Wisniewski Surname Meaning and Origin

The popular Polish surname Wisniewski derives from a root word meaning "cherry tree."
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The Polish surname Wisniewski is generally a geographical surname deriving from the place of origin of the original bearer, indicating a man who originally came from one of the dozens of Polish villages named Wisniewo or Wisniew. The name roughly translates to "town with a cherry tree," from the root wisznia, meaning "cherry tree."

Wiśniewski is the 3rd most common surname in Poland. Wiśniewska is the feminine version of the surname.

Surname Origin: Polish


Where Wisniewski's Live

According to WorldNames public profiler, individuals with the last name Wisniewski are found in the greatest numbers in Poland, followed by the United States, Germany, and Australia. The largest number of individuals named Wisniewski are found in northern Poland, especially the voivodeships (provinces) of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Warminsko-Marzurskie, Mazowieckie, Zachodniopomorski, and Pomorskie. The Polish-specific surname distribution map on moikrewni.pl identifies surname population at the district level, identifying over 52,000 people with the Wiśniewski surname living in Poland, most living in Toruń, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Poznań, Inowrocław, Szczecin, Brodnica and Plock.

Famous People with the Surname Wisniewski

  • James Wisniewski: American professional ice hockey player
  • Michał Krystian Wiśniewski: Polish pop singer
  • David Wisniewski: English-born children's author
  • Janusz Leon Wisniewski: Polish author

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