The Complete History of 'Days of our Lives' Couple Will and Sonny

Salem's first gay couple was a fan favorite

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Sonny Kiriakis was gay and proud of it. Will Horton was in denial about who he really was and desperately trying to convince himself and everyone around him that he was straight. Over time and with the support of Sonny’s friendship, however, Will was finally able to come out and be the man he was born to be. Is it any wonder he eventually fell for Sonny in the process?

While Will and Sonny didn't have nicknames for each other, fans dubbed them "WilSon." 

Here is the "Days of our Lives" couple’s love story.

Sonny and Will: Friends First

Will Horton was dating Gabi Hernandez when Sonny Kiriakis arrived in Salem. Abigail Devereaux, who was a cousin to both Will and Sonny, introduced the two.

Sonny encountered some animosity from some of the local kids because he was gay, but Will and Gabi quickly struck up a friendship with him. Will, in particular, admired Sonny for being so confident and comfortable with his identity.

Eventually, Will and Gabi took their relationship to the next level and made love, but afterward, Will began avoiding physical contact with Gabi. Certain that there was something deeply wrong between the two of them, Gabi ended things with Will.

Will Horton Comes Out

Grappling with his feelings and his sexuality, Will went into a tailspin. He agreed to go to a party with Sonny. While he was there, Will kissed Neil, which Sonny witnessed.

Will left the party abruptly.

Will tried to explain the kiss away, telling Sonny it only happened because he was drunk. Later, Will told his grandmother, Marlena about the kiss. Again, he chalked the whole thing up to drinking too much. But in time Will realized the truth: he was gay.

After coming out to Marlena, Will admitted he was gay to Sonny, his parents and, eventually, the rest of his family and friends.

Will began hanging out with Sonny as friends, although Sonny began developing stronger feelings for Will. Knowing that Will wasn’t ready to hear about those feelings yet, Sonny kept them to himself.

Will Works Through His Feelings

Will sought counsel from Marlena and came to the realization that he did indeed have feelings for Sonny. But when he went to find him, Will found Sonny sharing what appeared to be an intimate moment with Brian. 

As fate would have, Gabi’s life was in turmoil, too, and she and Will ended up turning to one another for comfort. That comfort led to a night of sex.

Afterward, the pair realized they had made a huge mistake. Will left and headed straight to Marlena, confiding that he’d totally screwed up his love life and may have lost his chance with the guy he liked. Meanwhile, Brian urged Sonny to give up on Will, but Sonny couldn’t and rebuffed Brian.

Sonny and Will Finally Connect

Will discovered that Sonny and Brian weren't together, and the two acknowledged they only had feelings for each other. The couple decided to see where those feelings led.

A Pregnancy Plot Twist

While Will and Sonny were consummating their relationship, Gabi was at the doctor’s office learning she was pregnant with Will’s baby.

Will promised to support Gabi, and when she decided she wanted to terminate the pregnancy, Will borrowed money from Sonny for the procedure without revealing the real reason he needed it. He took Gabi to an abortion clinic, but she couldn’t go through with it.

When Nick learned about Gabi’s predicament he agreed to pretend he was the baby’s father, marry Gabi, and raise the child as his own. Will, knowing it was what Gabi wanted and that it would keep Sonny from finding out the truth, agreed to go along with the plan. 

Gabi's Baby Daddy Revealed

Nick and Gabi’s wedding day arrived, and Will and Sonny, who had just decided to move in together, attended the ceremony. But just as the priest was about to pronounce the couple husband and wife, Chad stood up and announced the child Gabi was carrying wasn’t Nick’s.

Realizing the jig was up, Will shocked everyone by announcing he was the father of Gabi's baby.

In irate Sonny couldn’t believe Will had kept such a huge secret from him. Will caught up with him and tried to explain, insisting he loved Sonny. Although Sonny admitted he loved Will, too, he wasn’t sure they could get past this.

While Will and Sonny’s relationship was slowly unraveling, Will realized he wanted to be a father to his unborn child, now that the truth was out. 

Brian Tries to Come Between Will and Sonny

While Sonny was deciding what to do about Will, he ran into Brian, who still had feelings for Sonny. The two shared a kiss, which Will witnessed. 

Sonny firmly told Brian he wasn’t ready to get close, but Brian lied to Will, telling him that he and Sonny had sex. Will and Sonny agreed to move on, but still be friends.

The duo eventually found their way back to each other. On Valentine's Day, Sonny and Will talked things out and reconciled.

The couple was married in 2014, the second same-sex couple to be married on a daytime soap opera. 

Sad Ending for WilSon

After Will cheated on Sonny with Sonny's former boyfriend, baseball player Paul Narita, Sonny left town to think about their relationship. After giving him some time and space, Will called Sonny and left a voicemail message apologizing for his behavior. Sonny was happy to get the voicemail and prepared to return to Salem. But before he got there, Will was murdered by Ben Weston, the Necktie Killer.

Sonny returned home to attend Will's funeral.

After some time away to mourn his husband, Sonny came back to Salem to start over. 

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