Winter the Bottlenose Dolphin

Winter the Bottlenose Dolphin / Clearwater Marine Aquarium
Winter the Bottlenose Dolphin. Courtesy Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Move over, Flipper. A new bottlenose dolphin is taking the stage. Enter Winter, a dolphin with an artificial tail and the star of Dolphin Tale, which premiered in September 2011 and Dolphin Tale 2, which premiered in September 2014.

About Winter:

In 2005, a bottlenose dolphin was rescued from some crab trap lines in Mosquito Lagoon, near Cape Canaveral, FL. The lines had wound around the dolphin's tail, cutting off circulation.

The 3-month old female dolphin was brought to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where an intensive rehabilitation program began. She was named Winter because she was rescued in December.

Despite the best efforts of veterinarians, Winter lost her tail and two vertebrae. The undaunted dolphin learned how to swim without her tail by moving her body in an undulating movement similar to the way a fish swims. However, this movement caused Winter to overwork some muscles and under-work others, causing vets to worry about possible spine damage.

Winter's Artificial Tails:

Kevin Carroll and Dan Strzempka of Hanger Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. heard about Winter's plight on the radio and offered to help. They worked with veterinarians over 1-1/2 years to develop a prosthetic tail, along with a unique "sleeve" called Winter's Gel which helps keep the tail in place but avoids damaging Winter's skin, and makes the tail easy to remove.

As she has grown over the past several years, the team has made many tails for Winter. As of September 2011, Winter weighed just over 270 pounds and had tried over 50 tails. In general, adult bottlenose dolphins can grow to 8-12 feet and weigh up to about 1,400 pounds.

Over the years, Winter's story has inspired those who have lost limbs, many of whom have gone to Clearwater to visit her in person.

The artificial tail wasn't just a leap in marine mammal rehabilitation - the Winter's Gel that was developed for Winter has helped human patients, too, increasing the comfort of those wearing prosthetic limbs.

Dolphin Tale Movie:

Winter's inspiring story has been made into a movie, Dolphin Tale, starring Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Harry Connick, Jr., and Winter herself. The movie premiered on September 23, 2011. 

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium is undergoing an expansion to accommodate the increased visitation expected as a result of the movie.

Dolphin Tale 2

This sequel to Dolphin Tale premiered in September 2014 and continues the story of Winter. In this movie, Winter's companion Panama dies (which happened in reality) and the aquarium must find a new companion for Winter. Enter Hope, a 2-3-month-old calf. 

See Winter:

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium's website has been updated with Winter in mind - you can learn all about Winter, read her story and learn about the aquarium. If you'd like to visit Winter at the aquarium, you can click here for the Clearwater Marine Aquarium's hours, admission prices, and directions.

And if you can't get to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, you can see Winter on her very own Winter Webcam, or (of course) stay in touch with her via her very own Facebook page.

Education and Teacher Resources:

Teachers and students may be interested in the free curricula created by the Clearwater Marine Aquarium on Winter and dolphin behavior - click here to download.

More Information:


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