Wisconsin Education and Schools

A Profile on Wisconsin Education and Schools

wisconsin education and schools
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Schools across the country offer vastly different programs and opportunities in education. This variance is due in large part to the fact that states generally control how education and schools are run within their state. State policy influences and shapes education and schools. Education should be and typically can be considered to be a key area of focus for every state.

Trending educational issues such as state standards, school vouchers, charter schools, standardized testing, and school consolidation typically align with the views of the controlling majority political party.

  This almost ensures there is at least some variance in the quality of education a student is receiving in one state compared to their peers in surrounding states.  Even elements such as school funding and teacher pay are dramatically different among states and do impact learning and education in schools.  Demographics and geography can also play key roles in shaping a state's educational system. This profile focuses on education and schools in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Education

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

Tony Evers

District/School Information

Length of School Year: A minimum of 180 school days or 437 (K), 1050 (1-6), and 1137 (7-12) school hours are required by Wisconsin state law.

Number of Public School Districts: There are 424 public school districts in Wisconsin.

Number of Public Schools: There are 2295 public schools in Wisconsin.


Number of Students Served in Public Schools: There are 871,105 public school students in Wisconsin. ****

Number of Teachers in Public Schools: There are 56,245 public school teachers in Wisconsin.****

Number of Charter Schools: There are 241 charter schools in Wisconsin.

Per Pupil Spending: Wisconsin spends $11,930 per pupil in public education.


Average Class Size: The average class size In Wisconsin is 15.4 students per 1 teacher. ****

% of Title I Schools: 65.1% of schools in Wisconsin are Title I Schools.****

% With Individualized Education Programs (IEP): 14.2% of students in Wisconsin are on IEP's. ****

% in Limited-English Proficiency Programs: 5.1% of students in Wisconsin are in limited-English Proficient Programs.****

% of Student Eligible for Free/Reduced Lunches: 40.7% of students in Wisconsin schools are eligible for free/reduced lunches.****

Ethnic/Racial Student Breakdown****

White: 73.7%

Black: 9.8%

Hispanic: 9.7%

Asian: 3.5%

Pacific Islander: 0.0%

American Indian/Alaskan Native: 1.2%

School Assessment Data

Graduation Rate: 91.1% of all students entering high school in Wisconsin graduate. **

Average ACT/SAT score:

Average ACT Composite Score: 22.2***

Average Combined SAT Score: 1771*****

8th grade NAEP assessment scores:****

Math: 289 is the scaled score for 8th grade students in Wisconsin. The U.S. average was 281.

Reading: 270 is the scaled score for 8th grade students in Wisconsin. The U.S. average was 264.

% of Students Who Attend College after High School: 60.1% of students in Wisconsin go on to attend some level of college.


Private Schools

Number of Private Schools: There are 954 private schools in Wisconsin.*

Number of Students Served in Private Schools: There are 137,633 private school students in Wisconsin.*


Number of Students Served Through Homeschooling: There were an estimated 19,138 students that were homeschooled in Wisconsin in 2015.#

Teacher Pay

The average teacher pay for the state of Wisconsin was $55,171 in 2013.##

Each individual district in the state of Wisconsin negotiates teacher salaries and establishes their own teacher salary schedule.

The following is an example of a teacher salary schedule in Wisconsin provided by the Verona Public School District.


*Data courtesy of Education Bug .

**Data courtesy of ED.gov

***Data courtesy of ACT

****Data courtesy of the National Center for Education Statistics

******Data courtesy of The Commonwealth Foundation

#Data courtesy of A2ZHomeschooling.com

##Average salary courtesy of National Center of Education Statistics

###Disclaimer:  The information provided on this page changes frequently.  It will be updated regularly as new information and data becomes available.

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