Just Voodoo It! The 50 Worst Horror Movie Taglines

Black Christmas: Worst Horror Movie Taglines
'Black Christmas'. © Dimension

Having listed the 50 Best Horror Movie Taglines, it seems only right to post some of the worst horror movie taglines of all time, from the dull to the ridiculous and everything in between. Interestingly, the worst movie taglines tend to fall neatly into one of seven categories...

1) Bad Pun Taglines:

Scared Stiff (1953)
"They're making a spook-tacle of themselves!"

Scarecrows (1988)
"When it comes to terror they're in a field of their own."

Psycho Cop Returns (1993)
"Something old, something new, someone bloody, and the man in blue!"

Death Machine (1995)
"Man's deadliest weapon shows its metal."

Werewolf (1996)
"Rest in...beast."

Voodoo (1999)
"Just voodoo it!"

Black Christmas (2006)
"This holiday season, the slay ride begins."

2) Awkward Wording Taglines:

Dracula's Daughter (1936)
"She gives you that weird feeling!"

Ouanga (1936)
"Strange loves of queer people!"

Psycho (1960)
"It plunges the screen into a new -- and altogether different -- screen excitement!!!"

The Flesh Eaters (1964)
"The only people who will not be STERILIZED with FEAR are those among you who are already DEAD!"

Alien Dead (1980)
"They're consuming every living creature in sight!"

Demonwarp (1988)
"Enter a prime-evil world of future shock and alien terror."

3) Understatement Taglines:

The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972)
"A true story."

Don't Look Now (1973)
"A psycho thriller."

Prophecy (1979)
"The monster movie."

Tourist Trap (1979)
"Every year young people disappear."

Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest (1994)
"Based on the story 'Children of the Corn' by Stephen King."

Devil in the Flesh (1998)
"She's a cold-blooded killer."

4) Overstatement Taglines:

King of the Zombies (1941)
"Don't miss this shock-crammed punch-packed double thriller-chiller terror program!"

I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957)
"The most amazing motion picture of our time!"

Curse of the Faceless Man (1958)
"Entombed for eons -- turned to stone -- seeking women, women, women!"

Shriek of the Mutilated (1974)
"A frenzied hunt for a hideous beast uncovers an evil cannibal cult and death is the devil's blessing."

5) Dated Reference Taglines:

The Beast of Yucca Flats (1961)
"Commies made him an atomic mutant!"

The Beast That Killed Women (1965)
"Terror stalks the nudists!"

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde (1976)
"A screamin' demon rages inside, turnin' him into Mr Hyde...Don't give him no sass or he'll kick yo' ass!"

Satan's Cheerleaders (1977)
"Funnier than The Omen...scarier than Silent Movie."

Pinata: Survival Island (2002)
"You don't get voted off this island."

6) Just Plain Dumb Taglines:

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies (1964)
"Not for sissies!"

Dr. Terror's Gallery of Horrors (1966)
"So shocking it will sliver your liver!"

The Mummy's Shroud (1967)
"Beware the beat of the cloth-wrapped feet!"

Blood Freak (1972)
"A Dracula on drugs!"

Snuff (1974)
"The film that could only be made in South America, where life is cheap."

The Demon Lover (1977)
"At last! The truth about demons!"

Dracula (1979)
"The story of the greatest lover who ever lived, died, and lived again."

Alligator (1980)
"A FRIGHTENING movie with a sense of FUN!"

Don't Go in the Woods Alone (1981)
"Everyone has nightmares about the ugliest way to die."

Blood Hook (1986)
"Blood sports of the human kind."

Demons 2 (1986)
"Lets Party!"

Creepazoids (1987)
"Move over, Aliens, here come the Creepozoids. Even if you kill them, they're still deadly."

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)
"Angela's back and she's bad."

The Dead Next Door (1989)
"Another Evil Dead."

Vampire vs. Sorcerer (1990)
"Can 16th century magic save a small suburban town terrorized by vampires?"

7) WTF Taglines:

Attack of the Puppet People (1958)
"Doll dwarfs versus the crushing giant beasts!"

Orgy of the Dead (1965)
"Are you heterosexual...?" OR "The film that will satisfy every over-sexagesimal adult!"

Ape (1976)
"Not to be confused with KING KONG."

Strange Behavior (1981)
"Cuts up parts other movies just dislocate."

Grim Prairie Tales (1990)
"I was sucked in!"

Shatter Dead (1994)

Grim (1995)
"Don't mix this movie and pizza"