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Words that usually go together are known as collocations. Learning collocations will help expand your vocabulary especially when using English for Specific Purposes. This lesson uses the word 'fashion' as an example of how you can use collocations to improve your English. You'll find a list of expressions used with 'fashion', a short story and example sentences to help you begin using these words to practice speaking about fashion. Here's a short introduction about fashion to begin:

All the Latest Fashions

The world of fashion is fascinating. Of course, there's all the latest fashions which can range from weird looking contemporary fashion, to popular fashions that you can find in all the shopping malls. One thing that's true about fashion is that it things come into fashion as quickly as they fall out of fashion. To be a 'fashionista', you better be able to keep up with the latest fashions coming out of Paris, New York and Milan. 

Some people like to hold onto things that come back into fashion. It's certainly cheaper in the long run, but it will take quite a while for the fashion cycle to turn! Personally, I don't even try to follow fashions as I'm too old for that sort of thing. However, I enjoy watching my daughter follow fashions and even set fashions amongst her friends. 

New Fashions


I'm amazed at some of the contemporary fashion. 
Current fashion focuses on very young adults.
You'll spend a huge amount of money if you buy the latest fashions.
I'm surprised by some modern fashions. 
Popular fashions don't need to be followed by those in their fifties.

Verbs: Becoming Fashionable

be in fashion
come into fashion
become fashionable
set fashions
start fashions
keep up with fashion
follow fashions
wear fashions

What's in fashion this year is different than last year.
When did those shorts come into fashion?
What do you think it will take for me to become fashionable?
Beautiful young women and men often set fashions without knowing it.
I try to keep up with fashion, but it's breaking my bank account!
Jennifer follows fashion by buying all the glamour magazines.
I'm afraid I can't afford to wear the latest fashions.

Verbs: Going out of Fashion

fall out of fashion
be out of fashion
go out of fashion

Those jeans feel out of fashion ten years ago.
Big sunglasses have definitely gone out of fashion.
She likes to wear clothes that are out of fashion. I guess she's rebelling.

Verbs: Fashion Cycles - Returning into Fashion

come back into fashion
be back in fashion 

Those skirts have come back into fashion this season. I'm wearing my mom's from thirty years ago!
Did you know hats are back in fashion?

Places to See Fashion

fashion shows
fashion shoots
fashion magazines
fashion spreads in magazines
fashion runways

Fashion shows are held in major cities around the world.
The magazine is having a fashion shoot in Hawaii.
Fashion magazines which feature fashion spreads weigh a ton!
You'll see glamourous models on fashion runways.
Have you ever been to a fashion show?

The Business of Fashion

fashion business
fashion industry
fashion market
fashion trade
fashion retailer
fashion boutique / store / shop
fashion design
fashion photography

Fashion business is big money, don't doubt it!
The fashion industry is one of the hardest to break into. 
The fashion market is very quick to change directions.
He works in the fashion trade designing men's suits.
Fashion retailers provide models for aspiring actresses.
You can buy those jeans in your local fashion boutique.
Beautiful fashion design depends on understanding the details.
Good fashion photography can make all the difference in setting a trend.

Fashion Businesses

fashion brands
fashion companies
fashion houses 
fashion labels
fashion lines

Fashion brands are more important than well made clothing.
Fashion companies drive billions in sales every year.
Fashion houses from Europe set the trends by dressing stars in spectacular gowns.
Fashion labels increase the price of any piece of clothing by more than 30 percent.
Fashion lines are created by individual fashion designers.

People in Fashion

fashion editor 
fashion designer
fashion photographer
fashion stylist
fashion maven

A fashion editor makes the final decision on whether a model will be presented in a magazine.
A fashion designer is responsible for creating new clothing designs.
You'll need a good fashion photographer to become successful with your designs.
A fashion stylist is almost as important as a fashionable dress.
The fashion maven decides what will become fashionable.

FInally, learn how to use a collocation dictionary to build your own keyword lists. Teachers can learn more about using collocations on this lesson on using chunking to build vocabulary skills with set phrase. 

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