Write to Santa

Canada Post Volunteers Help With the Write to Santa Program

Write to Santa
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Updated: 11/12/2014

More than 6,000 Canada Post volunteers, both staff and retirees, help with Canada Post's Write to Santa program. Every year, over a million children from all around the world take advantage of the program by writing to Santa and receiving a reply. Letters are answered in the language in which the letter was written, including Braille.

Canada Post asks parents to make sure letters to Santa do not include treats for Santa, like cookies.

All mail should include a full return address so Santa can answer. Be sure to mail your letter so it gets to Santa before December 16. Santa's mailing address is:


No postage is required for letters to Santa. Along with wish lists, pictures and drawings, funny jokes, and children's favorite games, sports and stories help brighten the mail and make it easier for Santa and his elves to respond.

Tips for Teachers

In order for Santa to write the best letters, his elves need some information about each child. Here are some templates for students to use to make sure letters are magical.

Teachers are asked to follow and complete this checklist and include it with your class package of letters to Santa.

To make sure your students get a response before schools and daycares break for the holidays, mail your classroom letters by December 8.

You can use this Write to Santa poster from Canada Post to decorate your classroom.