Years of Poltergeist Activity

Over many years, Tiffany and her husband have been haunted by poltergeist activity in their homes

My story is a little long, mainly because it hasn’t been in just one house, but three. I believe this is what led me to really look at the possibility that I may be haunted.

Last month a close family friend told me that when I walked in the door her mom told her that I needed to cleanse my house. After she told me this, my sister brought up an incident involving a Gypsy lady in St.

Augustine. We were walking by her and she stared at me mumbling something. She literally stopped in her tracks, watched me walk by. Very creepy, but I figured it was harmless enough.

In 1998, Orlando, Florida, leading up to the true hauntings was one incident. While a teen, napping, I had what I thought to be a vivid dream. I was waking up and saw my covers popping up, as if someone was under them slowly crawling from my feet all the way... until the most disgusting, decrepit, bony old stringy-haired woman emerged by my head. She began to strangle me. Now, I never woke up from this dream; it was almost as if she disappeared. I was out of breath and more scared than ever. I chalked it up as an extremely realistic dream.

In 2007, College Park, Florida, where I believe it really began. My husband and I moved into our first house together. Everything was fine until one night. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and saw a man walk pass me.

It was a tall, dark figure, like an extremely dark figure. I sensed it was male. It just walked pass me. Of course, my husband dismissed me and said it was my mind… that was until he was home alone one night.

He was in the kitchen doing dishes and across the room was our Christmas tree. All of a sudden an ornament flew straight across the room at him!

It seemed like a couple of times a week things would continue happening. Our bedroom light would turn on in the middle of the night. Our bedroom door would open in the middle of the night. That was more disturbing because it was just the two of us and we always locked it.

One day my sister ran into my house to use the bathroom, located on the other side of the wall from the kitchen. (The kitchen had the most activity as well as our bedroom.) My sister was the only one in the house. She came outside and asked us why we didn’t answer her. She explained that she heard all the pots and pans in the kitchen banging around... but nobody was there.

A few times when I was taking a shower I heard my husband knocking on the bathroom door, which was weird because he could just walk right in. It turned out he was nowhere near the bathroom and was confused as to what I was talking about.

Things started getting so uncomfortable, between the constant things happening and the extremely bad feeling that someone was watching us, that I decided we had to move. The next people that moved in that house ended up on the news because the owner tried to kill his girlfriend and even held her hostage.

I started thinking it must be that house because the next home we moved into was perfect!

Nothing strange happened.

Years later we moved again and that’s when things began again. The latest, 2015, Christmas, Florida. Our dogs started acting strange, staring at certain corners, etc. We ignored that, but then other things started happening: cabinet doors started opening, even hard to open drawers would be opened, footsteps have been heard when nobody was in the rooms we heard them from, items have been tossed across the room, my feet have been pulled on while lying in bed.

For a long time I thought it was all in my head, but many people have seen these things and had them happen themselves.

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