20 Your vs. You're Memes That Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

Why does this simple grammar rule gets messed up so often?

Your, You're, meme with Leo DiCaprio
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If you've spent any time in the comment sections of social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, the fact that some people never fully mastered their elementary school grammar lessons will not be news to you. Quite simply, there seem to be an outrageous number of people who truly don't understand the difference between you're and your.

Maybe these writers were absent from school on the day teacher discussed contractions, but just in case you need a refresher course: You're is short for you are. Your shows that something belongs to you or is related to you (for instance, your dog or your son).

This common grammar mistake is found all over the internet alongside similar errors like there, their, and they're, and its verses it's. Even though we're getting used to seeing the you're/your mistake everywhere we go online, we must admit that whenever we spot one of these annoying little grammar mistakes a little part of us dies inside! Why don't they get it? We will honestly never know.

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Ain't Nothing But a Mistake

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Even the Backstreet Boys want you to use proper grammar. You don't want to let the Backstreet Boys down, do you?

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One... Two... Three

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This sentence brings us physical pain to read, so the "your gonna have a bad time" is entirely appropriate.

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You Monster!

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First Batman lost his parents, now you're making him cry with your poor grasp of contractions. That's just plain mean.

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I Love My Cat Ass Trophy

Via Twitter

I understand the meme's point, but that cat ass trophy definitely looks like something you could purchase on eBay. If not eBay, definitely a junky thrift shop item.

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A Much Rarer Skill Than It Should Be

Via We Are Teachers

If you get these mixed up, Liam Neeson will appear from out of nowhere and kick your butt. You've been warned.

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The Devil Flunked English

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"Your not strong enough to withstand the storm?" It seems that the Price of Darkness could stand to crack a grammar book now and again.

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Looks Like We've Got a Bad A$$ Over Here

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It's not that he doesn't know the correct grammar; he's just got too few fingers to write out 'you're.' Either way, this tattoo is so bad it's practically criminal.

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Fighting Fire With Fire

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"I'll stop replying this way just as soon as you learn what 'you're' means!"

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I Don't Want to be Dinner

 Via Facebook

I choose "nourished," please.

This meme is a great play on the old favorite, "Let's eat, grandma!" verses "Lets eat grandma" debacle.

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This is Absolutely Accurate

Via Me.Me

Last time I checked, I am not a cat and my cat is not me. This all checks out.

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Cheers to You!

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Leonardo DiCaprio doesn't mean to be condescending with this sentiment, but.... Oh who are we kidding? Sure, he does.

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Sending Out Those Mixed Signals

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Never thought there'd be a language barrier when we're both speaking English, yet here we are.

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You Take That Back!

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Being insulted by someone who uses incorrect grammar somehow lessens the blow.

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Get the Message?

Via Someecards

Good advice, and well-stated. If only more people would take this advice the internet would be a much more pleasant place to spend every moment of our free time.

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Screening Test for First Dates

Via Instagram

Some folks would rather be single than put up with correcting you're mistakes.

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Oh, the Irony

Via Twitter

"Your ignorant?" That's almost too perfect. Or, as this person would probably write, "to perfect."

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That's a Deal-Breaker

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I can't "like" it because I don't like it!

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You Mean Every Political Post Ever?

Via me.me

We call these folks "Social Media Scholars," and comment sections on Facebook are notoriously rife with them.

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Mark Wins by a Mile

Via Meme Center

His platform was simple, straight-forward, and based entirely on poking fun at his opponant's horrible grammar. In other words, he got my vote immediately.

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You're the Real MVPs

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Yes, thank you! And remember -- everytime you properly use 'you're' verses 'your' a puppy goes to heaven!

Come on, internet! We can definitely do better than this. We are better than this! Next time you're typing a comment or status message online, take two seconds and ask yourself, "Do I mean to write 'you are' or your?'" Doing so could save one of your grammar nerd friends from silently cringing... not to mention judging you.