Wipeout Canada

Big Balls, Eh?

Wipeout Canada contestant
'Wipeout Canada'. Courtesy Canwest Media

Wipeout Canada aired for a single season in 2011. It included all of the action and hilarity of the U.S. version of the show, with contestants who were all Canadian residents. The format was nearly identical to the Wipeout program we all know and love.

  • Network: TVtropolis
  • Hosts: Jonathan Torrens, Ennis Esmer, and Jessica Phillips
  • Series Premiere: April 3, 2011
  • Aired: Sundays at 8pm Eastern
  • Top Prize: $50,000

    Wipeout Canada Overview

    Wipeout Canada was filmed at the international course located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This location is used for all foreign versions of the show, of which there are over 30 currently being made. Only the original U.S. Wipeout has its own dedicated course, located in California.

    The format of the show was the almost the same as the American Wipeout. 20 contestants started out by completing the Qualifier obstacle course. The 12 contestants with the fastest times moved on to the second round. From there, six contestants competed in the third round with the top three finishers moving on to The Wipeout Zone.

    The Wipeout Zone was the most difficult of the obstacle courses on the show, and the winner of this fourth and final round won the $50,000 prize.


    Many of the beloved obstacles from the original Wipeout were included in Wipeout Canada, including:

    • The Big Balls
    • Dizzy Dummy
    • Sucker Punch
    • The Sweeper
    • Barrel Run

    Obstacles changed in each episode, but the iconic Big Balls were always included in the Qualifier course.

    Contestants and Themes

    Like most other versions of the show, Wipeout Canada incorporated interesting, often offbeat contestants as well as theme weeks. Contestants were encouraged to wear uniforms or other unusual clothing that reflected parts of their personalities.

    Theme weeks included location-based battles such as East versus West, along with other themes like Beauties versus Geeks.

    The Hosts

    The hosts of Wipeout Canada were:

    Jonathan Torrens

    Jonathan Torrens was born on October 25, 1972, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. He has been a part of Canadian television for many years, hosting shows such as Street Cents, Jonovision, and the comedy program TV With TV's Jonathan Torrens. He has also had recurring roles in popular Canadian shows like The Trailer Park Boys and DeGrassi: The Next Generation.

    Ennis Esmer

    Ennis Esmer was born on December 29, 1978, in Ankara, Turkey, moving to Toronto, Ontario with his family at the age of three. He has been part of many ensemble casts on television and made-for-TV movies. Esmer is also a comedy writer and performer, and hosted a late-night comedy program in 2003 called The Toronto Show. He is also part of the cast of the prime time show The Listener.

    Jessica Phillips

    Jessica Phillips was born in Etobicoke, Ontario. She has worked as a model and a motorcycle instructor, and was one of the briefcase models on the Canadian version of Deal or No Deal. She has appeared in a number of television programs including Being Erica and Billable Hours, and was also in the movie Repo Men.

    Phillips works as the on-site host on Wipeout Canada, interviewing contestants and providing commentary from the course.

    Applying to Be a Contestant on Wipeout Canada

    Wipeout Canada, like most prime time game shows, only conducts casting for new contestants when a new season is being planned. Sadly, since the show was canceled after its initial season, they aren't looking for contestants. However, we've all seen shows return after a hiatus, so if you've got your Canadian heart set on Wipeout, then keep your eye out for its return.