World's Muslim Population

Statistics About the Muslim Population of the World

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The estimates vary, but as of January 21, 2017, the Pew Research Institute estimates that there are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the world; nearly one-fourth of the world’s population today. This makes it the world's second largest religion, after Christianity. However, within the second half of this century, Muslims are expected to become the world's largest religious group. The Pew Research Institute estimates that by 2070, Islam will overtake Christianity, due to faster birth rate (2.7 children per family vs. 2.2 for Christian families). Islam is today the fastest growing religion in the world. 

The Muslim population is a diverse community of believers spanning the globe. Over fifty countries have Muslim-majority populations, while other groups of believers are clustered in minority communities in nations on nearly every continent.

Although Islam is often associated with the Arab world and the Middle East, fewer than 15% of Muslims are Arab. By far, the largest populations of Muslims live in Southeast Asia (more than 60% of the world's total), while the countries of the Middle East and North Africa make up only 20% of the total. One-fifth of the world's Muslims live as minorities in non-Muslim countries, with the largest of these populations in India and China. While Indonesia currently has the largest population of Muslims, projections suggest that by 2050, India will contain the world's largest population of Muslims, expected to be at least 300 million. 

Regional Distribution of Muslims (2017)

  • Latin America/ Caribbean: 840,000
  • North America: 3,480,000
  • Europe: 43,470,000
  • Subsaharan Africa: 248,420,000
  • Middle East/ North Africa: 370,070,000
  • Asia Pacific: 986,420,000

Top 12 Countries With the Largest Muslim Populations (2017)

  • Indonesia:    209.1 million
  • Pakistan 176.2 million
  • India: 167.4 million
  • Bangladesh 134.4 million
  • Nigeria: 77.3 million
  • Egypt: 77 million
  • Iran: 73.6 million
  • Turkey: 71.3 million
  • Sudan: 39 million
  • Algeria 34.7 million
  • Morocco: 31.9 million
  • Iraq: 31.2 million