Snow Magic

Snowmen as Guardians
Make a snowman as a protective guardian in front of your home. Carl D. Walsh / Aurora / Getty Images

When winter rolls around, in some parts of the world there is an abundance of wonderful white stuff–snow! If you live in one of those areas, it makes sense to take advantage of snow's natural properties and work those energies into your magical endeavors.

The Magic of Snow and Ice

If we're going to use snow, or ice, in magic, it's important to consider some of the symbolism and associations of these items. After all, if everything in nature has its own correspondences, then first we have to think about what snow is associated with, right?

First of all, snow is water. It's cold and it's frozen, but it's water nonetheless. Water is a feminine energy and highly connected with the aspects of the Goddess. Used for healing, cleansing, and purification, Water is related to the West, and associated with passion and emotion. You can gather snow and use it for different purposes–for instance, snow gathered during a raging blizzard might be used in workings related to high energy and power. A jarful collected during a soft, quiet snowfall could be incorporated into a ritual for peacefulness and tranquility.

Madame Pamita of Parlour of Wonders has some great ideas for using snow in divination, and also suggests using it in love spells. She says,

"Wintertime is the perfect time for doing magic and snow is a beautiful medium for doing this magic. Winter is a time for reflecting and going inward, and this snow spell is beautiful way for us to be mindful that not all spellwork is about instant results, but that there is great power in setting long-term intentions in winter and seeing them manifest in the spring."

There are also a number of deities associated with snow, ice, and winter storms. The Japanese Yuki Onna is a spirit of winter storms who dwells in the mountains and preys upon travelers. The legend of two woodcutters, Mosaku and Minokichi, tells of the woman in white, whose "breath was like a bright white smoke."

The Norse goddess Frau Holle is associated with snowfall, and archaeologist Marija Gimbutas said, in Civilization of the Goddess,

"[Holle] holds dominion over death, the cold darkness of winter, caves, graves and tombs in the earth….but also receives the fertile seed, the light of midwinter, the fertilized egg, which transforms the tomb into a womb for the gestation of new life."

In other words, she is tied to the cycle of death and eventual rebirth, as new life springs forth.

Using Snow in Spellwork

Think about, for starters, some of snow's physical characteristics. The most obvious one is that it's cold. It's also white. Sometimes it's light and powdery, other times it may be heavy and wet. How can you incorporate these into your magical workings?

  • If you're a fan of candles, make ice candles–they're are a lot of fun and easy to make during the winter months. 
  • Build a snowman as a very large magical poppet. Assign a snowman the magical task of being a guardian at the entrance to your property.
  • Got a bad habit you need to get rid of? Form that bad habit into snowballs, and throw them as far away from you as you can.
  • Snow quartz crystals are often associated with fulfillment of hopes and dreams. Use actual snow instead of crystals in workings related to wishes and goals.
  • If someone is bothering you and won't leave you alone, try this simple bit of magic. Write their name on a slip of paper, and pack it in snow in a zip-loc bag. Place the bag in your freezer, and leave it there until the person "chills out."
  • Shadow of Shadow's Magic Place recommends using ice in beauty spells, and says, "Make an infusion of... Lemon balm (Melissa), Rosemary and Basil. Pour into an ice tray and use the ice when the moon is waxing or better yet full, either in bath, or rub[bed] over parts of the body you wish to make more beautiful, if you can stand it." 
  • Go for a walk in the woods on a day that it's snowing. Enjoy the silence, and the magic of the snowfall–some people report that they have experienced messages from the Divine as they walk on a snowy day. Perhaps it's because we're better able to hear the gods when it's quiet!