Yule Greeting Cards - Make Your Own Yule Cards

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Make Your Own Yule Cards

Make handcrafted cards to celebrate Yule. Image by Donald Iain Smith/Moment/Getty Images

It's hard to find Yule greeting cards commercially, and often when you do locate one you like, they can be expensive. Because there's not a huge market for Pagan greeting cards, even during the Yule season sometimes it's just easier to make your own. With a little imagination -- and a couple of kids to help out if possible -- it's really easy to make stylish Yule cards that your friends will love. You can make a couple of different kinds of cards, depending on how much time you have, and your level of craftiness.

Before you get started, make sure you have craft supplies on hand. Things like card stock in a variety of colors, stamps, paint, ink pads, and markers will all make it easy to create your own cards. Glue, paste and glitter are useful too.

Rubber Stamp Greeting Cards

You'll need card stock in the colors of your choice, an ink pad, a rubber stamp with some sort of Yule theme to it -- a blazing sun, pinecones, a stag, even Stonehenge -- and a paint marker or calligraphy pen. One the front of your card, use the rubber stamp and ink pad to create a Yule design. On the inside, use the paint marker or calligraphy pen to write a simple Yule greeting, such as Solstice blessings from our family to yours or May the light of the Sun shine on your family this Yule season.

Snowflake Cards

This is a lot of fun if you have small children. Get a pile of cardstock in different colors, and some white paper and scissors. Fold the white paper into eighths, and have your kids cut out snowflakes. Then glue the white snowflakes onto the front of the cardstock. Use your paint marker or calligraphy pen to write a Yule greeting on the inside. Remember, snow can be magical!

Silly Sun Cards

Cut out circles of yellow construction paper, and thin strips in yellow and orange. Paste a circle in the center of the front of a card, with the strips radiating out from behind it like the rays of the sun. Once the glue has dried, have your kids draw funny faces on the suns. Write a greeting on the inside of the card.

Computer-Printed Cards

Find your favorite Yule clip art online, and use it as the front of your card. Use your word processing program to write a greeting for the inside, or if you've got pretty penmanship, write a nice handwritten note on the inside.

Stained-Glass Cards

You'll need black card stock for this one, as well as a variety of bright colors to create your design. Create a sun or other design by cutting small pieces in bright colored paper. Place them on the black card stock, leaving black lines between the colored pieces, creating a mosaic or stained-glass effect. On the inside, paste a light-colored strip of paper for the written greeting.

Krampus Cards

The legend of the Krampus has become part of pop culture in the past few years, so why not send out a Krampus card? Find an image of the Krampus that you like, attach it to the front of a blank greeting card, and mail them out to your friends!

Commercially Available Cards

Although you probably can't find too many options when it comes to Pagan greeting cards in the big-box discount stores, with a little digging, you can find a lot of independent artists who have created Yule cards. Another great place to check? Your favorite metaphysical or witchy shop - and don't rule out the clever, creative folks on Etsy! Here are a few of our favorites from around the Internet: