Top Youth Group Activities for Christian Teen Girls

It shouldn't come as any surprise to people in youth ministry that Christian teen girls and Christian teen boys tend to have different interests. While a majority of youth group events should involve both boys and girls, there are times when it is nice to have a "girls only" activity. Here are some ideas for those times when the girls just want to have fun:

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Spa Day

Girls having a facial
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Well, maybe a day at a real spa may be a little too pricey for your Christian teens, but that doesn't mean you can't create your own special day. You can put together some basic supplies like nail polish, scrubs, masks, and more to spend some time together getting "pretty." Girls love to pamper themselves, and this time together allows your youth group girls to bond with one another.

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Chick Flick Night

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Put together a batch of the greatest "chick flicks" and get the girls together for a night of laughter and tears. The girls will love it, but just make sure you have enough chocolate, popcorn, and Kleenex to go around.

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Girls-Only Speakers

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Many events involve speakers that tend to focus on male spirituality or purposefully keep gender out of the sermon. However, there are some great female examples in your church or nationally that can speak to the girls about empowering them spiritually. You can make these speakers part of a larger conference or just have one night where your girls can grow spiritually.

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Crafty Chicks Unite!

Two teenage girls (13-15) making daisy chains with friend (6-8)
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It's no secret that girls like to do crafts, and it allows some of your students to foster their creative side. Even if you aren't that crafty, you can involve leaders that have some craft supplies for your girls to create scrapbook pages, beaded jewelry, and more.

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Mall Rats

Girls drinking smoothies on escalator at shopping mall
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If you ask most girls where they want to go to an event, the mall will almost always be one of the popular answers. You can make the mall even more fun by adding in a girls-only scavenger hunt to find out which stores carry girls-only products.

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All-Girls Prayer Night

Family members holding hands and praying before family dinner
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It is great if your youth group prays together, but sometimes girls have prayer requests that they just won't talk about in front of the boys. It can be good for your girls to get together to pray for one another or individually without any male influence.

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Girls' Bible Study

bible study group
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Christian teens should spend some time reading and understanding their Bible, and setting up bible studies is a great way for leaders to help their students navigate the Word. A girls' Bible study can help the females in your youth group get more from the stories and lessons in the Bible.

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Girly Sports

Girls playing beach volleyball
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There are some girls in your youth group that have an interest in athletics, but often avoid participating with the boys. Some youth groups set up sporting events and do not allow girls to participate due to the rough nature of boys. Instead, you can set up some sports teams just for the girls in your youth group. Why not have that flag football or volleyball tournament for your girls alongside your boys' tournaments?