Yamaha Introduces the new 2015 Yamaha Viking VI EPS

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First True 6-passenger UTV

2015 Yamaha Viking VI EPS in Red.

 Yamaha's newest UTV to their utility line-up is the 2015 Yamaha Viking VI EPS - the first true 6-passenger UTV to hit the market, and a machine that is looking to follow on the heels of the 2014 Viking's success.  

The Viking VI features a class-leading 115.6" wheelbase that effectively smooths the ride while  allowing for more than adequate interior space for its occupants.  The Viking VI is powered by Yamaha's proven 686cc liquid-cooled, FI, SOHC motor - and, while it may seem small in a world of 1000cc powered sport machines, the Viking's motor has plenty of low end torque to power a fully loaded machine through just about anything. 

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Same Great Drivetrain as the Original Viking

The Viking VI features Yamaha's dependable drivetrain.

 The Viking VI features Yamaha's tried and true Ultramatic transmission with dual range drive and reverse.  An automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension which helps to reduce belt wear and heat, and uses a sprag clutch for effective downhill engine braking.  The clutch on the VI has been tuned specifically for the heavier loads and increased passenger weight that is possible with the additional seats of this new model.  

Yamaha's three-position On-Command 4-Wheel Drive system is also standard on the VI, and it allows you to dial between 2 and 4 wheel drive, as well as fully lock the differential.

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Seating Position is Important

The Viking VI features a well-thought out seating plan, allowing for maximum room for all occupants.

Yamaha thought things through when it came to the seating position of all occupants, and the Viking VI front and rear center seats are offset (including the middle headrests), staggering the seating positions and giving the middle passenger unmatched comfort and convenience.  

The Viking VI features bucket seats and three-point seat belts for all passengers, as well as integrated handholds front and rear, featuring rubberized grips that enhance comfort.   Additionally, the floorboards are specifically molded to give each passenger a place to brace their feet and stabilize themselves during transit.

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Additional Features

The Viking is loaded with features.

From its comfortable steering wheel position and design to its front and rear 12v plug-ins for your electronic devices, the Viking VI has a number of features that you might not expect with a utility machine.

The molded doors and shoulder guards help to keep the driver and outside passengers secure and safe, while the hand holds give passengers a way to stay securely in their seats.  

The dash-mounted digital instrument panel features an LCD display that is easy to read and offers such features as a speedometer, dual tripometer, hour meter, battery volt meter, odometer, gear selection, clock and a fuel guage.  

The parking brake is dash-mounted, as well, making it convenient and easily accessible for the driver.

Finally, there are cupholders a-plenty on the Viking VI - 8 total - and some feature a rubber insert in order to securely hold smaller sized cans.

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Cargo Capacity

A full steel dump bed allows for plenty of cargo carrying possibilities.

The Viking VI features a stamped steel dump bed rated to haul 600lbs.  There are no raised wheel wells in the bed to hog space or prevent smooth sliding, and the bed features four standard tie-down hooks to aid in strapping cargo down securely.

The steel bed is easily raised to access the engine as well as to dump cargo, and the Viking VI received an additional bed strut to aid in the ease of operation.  

Just beneath the bed on the rear of the Viking VI is a receiver hitch with a towing capacity of 1500lbs.  Yes, the Viking VI was made to work!

The utility market is the largest and best-selling segment in the UTV industry, and it only makes sense that Yamaha would add to its successful Viking line with a crew-cab model such as the Viking VI.  While it is obviously aimed at more of a niche market, it was designed to be at the top of it's class when it comes to its crew cab competitors.