Why Use Visual Aids?

Speaking - PhotoAlto - Sigrid Olsson - PhotoAlto Agency RF COllections - GettyImages-540812949
PhotoAlto - Sigrid Olsson - PhotoAlto Agency RF COllections - GettyImages-540812949

If you are required to use a visual aid in your presentation, you should be glad! Visual aids can improve your presentation in many ways. They can clarify information for the audience, and help you, as the presenter, focus on the topic at hand.

Visual Aids Enhance Learning

Visual aids will make your presentation a little more interesting for the audience. It's difficult for many audience members to stay focused on a verbal presentation. Visual aids break up the monotony.

  • The visual learners in your audience are able to understand information more readily by looking at images.
  • Tactile learners will appreciate a prop that they can touch and experience. Period clothing and other cultural artifacts provide a good experience for the audience.
  • Auditory learners will enjoy hearing sound recordings that enhance your presentation. A presentation about colonial America could be enhanced by period music, for example.

Visual Aids Help the Presenter

Props and images can make you, as the presenter, feel more at ease. Many students feel more relaxed and secure when they can redirect viewers' eyes to another object.

Visual Aids can help you when you're drawing a blank. If you forget an important statistic or date (which we can do under pressure!) you can look to your poster or chart as a prompt.