Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Zepp golf swing analyzer sensor and smartphone display
The Zepp swing analyzer sensor clips onto the back of your golf glove; it transmits via Bluetooth to smartphone or tablet. Zepp Inc.

The Zepp 3D Multi-Sport Motion Sensor and Platform is a game learning/improvement biometric swing analyzer that is small and lightweight, clip-on and transmits via Bluetooth to iOS or Android devices.


  • 3-D analysis of swing plane, hand plane, swing tempo and club speed (among many other things).


  • Some learning curve - steeper for higher handicappers.
  • Might be too complex for some amateurs without teacher or pro guidance.

Key Facts About the Zepp 3D Swing Analyzer

  • It's a multi-sport device, also made for baseball and tennis.
  • For golf, the Zepp swing analyzer tracks speed, tempo, club plane, hand path, backswing position and hip rotation, among other things.
  • The clip-on sensor is small and lightweight and attaches to your golf glove.
  • The Zepp sensor captures swings in 360 degrees and golfers can see their swings in HD video.
  • The sensor wirelessly transmits data to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth after every swing.
  • Allows golfers to compare swings to pros, including Zepp tour staff members Keegan Bradley and Michelle Wie.
  • The MSRP at time of writing is $149.99.

Using the Zepp Golf 3D Swing Analyzer

Dec. 16, 2015 - Remember those New Year’s resolutions: You were going to get on that workout regimen? There’s an app to help you get started.

Well, one of the best apps to really deep dive into your golf game is the Zepp Golf 3D swing analyzer. Zepp Golf has so many ways to analyze one's swing that it's almost overwhelming. From shoulder and hip rotation to video recording, to pro golfer models, the Zepp Golf analyzer has you covered.

It's very easy to set up the Zepp. Clip the lightweight sensor onto your golf glove, calibrate the device for five seconds with the software and you are ready to go. From 3-D swing plane, to hand plane, to club plane - the Zepp gives instantaneous feedback on each swing without the need to trigger or reset anything. Like man's best friend, it awaits commands triggered by only the swing. What awaits the user is a dizzying array of data mined from each swing.

Frankly, it took me a full driving range session to get used to the amount of data that each swing generated. It took another range session to begin to understand what all that meant and how I could use it to improve my game. Suddenly, I wasn't fixated on hitting it off the 150 sign, but, rather, trying to put the ball into the "0" on that sign. Not unlike a fitness training regimen, you have to commit to using the Zepp for it to pay off.

But, once you do commit there are some great insights the Zepp can provide. For instance, I discovered that a faster tempo improved my distance. OK, a physics degree was not needed for that. But when I dialed in a more comfortable tempo, I found I swung the club with more repeatability, which yielded what we are all pursuing, consistent distance.

What Zepp's software does really well is take the biometric details from each session and roll them into a summary that you can use to track your progress. You can see how your wedge tempo compares to your woods tempo and so forth. You can even compare your swing to that of a pro and learn something there.

But higher handicappers may need a push to get started with understanding the metrics, what they mean and how to work with them.

Remember the resolution? If you can commit to using the Zepp once or twice a week you'll begin to see where your sweet spot for improvement is, and there's not a golfer among us who doesn't like that. For more info, visit zepp.com/golf/