Women on Death Row - Linda Carty

Women on Death Row - Linda Carty
Women on Death Row - Linda Carty. Texas Department of Criminal Justice

General Information:

  • Date of Birth - 10/05/1958
  • Date of Offense - 05/16/2001
  • Age at Time of Offense - 42
  • Prior Occupation - Laborer
  • Education - 1st year of college
  • Prior Prison Record - None
  • Location of Crime - Harris County, Tx
  • Co-defendants - Chris Robinson, Gerald Anderson, Carlos Williams
  • Race and Gender of Victim - White female

Crime Committed:

On May 16, 2001 Carty and three co-defendants invaded the home of a 25 year old female.

The victim and her three day old baby were kidnapped and two other victims were beaten, duct taped, and left in the residence. The 25 year old female was hog-tied with duct tape, a bag was taped over her head, and she was placed in the trunk of a car. This victim died from suffocation.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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