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Wilson is a patronymic surname meaning "son of Will," a popular name during medieval times. The given name Will may have derived from any of several names containing the Germanic element wil, meaning "desire." The most common was as a short form of William. Wilson is the fifth most common surname in Australia, the eighth most common surname in England, and the tenth most common surname in the United States.

  • Surname Origin: English, Scottish
  • Alternate Surname Spellings: WILLSON, WILSONE, WILLS, WILLESON, WULSON

Fun Facts About the Wilson Surname

Wilson Sporting Goods, known well for its golf and tennis equipment, began life as the Ashland Manufacturing Company in Chicago in 1913, was later renamed the Thomas E. Wilson Company in 1916 for its president, Thomas E. Wilson Co. In 1931 the company became the Wilson Sporting Goods Company.

Famous People with the Surname Wilson

Genealogy Resources for the Surname WILSON

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