Women on Death Row in Kentucky

Virginia Caudill Sentenced to Death

There is only one woman on Kentucky's death row, Virginia Caudill. Find out what she did to earn her place on death row.

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The Crime

Virginia Caudill
Virginia Caudill. Mug Shot

On March 13, 1998, Virginia Caudill and Steve White were living together when they got into an argument over Caudill's drug use. As a result, Caudill moved out and went to a local crack house.

There she ran into an old friend, Jonathan Goforth, who she had not seen in 15 years. The two hung out together for the rest of the night. The following afternoon, Goforth gave Caudill a ride to Steve White's mother's home to ask her for money. 

The Murder

Hearing that Caudill had moved out from her son's home, Lonetta White, who was 73 years old, agreed to give her around $30 for a hotel room. Caudill decided to use the money to buy cocaine instead.

On March 15, at around 3 a.m., with the cocaine gone and in need of more, Caudill and Goforth returned to Ms. White's home. When White answered the door she was bludgeoned to death.

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Turning on Each Other

On March 15, the police questioned Caudill who denied any involvement, stating that she had spent the evening with Goforth. Before authorities had an opportunity to talk to Goforth, the two fled the state, first going to Ocala, Florida, then Gulfport, Mississippi.

After two months on the run together, Caudill left Goforth in Gulfport and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana, where she was arrested six months later. She confessed to being present during White's murder, stating that Goforth was responsible for her murder.

The Proverbial Unidentified Black Man

Goforth was arrested shortly afterward and told police that Caudill and an unidentified African-American man murdered White. He later admitted in court that he had fabricated the part about there being a second male at the scene.

He Said, She Said

Caudill and Goforth blamed each other for the murder. According to Caudill, when White answered the door, Caudill asked her for more money for a hotel room. When White turned to go get it, Goforth bludgeoned the women without warning. He then tied Caudill hands together and made her sit in a bedroom while he ransacked the home.

Goforth then convinced Caudill to help him dispose of White's body, which he had wrapped up in a carpet. After placing her body into the trunk of White's car, Caudill and Goforth drove the car and his truck to a vacant field where they set the car on fire.

Goforth Points the Finger at Caudill

During the trial, Goforth testified the roles were reversed and it was Caudill who attacked White. He said that Caudill used the excuse that they were having car trouble in order to get into White's home, and once inside she hit White on the back of the head with a hammer when she refused to give the couple any additional money.

Goforth also testified that Caudill beat White to death with the hammer, and then ransacked the home, taking any valuables that she found.

He also said Caudill was the one that wrapped White's body up in a carpet then convinced him to help her load it into White's car.

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Jailhouse Informants/Sentencing

During Caudill's trial, two inmate jailhouse informants testified that Caudill confessed to killing White, although each informant gave different scenarios as to how she murdered White.

One testified that Caudill admitted to hitting Ms. White over the head twice with a wall clock and the other informant testified that Caudill murdered White when she caught her breaking into her home.

Both informants said Caudill admitted to robbing the home and setting White's car on fire.


March 24, 2000, a jury found both Caudill and Goforth guilty of murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary, second-degree arson, and tampering with physical evidence. They both received the death sentence.

Virginia Caudill is housed on death row at the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women in Pewee Valley.

Johnathan Goforth is housed on death row at the  Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville, Kentucky.

Kentucky Death Row

As of 2015, Harold McQueen has been the only person executed in Kentucky involuntarily since 1976. 

Edward Lee Harper (executed on May 25, 1999) and Marco Allen Chapman (executed on November 21, 2008) both volunteered to be executed. Harper dropped all remaining appeals stating that he would rather be dead than face the torture of prison. Chapman waived all non-statutory appeals during sentencing.