Your True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

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We're proud to have one of the largest collections of true paranormal stories on the web -- ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, shadow people, Bigfoot, monsters, psychic phenomena, reincarnation and much more.

1999 Your True Tales

Stephen Wagner

The year we began collecting true stories of paranormal experiences from readers.

2000 Your True Tales

A dazzling collection of stories of the paranormal and the unexplained. You'll be reading for days.

2001 Your True Tales

From gnome sightings to angel encounters to to ghost sightings to Ouija experiences -- dozens of great, true stories.

2002 Your True Tales

True paranormal stories of ghosts, vortexes, Chupacabras sightings, shadow people and more.

2003 Your True Tales

Amazing stories of other dimensions, creepy hauntings, out-of-body experiences and more.

2004 Your True Tales

More stories of the unexplained, including banshees, living dinosaurs, missing time and more.

2005 Your True Tales

Great stories of angels, messages from beyond, UFOs, poltergeists and more.

2006 Your True Tales

Unnerving stories of poltergeists, deathbed visions, guardian angels and more.

2007 Your True Tales

Weird tales of hooded beings, doppelgangers, haunted places, time slips and more.

2008 Your True Tales

Strange stories of ghosts, Chupacabras, psychometry, skinwalkers and more.

2009 Your True Tales

Paranormal stories of phantom phone calls, shadow people, weird creatures and more.

2010 Your True Tales

True stories of time anomalies, ghosts and haunted places, unexplained creatures and shadow people.

2011 Your True Tales

True stories of ghosts, monsters, psychic phenomena and the unexplained from readers around the world.

2012 Your True Tales

A large collection of true stories of hauntings, weird events, strange creatures, psychic experiences and the unexplained from readers around the world.

2013 Your True Tales

Hundreds of true encounters with paranormal activity, including poltergeists, ghosts, bizarre creatures, psychic phenomena, time anomalies, weird coincidences -- and much more.

2014 Your True Tales

Another year of the Internet's largest collection of true paranormal experiences, including ghost, poltergeists, psychic phenomena, bizarre creatures, time anomalies, and more.

2015 Your True Tales

The best collection of true stories of paranormal encounters from around the world, including experiences with ghosts, poltergeists, monsters of every description, psychic phenomena, time slips, and more.

2016 Your True Tales

Another great year of true paranormal experiences from all over the globe, including encounters with ghosts, poltergeists, strange creatures, psychic phenomena, time slips and dimension anomalies, doppelgangers, black-eyed people, and more of the unexplained.