Windows Draw and Complete Publisher 99

Windows Draw and Complete Publisher '99:

Windows Draw is a consumer-lever drawing and page layout application. It was originally developed and marketed by Micrografx. The last version produced and sold under the Micrografx brand was Windows Draw 6 Print Studio.

In 1998, Sierra Home acquired the rights to Windows Draw 7 and released a repackaged version under the title Complete Publisher '99. Complete Publisher '99 was promptly discontinued after less than a year on store shelves.

As of July 2000, a modified version of Windows Draw was still available as part of Micrografx's Webtricity Suite, which has since been discontinued. Micrografx was later acquired by Corel Corporation, although the Windows Draw title seems to have been abandoned.

While you may still be able to find some old copies of these products floating around the surplus stores, it is no longer being developed or supported. If you are having trouble finding Windows Draw, I suggest you look at Zoner Draw 4 as an alternative. Other alternatives can be found in my listing of vector-based image editing software.

For information about additional graphics software products that have been discontinued, changed names, changed ownership, or become otherwise obsolete, please see the main index.

Alternate spellings: micrografix windraw draw6 micrographics micrographx draw7 micrograph mgx

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