Will My Lover Return to Me?

Channeled Message from the Angel Gabriella

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Will My Lover Return to Me?. ac productions / Getty Images

Few people can say that they have never experienced the loss of a break up. A lover leaves you, but what may linger is your emotional attachment to the relationship and your love of the person. A hope burns inside that the loved one will return. But what is the chance of this happening? Below is a message from the angels that was channeled by angel intuitive Christopher Dilts on this very subject.

Will My Lover Return to Me?

Real love is eternal - once it comes into being and given it can never be lost or destroyed. The love that you created will always be yours and is a treasure of your own heart - it is yours to remember with appreciation. Love is a gift we give to ourselves when we give it to another and no matter what the other person does with it, it remains ours forever.

When you leave this lifetime you will leave everything behind save one: your soul takes with it all the love given and received in your life and carries it foreword forever.

Remembering and appreciating loving times and feelings is good for the heart as long as there are not attachments to it that interfere with your life going forward into an ever greater expression of love. Let go of any expectations that he return. Free yourself from any desire for this - and focus on the love that flows through your own heart. Go forward with a loving, free, generous, overflowing heart. Simple, innocent, pure love attracts love in many forms to you - including your soul mate.

As you release your expectations that he return to you, you free yourself, and to some degree him as well, for new love to born and take wing. There are many changes ahead for both of you and love has its own higher wisdom that will serve you both if you let go and allow it do so. By trusting the transformative power of love, and keeping open the doors of your heart for it to flow, you will help yourself deepen your understanding and expression of love.

Rest assured that an ideal love is on his way to you, and, again, have no expectations as he will likely come at a time and place and manner that will pleasantly surprise you.