William Henry Harrison Fast Facts

Ninth President of the United States

William Henry Harrison - Ninth President of the United States
William Henry Harrison - Ninth President of the United States. Credit Line: Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-7567 DLC

William Henry Harrison (1773 - 1841) served as America's ninth president. He was the son of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Before getting into politics, he made a name for himself during the Northwest Territory Indian Wars. In fact, he was known for his victory at the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794. His actions were noticed and allowed him to be present at the signing of the Treaty of Grenville which ended the wars.

After the treaty was completed, Harrison left the military to become involved in politics. He was named the Governor of the Indiana Territory from 1800 to 1812. Even though he was the governor, he led forces against Native Americans to win the Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811. This fight was against a confederacy of Indians led by Tecumseh along with his brother, the prophet. The Native Americans attacked Harrison and his forces while they slept. In retaliation, they burned Prophetstown. From this, Harrison received the nickname, "Old Tippecanoe." When he ran for election in 1840, he campaigned under the slogan, "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too." He easily won the 1840 election with 80% of the electoral vote. 

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February 9, 1773


April 4, 1841

Term of Office:

March 4, 1841-April 4, 1841

Number of Terms Elected: 

1 Term - Died in office.

First Lady:

Anna Tuthill Symmes



William Henry Harrison Quote:

"The people are the best guardians of their own rights and it is the duty of their executive to abstain from interfering in or thwarting the sacred exercise of the lawmaking functions of their government. "
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Major Events While in Office:

  • Died after only 1 month of pneumonia most likely contracted while giving his inaugural speech. Some people believe that his death was the result of Tecumseh's Curse. Presidents after Harrison who were elected in years that ended in a '0' died while in office. This 'curse' ended when President Ronald Reagan survived the assassination attempt that occurred on March 30, 1981. 

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