What Makes Your Zodiac Sign Powerful?

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Aries, yours is a sign of blasting forth action.  You show power when you're:

  • forceful
  • truthfully You
  • provocative
  • active and progressive
  • aggressive or competitive
  • confrontational when necessary
  • honest
  • optimistic
  • confident
  • fun-loving

You feel powerless when you're:

  • stagnant and without the right creative outlets
  • antagonistic toward others
  • unable to read emotional subtleties
  • pushy when a light touch will do
  • always fired up, without downtime
  • burnt-out and emotionally brittle
  • fighting meaningless battles.
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Taurus is a sign of thriving and stability.  You show power when you're:

  • steady-natured and thorough
  • deeply engaged in a satisfying discipline
  • actively enjoying sensual pleasures
  • creating abundance from your own natural talents
  • strong of body, mind, and spirit
  • rooted in a sense of place
  • tending to life in all its stages of growth

You feel powerless when you're:

  • stubbornly resistant to change
  • weighed down by your possessions
  • unable to jump on opportunities
  • overindulgent, lazy or dull-minded
  • too set in your ways
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Gemini is the sign of fluency and nimble change.  You show power when you're:

  • mentally flexible
  • enlightening the scene with your intelligent humor
  • engaged in the dynamic whirl of life
  • learning something new
  • following a fascination
  • satisfying your curiosity
  • exploring your many sides
  • acknowledging your need for rest, along with motion
  • with stimulating friends or colleagues

You feel powerful when you're:

  • too tightly wound
  • repeating things you know you shouldn't
  • putting negativity into the collective stream
  • unable to sustain interest long enough to bring an idea to fruition
  • giving in to cynicism
  • not getting enough "Me" time to center yourself
  • not allowing for silence to hear your own thoughts
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Cancer is the sign of emotionality and the home.  You show power when you're:

  • protecting the vulnerable
  • reading the emotional reality of any situation
  • drawing from your imagination
  • able to be yourself in a safe, familiar setting
  • create a homey atmosphere wherever you are
  • intuiting what's going on, and acting on that information
  • being the keeper of memories, impressions, intimate stories
  • reclusive and fearful of being hurt

You feel powerless when you're:

    • always on the defense
    • wounded and lashing out
    • only loving toward those in your clan (family, race, nation)
    • unable to see beyond your own problems
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Leo is the sign of exuberant creativity.  You show power when you're:

  • larger-than-life with personality
  • dignified and full of self-respect
  • big-hearted, generous, a loyal friend
  • confidently leading and encouraging others
  • expressing the joy of being alive through all kinds of interests just-for-the-fun-of-it
  • matching the exuberance of children
  • exploring the drama of life through the arts, music, theater, etc

You feel powerless when you're:

  • full of empty boasts
  • constantly in need of attention
  • demanding of special treatment
  • inconsiderate toward other people's time, efforts, gifts
  • resentful from feeling disrespected
  • taking life too seriously
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Virgo is the sign of devotion, healthy living and self-improvement.  You show power when you're:

  • productive and working toward tangible goals
  • tuned into your body and its ability to heal, transform
  • being of service, in a way that enriching you also
  • analyzing systems and processes
  • offering your discerning perspective
  • sharing your gifts as a healer

You feel powerless when you're:

  • too humble and don't take credit for your accomplishments
  • always dissatisfied with where you are
  • paralyzed from self-criticism
  • spinning out on the little things that can go wrong
  • worry over all there is to do
  • overly fixated on your aches and pains
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Libra is the sign of beauty and art, and romantic love.  You show power when you're:

  • a harmonizing influence
  • playing off another's energies in a masterful way
  • modeling fairness
  • thriving in relationship
  • creating beauty
  • being stylish, graceful, elegant
  • advocating justice
  • restoring balance
  • being a peacemaker

You feel powerless when you're:

  • being who you think another needs/wants you to be
  • fearful of direct action
  • avoiding a necessary confrontation
  • unwilling to see the dark, along with the light
  • full of great ideas, that never get executed
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Scorpio is the sign of sexuality, the shadows, and great feats.  You show power when you're:

  • exploring the rich, shadowy terrain of the psyche
  • administering strong medicine in a way that has integrity
  • engaged in life's work that's totally absorbing
  • aware of your power to heal and transform
  • patiently strategic when waiting for the right time
  • extending yourself to go into someone else's darkness, for healing
  • soulful

You feel powerless when you're:

  • heavy with unresolved emotions and dramas
  • stuck in the death part of the cycle with a fixation on destruction
  • too fearful of losing control that you don't express yourself
  • manipulative or psychically invasive
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Sagittarius is the sign of knowledge-seeking and wandering far afield.  You show power when you're:

  • exploring new fields of study that fascinate you
  • planning things to look forward to
  • moving in and out of friend circles
  • sharing your optimistic outlook
  • joyful and friendly
  • testing your personal limits
  • experimenting at your creative edge
  • weaving in many ideas across disciplines
  • sharing your philosophy

You feel powerless when you're:

  • bogged down in work that's meaningless for you
  • alienating others by being intolerant
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Capricorn is the sign of tradition, perseverance and life's wintry times.  You show power when you're:

  • committed to life's work that's deeply rewarding
  • exerting personal authority
  • feeling respected in your field or community
  • working toward mastery of skills
  • patience with your steady progress
  • compassionate toward your own melancholic feelings

You feel powerless when you're:

  • all work and no play
  • unable to connect to wonder or mystery
  • too focused on status, convention
  • ruthless in attaining what you want
  • self-denigrating when you don't meet your own high standards
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Aquarius is the sign of far-sightedness and humane values.  You show power when you're:

  • experimenting and following your path wherever it leads
  • daring in your thinking
  • able to think for the group, and see the big picture
  • open to breakthroughs that take you to the next level
  • friendly toward everyone equally
  • not afraid to be considered strange

You lose power when you're:

  • stuck in an unusual, but rigid matrix of thought
  • defiant in a way that's self-destructive
  • unable to create any kind of stability
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Pisces is the sign of heightened sensitivity and imagination.  You show power when you're:

  • able to release old wounds, and transform miraculously
  • using the power of your imagination
  • tuned into dreams and the spirit realms
  • grounded in a spiritual practice
  • honing your awareness of the subtle intuitive senses

You feel powerless when you're:

  • absorbing too much of the energies around you
  • overwhelmed, without the time you need to process emotions
  • too involved in saving others, without tending to your own needs
  • losing your moral center because of the need to please
  • overexposed to stimulation, and unable to access the subtle senses