Writing Prompts for Paragraphs

Composing Paragraphs With Specific Images, Examples, and Narrative Details

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Use the following topic sentences as prompts to help you discover fresh images, examples, and narrative details. Following the guidelines in parenthesis, rely on your imagination and experience to develop each idea in a paragraph of at least four or five sentences.

  1. The van swerved across three lanes of traffic and headed straight for the front door of the pizza parlor.
    (What happened next?)
  2. A good parent provides discipline as well as affection.
    (Explain why or give examples.)
  3. People who value their privacy probably shouldn't be on Facebook.
    (Use specific examples to explain why.)
  4. With a tambourine in one hand, Merdine clambered onto the roof of her trailer during the thunderstorm.
    (What did she do there?)
  5. To discourage burglars from entering your house or apartment, you need to take a number of precautions.
    (Recommend some specific precautions.)
  6. Certain movies and TV programs reflect the violent times we live in.
    (Offer some examples.)
  7. I'll never forget how I felt on my first day in this classroom.
    (Describe your feelings.)
  8. As my friend and I crept down the dark hallway of the old abandoned house, we heard the floorboards creak and the wind whistle through the cracked glass in the window frames.
    (What happened next?)
  9. A good teacher can help you get through even the most difficult course.
    (Give examples to demonstrate how this is so.)
  10. In many small ways we can all help to protect the environment.
    (Offer some specific examples.)

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