WOLF - Surname Meaning and Origin

The Wolf surnames most commonly derive from a word meaning wolf.
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The Wolf surname is most commonly a nickname or descriptive surname from the Old English wulf, meaning "wolf." It can also be a locational name for someone who lived in a house distinguished with the sign of a wolf. As an Irish surname, Wolf may be a variant spelling of the last name Woulfe, an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Ó Faoláin, meaning "descendant of Faolán," a personal name dervied from faol, meaning "wolf."

Related surnames such as LOPEZ are derived from the Latinized form lupus

WOLF is the 17th most common surname in Germany.

Surname Origin: German, English, Danish


Where in the World Do People With the WOLF Surname Live?

According to WorldNames by PublicProfiler, the Wolf surname is by far the most commonly found in Germany, followed by Austria, and then the United States. Within Germany, the name is most prevalent throughout southern Germany, especially in the regions of Sachsen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Thuringen, Bayern and Saarland. The surname distribution data at Forebears shows the Wolf surname having the highest density in Austria, followed by Switzerland, Israel, the Netherlands and the United States. The Wolff spelling of the surname is found most commonly in Germany.

Famous People With the Surname WOLF

  • Ernst Wilhelm Wolf - 18th century German composer
  • Peter Wolf - American musician; longtime lead vocalist of the J. Geils Band
  • Johann Rudolf Wolf - Swiss astronomer and mathematician
  • David Wolf - American astronaut

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