World Inline Skating Marathons and Events

There's a Marathon for Every Inline Skater

There are many skating marathons around the world. This selection includes many well-known international marathon events that recur annually and the approximate month they are held. There are also inline skating festivals and North American marathons that you may want to attend or follow. You may even want to skate in a fundraising or charity race event. If you know of a popular yearly marathon that should be included in this list, please contact your inlineskating guide via the Inline Skating Forum or send a direct email message.

Need a little help getting ready to race? North American skating schools or international workshops can help.

March thru October - Coupe de France

© Coupe de France
The Coupe de France (French Inline Cup) is open to all inline marathon skaters at any level from amateur to professional.
  • Le Marathon event distance can vary from 50km to 35km.
  • L'Open Roller covers a distance of 30km.
  • L'Heure Roller is a competition for the maximum distance that can be covered in one hour.
  • Course Jeune Debutant beginner and youth race is for the whole family.
  • La Randonnee is a social skate for everyone with no ranking.
There are other events and activities, too.
© World Inline Cup

The European Inline Cup was founded by Iguana Think Tank AG in 1998, and became the World Inline Cup (WIC) in 2000. In this series of marathons, each individual event is organized locally according to the International Rulebook. The best skaters in the world participate in every event. Each leg of the tour is a roller sports festival in its own right. The World Inline Cup combines world level competition, fun, adventure, culture and family-related activities. More »

Graphics © German Blade Challenge
The biggest German race series is the German Blade Challenge. The GBC season starts in April and finishes in September. This national race series began as the Jever-Blade-Challenge in 2002 and was founded by Karsten Schölermann. It was renamed the German Blade Challenge in 2003 and is currently the official German race series for speed skating. Most races in this series are marathons or half marathons and may include sprints and hills. There are points for each team's time trial, which are added to the final team score. More »
© Regensburg Marathon and Half Marathon
The Regensburg Marathon and Half Marathon offer inline skaters and runners a scenic course through Regensburg, Germany. Skaters will also enjoy the enthusiastic spectators, a well organized event, lots of good food, good music and good company. There is also a mini-marathon for children and youth aged 5 to 19 years old which helps make this is a great event for either individuals or families. More »

The London Inline Marathon is open to inline and quad skaters. The smooth asphalt course is less than one mile long, so the Full Marathon will be 28 laps. Besides the overall classifications, there are separate age-group classifications.

  • Elite and Open Marathon -- 26 miles
  • Elite and Recreational Half Marathon -- 13 miles
  • Mini Marathon (All skaters under 13) -- 2 or 3 miles
There is also a team race in each event. Separate team entries are not required, but only skaters who are pre-registered by and have included their team on the registration form will have race time counted toward team results. Register online on the London Inline Marathon website. More »
&copy Real Berlin Marathon
In September, the sports metropolis of Berlin becomes one big celebration when over 40,000 athletes take off on the fastest marathon course in the world. They are cheered by spectators and more than 70 live bands. Participating in the Real Berlin Marathon allows you to roll the 42 kilometres course with some of the fastest athletes in the world. The atmosphere atmosphere make this marathon race an unforgettable experience for everyone. More »
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