Wright Patterson AFB & Alien Technology

Wright Patterson AFB & Alien Technology

One very interesting fact about Wright-Patterson concerns politician Barry Goldwater, when he was Senator of Arizona in the 1960s. On more than one occasion he told the story of being denied access to view the secret, underground facilities at the base. He arrived at the base, and made his request to see what was in Hangar-18. This request was forwarded to General Curtis LeMay. LeMay gave Goldwater a resounding answer of "NO!" and told him to never ask again.

On an appearance on "Larry King Live," Goldwater stated that LeMay was "mad as hell" at him, and cussed him out for asking. He was told to never ask again.

Some of the unsubstantiated claims dealing with the base's secret operations include the following:

In a 1981 book titled, "Preuves Scientifiques OVNI," author Jean-Charles Fumoux claimed that a man named Leon B. Visse, was given access to a secret room where he saw two dead alien bodies. Visse, who researched cellular genetic material, was called to the base to show experiments of some of his research.

Another unverified report relating to Wright-Patterson was made by researcher Tommy Blann. Blann claims to have interviewed an unnamed Colonel who told him that they did indeed have alien bodies at the base.

A lady named Norma Gardner, who claimed to have worked at the base for years, and had a high security designation, says that her duties included inventorying recovered parts from crashed UFOs.

She claims that she saw two dead alien bodies.

Physicist Robert Sarbacher, while a consultant for the Department of Defense's Research and Development Board, told a group of Canadian scientists on September 15, 1950, that the US government did possess crashed saucer debris and alien bodies, and had been attempting to reverse engineer the technology.

He claimed that they had not succeeded.

Arthur Exon, a retired Air Force officer, has stated that alien related materials from the Roswell crash had been stored at Wright-Patterson while he was there in 1947. He became a Brigadier General, and in 1964, was named the base commander. He was still denied access to the hidden, secret facilities of the base.

If one considers all of the evidence presented to this point, and still has doubts about the role of Wright-Patterson in storing and controlling access to crashed extraterrestrial vehicles and alien bodies, consider some of the statements made below, and then I rest my case.

"If you want to know the truth about UFOs... Wright-Patterson is the place to go." Dennis Balthaser

Stanton Friedman, when asked about UFO crash retrievals, stated that "We have probably retrieved dozens of them."

Retired Air Force Captain Robert Collins, who spent six years at Wright-Patterson's FTD, stated that: "I'm convinced that stuff that was recovered from Roswell, and other crashes were put in those vaults."

"The secret goes all the way to the top... the highest state of security, there is," stated Andrew Kissner, former New Mexico State Representative, referring to Wright-Patterson.

In a classified document from July 1947, then Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover demanded that the US military give the FBI access to the "crashed discs."

"We must insist on full access to discs recovered," stated Hoover. "The Army grabbed it, and would not let us have it for cursory examination."

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