Narcissistic Men - Why Women Should Never Date Narcissistic Men

Relationships with Narcissistic Men are Frequently Difficult. Here's Why

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You know the saying, "Never date a man prettier than you are"? The worry was that he'd either be a) gay or b) overly image conscious because he was perpetually looking for something better and therefore untrustworthy. But a new study suggests the greater danger lies in dating narcissistic men because they're most likely to lash out against women.

Psychologist Dr. Scott Keiiler of Kent State University released his findings in the journal Sex Roles published by Springer.

The scientific and business journal publisher's website describes the scope of the research:

Dr. Keiller’s study looks at whether narcissists’ hostility is targeted at heterosexual women and men, gay men and lesbian women in the same way and with the same intensity....

A total of 104 male undergraduates, aged 21 years on average...took part in the study survey. Keiller looked at measures of narcissism, sexist attitudes toward women and traditional female stereotypes, sexist attitudes toward men and heterosexual male stereotypes, and attitudes toward gay men and lesbian women.

Keiller found that narcissistic men expressed the most hostility toward heterosexual women because they serve as the objects of men's desire. When a female panders to and satisfies the narcissistic male, all goes smoothly. But if she denies him or rebuffs him, watch out:
...[W]omen’s unparalleled potential for gratifying, or frustrating, men’s narcissism....[make them] crucial players and even gatekeepers in men’s quests for sexual pleasure, patriarchal power and status....[N]arcissists’ low empathy, feelings of entitlement, and perceptions of being deprived of ‘deserved’ admiration and gratification can make them prone to aggression and vengeance.
These findings have led Keiller to conclude that narcissistic men prefer patriarchal relationships to equality between the sexes. By seeking to dominate women in relationships, narcissistic men benefit from maintaining the status quo and enforcing traditional gender roles.

Interestingly, lesbians were viewed differently from other females.

Although narcissistic men demonstrated more favorable attitudes toward lesbians than heterosexual women, they were not any more likely to be accepting of homosexuality than non-narcissistic men. Narcissism had no impact on male attitudes toward gay men.

"A man with attitude.", Springer Select from 28 July 2010.

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