YouTube Videos and PowerPoint

Link to or Download YouTube Videos to Use in PowerPoint Presentations.

YouTube videos are easy to add to your PowerPoint presentations. You may link to live YouTube videos on the web or download and embed YouTube videos right in your PowerPoint presentations.

Test YouTube video on PowerPoint slide
Test YouTube video on PowerPoint slide. © Wendy Russell
If you are like me, I need to have a printout of instructions for how to do a task. Well, here they are - step-by-step instructions on how to insert YouTube videos in PowerPoint 2010. More »
Possible error message when using YouTube video in PowerPoint
Possible error message when using YouTube video in PowerPoint. © Wendy Russell
At times, while trying to embed a YouTube video into PowerPoint 2010, you get an error message -- for no good reason. Here is how I found to fix that. More »
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YouTube Add-ins for PowerPoint (older versions)

YouTube Video Add-in installed in PowerPoint
YouTube Video Add-in installed. © Wendy Russell

These PowerPoint add-ins make it quick and easy to add YouTube videos to your PowerPoint presentations. Thanks to Shyam Pillai, a Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional), for creating these great tools.

  • YouTube Add-in for PowerPoint 2007

  • YouTube Add-in for PowerPoint (versions 2003 and earlier)
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Link to Live YouTube Videos in PowerPoint

YouTube Video button on the Insert tab of the ribbon in PowerPoint 2007
YouTube Video button on the Insert tab of the ribbon. © Wendy Russell
Use the YouTube videos add-in to link to any YouTube video from your PowerPoint presentation.

Note - You must have a live internet connection for this method of using YouTube videos in PowerPoint to work.

Download YouTube videos
Download YouTube videos. Screen shot by Wendy Russell
An alternative to linking to a live YouTube video is to download it to your computer. Once downloaded, it is a few quick clicks to convert the YouTube video to a Flash movie so that it can be easily embedded into your PowerPoint presentation. More »
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Embed YouTube Flash Movies into PowerPoint

Flash Movie in PowerPoint 2007
Flash Movie in PowerPoint 2007. Flash Movie image © Sandi Bumstead, used with permission

Once you have downloaded the YouTube video and converted it to a Flash movie, you can then easily embed it into your PowerPoint presentation. This method is often preferable, since you do not require a live internet connection to view the YouTube video when you make your presentation.

  • Insert YouTube Flash Movies into PowerPoint 2007
  • Insert YouTube Flash Movies into PowerPoint (versions 2003 and earlier)

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