The Five Worst Shows in WrestleMania History

WrestleMania is the biggest show of the year and the fans have very high expectations for each year's event.  These five events didn't live up to anyone's expectations.  My rankings are based upon several criteria.  How was the show judged when it happened?  Has it stood the test of time?  Were there any must-see matches on the show?  Did the event produce any iconic moments?  Did the event change the course of wrestling history?  Most of the shows on this list failed in almost every one of these categories.

Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant
Hulk Hogan, Donald Trump and Ander the Giant at a press conference for WrestleMania IV. Russell Turiak/Getty Images

While WrestleMania has produced many must-see matches, there is not a single match on this show I would even recommend going out of your way to watch from this event.  One of the threads that has held many WrestleMania events together is the Undertaker's undefeated streak.  While Undertaker didn't lose his match to Giant Gonzalez, everyone that witnessed it did.  The show was not viewed as a success when it happened and age has not made this event any better.

There is one piece of revisionist history I would like to clear up about this show.  The show is generally panned for the appearance of Hulk Hogan at the end of the show.  The truth is that his title victory was the only part of the show where the audience went crazy.  That allowed them to go home happy after sitting through this horrible show.  If you watch this event, which I don't recommend, you will see the audience rather apathetic to Bret Hart's loss but totally ecstatic when Hulk won. More »

Unlike the previous event, there were a few good matches on this show, but you had to go through a lot of garbage to get to them. The first part of this event, which took place at the Nassau Coliseum, had no redeeming qualities and the fans that saw the event from there had the worst WrestleMania experience in regards to the quality of the matches they saw in person.  The only thing they lucked out with is that they were spared the atrocious commentary provided by Susan St. James.  The most historic thing to happen at this show was Refrigerator Perry eliminating John Studd from the battle royal and the debut of the blue steel cage.  Unlike the previous show, there was one match on this show you might want to check out. The match between the British Bulldogs and the Dream Team was the runner-up for the 1986 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year. More »

This show was given the nickname of WrestleMania Bore when it happened because it was a very long and drawn-out show that didn't feature any must-see matches.  To make matters worse, this show went against the first Clash of the Champions event on WTBS.  That show, which was free for cable customers, was significantly better and more historically relevant.  That show featured Sting battle Ric Flair to a time-limit draw in the match which made Sting a main event superstar.  The historic moment of WrestleMania IV was Randy Savage winning the title tournament to win the vacant WWE Championship.  If you really want to see Randy Savage win the title at a WrestleMania event, I would recommend watching WrestleMania VIII instead. More »

I have been lucky enough to have attended two WrestleMania events (X & XX) that made my top 5 WrestleMania events list.  Unfortunately, my best seats for a WrestleMania event were for this show.  The most amazing thing I took away from my live experience was that the loudest audience reaction was prior to the start of the event when Howard Finkel announced to the crowd that the UConn women's basketball team had won the NCAA Championship earlier that day.  This was the first of the many titles that they have gone on to win.

As far as this event goes, it wasn't good.  This show is best remembered for featuring Lawrence Taylor wrestle Bam Bam Bigelow in the main event.  There was one pretty good match on this show though.  While the title match between Diesel and Shawn Michaels won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Award for Match of the Year, that had more to do with just how bad a year 1995 was.  Diesel and Shawn would go on to have a much better match a year later at Good Friends, Better EnemiesMore »

WrestleMania is supposed to be the show where wrestlers settle their long-standing grudges with one another.  Unfortunately, the booking for this show was too cute for its own good.  This event featured only one singles match.  That match was a catfight between Terri Runnels and the Kat.

The main event was a 4-man elimination match where the focus was more on the McMahon family rather than on the competitors.  Mick Foley was so embarrassed by his performance in the match that it became a focal point of his future WrestleMania feud with Edge where Mick was seeking his first great WrestleMania moment.  To add insult to injury, according to Chris Jericho's second autobiography, the original artwork for this event featured Chris Jericho instead of Mick Foley along with the other three men in the main event.

There was one great match on this card though.  The Ladder Match between the Dudleys, Hardys, and Edge & Christian won the Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year award.  Unfortunately, the rematch the following year also won this award and was far better than this one was. More »