fun………when you see former students, and they thank you for making a difference.  It is extremely gratifying when you see former students in public, and they share their success stories and give you credit for impacting their life.
  11. Teaching is fun………because you get to build close relationships with other teachers who share similar experiences and understand the commitment that it takes to be an excellent teacher.
  12. Teaching is fun………because of a friendly school calendar.  We are routinely discounted for getting summers off when most of us spend time honing our craft during those few months. However, having holidays off and a lengthy transition period between school years is a plus.
  13. Teaching is fun..........because you can help recognize, encourage, and cultivate talent.  As teachers recognize when students have talent in areas such as art or music. We are able to steer these talented students towards the gifts they are naturally blessed with.
  14. Teaching is fun………when you see former students grow up and become successful adults.  As a teacher, one of your major goals is to have every student eventually make positive contributions to society. You succeed when they succeed.
  15. Teaching is fun………when you are able to work collaboratively with parents for the benefit of the student. It is a beautiful thing when parents and teachers work together throughout the educational process. No one benefits more than the student.
  16. Teaching is fun………when you invest in improving the culture of your school and can see a significant difference.  Teachers work hard to help other teachers improve. They also work diligently to improve the overall school climate and provide a safe learning environment.
  17. Teaching is fun………when you see your students excel in extracurricular activities.  Extracurricular activities such as athletics play a critical role in schools across America. A sense of pride is developed when your students are successful in these activities.
  18. Teaching is fun………..because you are given opportunities to reach a child that no one else has been able to reach.  You cannot reach them all, but you always hope that someone else comes along who can.
  19. Teaching is fun………when you have a creative idea for a lesson and the students absolutely love it.  You want to create lessons that become legendary. Lessons that students talk about and look forward to having you in class just to experience them.
  20. Teaching is fun………when at the end of a rough day and student comes up and gives you hug or tells you how much they appreciate you. A hug from an elementary age or a thank you from an older student can instantly improve your day.
  21. Teaching is fun………when you have a group of students who want to learn and mesh with your personality.  You can accomplish so much when you and your students are on the same page. Your students will grow exponentially when that is the case.
  22. Teaching is fun………because it opens up other opportunities to be involved in your community.  Teachers are some of the most recognizable faces in a community.  Being involved in community organizations and projects is rewarding.
  23. Teaching is fun………when parents recognize the difference you have made in their child and express their gratitude.  Unfortunately, teachers do not often get the recognition for their contributions that they deserve. When a parent expresses gratitude, it makes it worthwhile.
  24. Teaching is fun………because each student provides a different challenge.  This keeps you on your toes with no chance of being bored. What works for one student or one class may or may not work for the next.
  25. Teaching is fun………when you work with a group of teachers whom all have similar personalities and philosophies.  Being surrounded by a group of like-minded teachers makes the job easier and more enjoyable.
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