Tips for Writing a Letter of Continued Interest

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If you've been waitlisted or deferred at one or more of your top choice law schools, you should consider writing a letter of continued interest, sometimes referred to as a LOCI. Just as the name implies, this is a one-page letter sent to the admissions committee (adcomm) letting them know that you're still very much interested in their school.

What to Include

In your letter of continued interest, aside from expressing your desire to matriculate at that school, you should also consider including the following information:

  • Explain exactly why the school is such a great match for you. If there are specific programs, centers, professors, etc., that line up with your interests and background, make clear that is why you're so interested in attending that school.
  • Let the adcomm know of anything you've done since you filed your application. If you've received any honors, published anything, traveled abroad, or had a particularly unique experience, include it in your letter of continued interest. Stay away from things already in your application file; you don't want to waste the adcomm's time.
  • If you've visited the school, be sure to mention it, as this can show a sincere interest to attend; in fact, if you can visit the school, do so, and try to meet with someone in the admissions office if possible.

Other Tips

When writing your letter, be sure to adhere to the following advice as well:

  • Write the letter of continued interest as soon as possible after receiving news of your waitlisted or deferred status.
  • Address the letter to the person named on the waitlist or deferral notice; if there is no specific person, simply address the letter to the Dean of Admissions.
  • Physically send the letter rather than emailing it. Not only is a physical letter more professional, but it's also easier to incorporate into your file and is less likely to be overlooked in a crowded inbox.

When Not to Write

  • Generally, if you've been waitlisted or deferred, a letter of continued interest can help your cause. There's one rather large exception, however: If the school specifically asks that you send no further material, don't. It's that simple.