The 5 Worst Spring Time Pests


Ahhh, the sights and sounds of spring. Flowers bloom, birds chirp, and the bugs are out to wreck everything! To be fair, some insects are actually beneficial to your garden and your home. However, there are few that really know how to do some damage. Here's what you need to watch out for. 

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The pests in your vegetable garden

Gyorgy Csoka, Hungary Forest Research Institute,

Any avid gardener knows that certain bugs can turn a cash crop into a dud... fast! There are several different types of worms, beetles, and other creepy crawly things who love a ripe, juicy tomato plant as much as you do.  

You can take some defensive measures, like growing certain "companion plants" that keeps pests away from your main crop. However, once the infestation starts, moving them away from your crop won't work... you'll have to ruthlessly destroy the pests.  

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The bugs in your flower bed

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It may seem like the damage is limited to chewed up flower petals, but these bugs can affect the entire plant. Some, like the leafhopper, leave toxins behind. Others, like scale insects, adhere to the plants' sap stems that have natural defenses against pesticides. 

There are certain insects that will actually prey on these harmful pests. You want these good guys around to help you combat against infestations. 


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The insects flying around your house

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If your not the "outdoorsy type," the sight of any 4 legged-winged "thing" in your home is a nightmare.

While it's impossible to make your home impenetrable to bugs, you can strengthen your defenses. Seal up any cracks around doors, windows, and the foundation of the house. Make sure screens are secured on the windows and doors. 

You'll have to do a little extra dirty work by scrubbing your trash bins, rinsing out your recyclables, and keeping your kitchen spick-and-span.

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The fleas annoying your pet

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Fleas don't just annoy your pet, they can inflict some major harm too. The most common flea is the cat flea. According to the Dog Expert, "while this type of flea can bite humans, it does not infest us, as the human is not an ideal host. This flea prefers cats, dogs, rabbits and similar small mammals." 

Fleas go through life cycles and knowing which stage they are in will help you detect and prevent their spread. The methods for ridding fleas varies and you may need to use several to get the job done. 

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The scary ones that buzz and sting

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Nothing ruins a day outside like bees, mosquitos, or wasps buzzing around you, but that shouldn't keep you inside! 

Most of these bugs are attracted to sugary food and sweet smells. If you're going to eat some watermelon in your backyard, just clean up after yourself when you're done. Also, rinsing your trash bins and keeping them sealed make them less attractive for these insects.

Mosquitos, in particular, love moist environments. If there are any pools of water in your yard, get rid of those.

If you do get stung, here's what to do:

Treating mosquito bites

Treating bee stings