Why Your Classroom Needs the Tech Tool Venngage

Venngage is a web-based design tool for creating infographics

High school teacher student using laptop computer class
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Technology has become a great distraction to students, while at the same time keeping them engaged and enamored in what they are doing. One way that teachers are learning to harness their tech-savvy students is to engage them with online tools that are educational. Tech tools such as Venngage makes it easier for students to grasp concepts with the aid of a graphic organizer. With so many students falling under the category of visual or textile learners, graphic organizers are now playing an essential role in the classroom. Venngage takes an ordinary graphic organizer and turns it into an interactive, visual one. 

What is Venngage?

Venngage is a web-based tool that students and teachers can use to create impressive online infographics. With the click of your mouse, you can create beautiful engaging graphics that make learning interactive, as well as visual. Users choose a template or color scheme, then click on the elements on the page to change the words, add a title, create a chart, add widgets, photographs and more. Venngage allows users to go beyond traditional charts and create bubble charts, word clouds, and more. 

Venngage offers users a free trial which gives you access to 35 accounts for students and teachers. If you have a quick project or are need of a quick infographic this trial will let you play around with the website and all of its premium features. For pricing tiers, check out the website.

How Can Teachers Use it?

Teachers can use Venngage to display information in a variety of ways, such as using it to create an infographic for back-to-school night or a flyer for a school event. The graphics are so visually stimulating and engaging that teachers will want to take any opportunity to utilize it. 

How Can it Be Used in the Classroom?

There are a variety of ways that teachers can incorporate infographics into their teaching, the first being as a visual aid. You can use it to introduce a lesson by giving students an overview of what they will be learning. For example, if you are teaching students about nutrition you can create an infographic that shows an overview of the five food groups, how to eat healthy, and what is included in a balanced meal. You can also use Venngage as a discussion starter by asking students to look at the infographic and predict what they will be learning or to relate what they see on the graphic to something in their own life.

Another way teachers can use Venngage in their classroom is to assess students learning. A typical way to assess students is to have them put on a presentation of some kind, have it be through a PowerPoint presentation, a display poster, orally, or even hand-written. A new twist on presenting is to have students create their own Venngage infographic. Students would take the information researched, and design an infographic around that. Students would then create an infographic to help them have a better understanding of the information that they researched. For example, if you are conducting a unit on nutrition, students can take the information that was presented to them, as well as the information researched and create an infographic about it. They would create their own template and input the data and information learned to create an impressive infographic. Students can then create a chart about the food groups, a balanced meal, or the specifics on healthy living. This is a great way for teachers to assess if the student was able to conceptualize and understand the topic.


Is Venngage Good for Learning?

Venngage is easy to use and is highly engaging for students. It is both beneficial to visual and textile learners. It's a powerful tool that helps students gain a better understanding of the material that is being covered in class. With so much focus in the education world on data analytics and literacy, it's an extremely useful tool for students to learn. It's also an easy, effective, and efficient way for students to visually organize their thinking and communicate their ideas.

How are Teachers Using it in the Classroom Today?

Teachers are going above and beyond creating generic infographics. They are using Venngage to help relate content to the real-world, to help their students learn vocabulary words, to review information before a test, and to even replace a test. They are using this impressive tech tool to synthesize and communicate research, help their students understand data better, as well as relate news articles and transform difficult text. 

Some teachers are using infographics to engage students in a classroom debate, while others are finding it to be an effective alternative to essay writing. Some other teachers are finding that creating infographics on controversial or personal topics at home for homework is an effective way to keep students engaged, while other teachers choose to use the tool as a way to deliver information in a fast and effective way. Although students can learn in a variety of different way and methods, most teachers find that the most effective way to use Venngage is to have their students create the infographic themselves.

The Bottom Line

In short, Venngage is a useful resource that brings learning into the 21st century. Students learn valuable tech skills, as well as how to create, design, present, communicate, and collaborate visually impressive infographics. Students are creating engaging presentations with the flexible templates and the easy to use interface, as well as learning how to explore data and visually tell stories.