Your Solar Chart and Horoscopes

Sun and Galaxy / Credit: aydinmutlu for Getty Images.

The Solar Chart is the next best thing, when there's no birth time available.  

There are two ways to create a Solar Chart:

  • The Sun is placed at the Ascendant, and all the other planets then follow around the wheel.  
  • A birth chart is drawn up with the time set at Noon.  

Solar Chart Interpretation

With this kind of chart, you have to adjust your astro-lens.  First, let go of the meaning of the planets in the Houses and on the chart's angles -- this is a tough one that takes practice.


I have to switch gears and look at the chart in a more impressionistic way.  What are the broad strokes?  

You still can read the aspects between planets, and planets in their signs.  You can look at the person's generational planets, and how they engage with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars).   

You can determine the Moon phase when the person was born.  And the elemental make-up of the chart.  

I've found that you can still give a full reading with all these factors.  And I'd also add that I wonder sometimes about birth times and their accuracy.  The Solar Chart has the advantage that you're not setting planets into false positions -- the Houses -- and setting a false frame that way.  

Sun Sign 'Scopes

Ever wonder where astrologers get their ideas for Horoscopes?  

Well, it's a known fact that Sun sign horoscopes are often written with the solar chart in mind.  To write Horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign, that sign begins in the First House.


That's why you'll read that "Jupiter is transiting your 2nd House of Money and Values" -- the astrologer has set the wheel with your Sun sign at the horizon. Then general predictions are made based on the planets' placement in those houses.

If transiting Venus is in your Solar Fifth House, the astrologer might write that all Capricorns have a charged "love sector."  Of course, as with all Horoscopes, take it with a grain of salt.

 "You don't believe in those Horoscopes, though, do you?" my sister asked me recently.  And I answered honestly, No, I don't.  The only Horoscopes worth their salt are the ones that use your Whole Chart, with transits set around the outside of the Wheel.  

But popular Horoscopes are still well, popular.  And many come to this site, too, looking for that.  They are like daily proverbs, and I find, the less specific and more proverbial, the better.  Rob Brezny's are a great example of what I mean.  

The Natural Wheel is the one that begins with Aries, with Taurus in the Second House, Gemini in the Third House and so on.  

It's handy for astrologers to use that concept for Horoscopes and you can do that too, if you want to DIY Your Daily Horoscope.  

DIY Your Daily Horoscope

You can conjure Horoscopes for yourself that are way more meaningful than what an astrologer would come up with for the masses.  And it can be a quick think you take note of, then hold it loosely.

You draw a wheel with 12 slices or print out an astrology wheel.  You can also do this in your mind, as I've done many times.  Put your Sun's Zodiac Sign (and degree if you'd like) at the Ascendant.

Look at the current chart -- there is one on

Where is the Sun?  The Moon?  Mercury?  Venus?  Mars?  Place them on the chart, using the chronology of the Zodiac from Aries to Pisces.  

Then using what you know about the planets, you can get intuitive hits on what it might mean.  Start small with say, Venus, and see where it is in your Solar Chart, and the prospects for least according to the "Scopes.  

Also Known As: Sun Sign Chart