Yamaha FG-460S Guitar Review

yamaha fg 460s

Price Paid for Yamaha FG-460S:

AUD 450

Description of Yamaha FG-460S:

Got this new 1986, on sale as a model "run-out". It is a solid bookmatched top (spruce I think)rosewood board american-style flatop steel sting. I knew nothing about guitars when I got it, and I was lucky. Been playing/performing for 25 years voice guitar electric and acoustic. This one stuck. At times I considered selling it to finance an "upgrade" but for the price it would fetch there is really no point. Thankfully I always wised up in time.

Yamaha FG-460S Tone Rating:


Comments about Yamaha FG-460S Tone:

Tone depends on how you hit the string and hold the body - bright, dark, or mellow is there when you wish - responds well almost intuitively. I use 52's so I can tune down to 2 or 3 steps for extra depth. Although wld prefer thicker strings than this (I find they increase volume and give better tone) - I cant cope with the incremental tune shift as you go up the neck! the solid top has blossomed over the last 20 years - it has a lovely tone now. Its heavy on the bottom end, focused mids which are are very well projected, and sweet tops. The tops are not as focused as the others but if you hold it into your body you get the sound youre after - in my case a singing sustain for lead type playing, picking or well articulated chords. This guitar more than any other convinced me of the value of solid wood - it just gets better. The solid top is alive.. gives great resonance you can feel in your body as you play - you get physical feedback to the way you product your notes - just great!

Yamaha FG-460S Quality Rating:


Comments about Yamaha FG-460S Quality:

great build quality. 20 years from new Ive given it 3 refrets and thats all its rqd. This guitar is simple with traditional architecture, but done really well. I have had less satisfactory experiences with much more expnsive guitars which have generally left me very disappointed - I would buy a guitar 6 times the value of this if it sounded twice as good. I havent found one that does. PS it is made in Taiwan which a snob like me has had some problems with over the years. But quality is quality no matter where it originates. I treat my guitars as well as I can, I play them frequently and inspite of the odd ding I hope this one will give my grandkids some joy - cant wait to hear it in another 20 years.

Yamaha FG-460S Overall Rating:


Yamaha FG-460S Pros:

I think this was reasonable value for money at the time. Now? Great guitar. sounds great in a good room or miked up and recorded. Its a keeper and a good reliable friend. I'm now in the market for an additional acoustic - a small body 000 type. This will have a different functionality. However - I would never sell this one - its like a brother to me. One heavenly day i'll find the 12-string version...........

Yamaha FG-460S Cons:

absolutely none. In the past sound guys have given me some funny looks - but if they do they always comment on the tone afterwards. It has ruined me for fancy acoustic guitars...

Submitted by: Mark Hammond
Playing Experience: over ten years
Musical Tastes: alternative, folk, heavy metal, jazz, pop