Words for Colors in Latin

List of the words for colors in Latin and their English translations

Double rainbow over the Colosseum at the entrance to the Roman Forum, Via Sacra, Piazza Del Colosseo, Rome, Italy
Double rainbow over the Colosseum at the entrance to the Roman Forum, Via Sacra, Piazza Del Colosseo, Rome, Italy. David Clapp / Getty Images

Some of the words (adjectives) for colors are as follows:

  • prasinus, -a, - um. green
  • purpureus, -a, -um. purple (purple)
  • caeruleus, -a, -um. blue (caerulean)
  • lividus, -a, -um. black and blue (livid)
  • niger. black (denigrate)
  • ater, atra, atrum. black (dark) (atrabilious)
  • fuscus, -a, -um. dark (obfuscate)
  • ravus, -a, -um. gray
  • canus, -a, -um. gray or white (hair)
  • albus, -a, -um. white (alb)
  • flavus, -a, -um. yellow (pale) (riboflavin)
  • fulvus, -a, -um. golden yellow
  • croceus, -a, -um. saffron (crocus)
  • ruber, rubra, rubrum. red (rubella)
  • roseus, -a, -um. rose-red (rose)

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