Winter Poems

A Collection of Classic and New Poems for the Season

New York City Battles Through Another Winter Storm
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Our anthology of winter poems begins with a few classics:

  • William Shakespeare,
    “Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind” from As You Like It (1600)
  • William Shakespeare,
    Sonnet 97 - “How like a winter hath my absence been” (1609)
  • Thomas Campion,
    “Now Winter Nights Enlarge” (1617)
  • Robert Burns,
    “Winter: A Dirge” (1781)
  • William Blake,
    “To Winter” (1783)
  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
    “Frost at Midnight” (1798)
  • John Keats,
    “In drear-nighted December” (1829)
  • Charlotte Brontë,
    “Winter Stores” (1846)
  • Walt Whitman,
    “To a Locomotive in Winter” (1882)
  • Robert Louis Stevenson,
    “Winter-Time” (1885)
  • George Meredith,
    “Winter Heavens” (1888)
  • Emily Dickinson,
    “There’s a certain Slant of light” (#258)
  • Emily Dickinson,
    “It sifts from Leaden Sieves” (#311)
  • Robert Bridges,
    “London Snow” (1890)
  • Thomas Hardy,
    “Winter in Durnover Field” (1901)
  • William Butler Yeats,
    “The Cold Heaven” (1916)
  • Gerard Manley Hopkins,
    “The Times Are Nightfall” (1918)
  • Robert Frost,
    “An Old Man’s Winter Night” (1920)
  • Wallace Stevens,
    “The Snowman” (1921)
  • Robert Frost,
    “Dust of Snow” and “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (1923)

To which we’ve added a selection of the poems on winter themes we’ve received from contemporary poets:

  • Salvatore Buttaci, “From Cold Unblinking Eyes”
  • Denis Dunn, “Winter in Maine on Rte 113” and “Silent Solstice (Winter Becomes Maine)”
  • Jim Finnegan, “Flightless Bird”
  • Jesse Glass, “The Giant in the Dirty Coat”
  • Dorothea Grossman, Untitled winter poem
  • Ruth Hill, “Land of Long Shadows”
  • Joel Lewis, “Making a Meal Out of It”
  • Charles Mariano, “This Winter”
  • Whitman McGowan, “It Was So Cold”
  • Justine Nicholas, “Palais d’Hiver”
  • Barbara Novack, “Winter: 10 degrees”
  • Debbie Ouellet, “North Wind”
  • Joseph Pacheco, “Cold Winter Morn in Florida”
  • Jack Peachum, “The Migrant”
  • Barbara Reiher-Meyers, “Blizzard” and “Sweet and Bitter”
  • Todd-Earl Rhodes, Untitled poem
  • Robert Savino, “Shortcut Through the Storm”
  • Jackie Sheeler, “Underground Xmas”
  • Lisa Shields, “Reaching for White” and “Climate Change”
  • Aldo Tambellini, “October 19, 1990”
  • Joyce Wakefield, “Winter Conversation”

Enjoy these poems of the season!